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Fri 20 March 2020, 18:30|Tottenham Hotspur

Using the year of the Club's formation as inspiration, we ask our players to choose 18 lifestyle questions from a pool of 82.

First up from Spurs Women is Angela Addison...

1 - When are you at your happiest?

Angela: “I would say that’s 100 per cent when I am playing football and spending time with family.”

2 - What is your most used WhatsApp group?

Angela: “That would have to be my family group chat with all my siblings.” 

3 - Have you ever had a job outside of football?

Angela: “I worked at a sunbed and lotion company and I absolutely loved it.”

4 - Which emoji do I use the most? 

Angela: “The one with the two hands up - 🙌🏼.”

5 - Coffee or tea?

Angela: “Coffee…a latte is my favourite.”

6 - Which singer/pop star would be your dream duet?

Angela: “Bazzi.”

7 - What talent would you like to have?

Angela: “I’d love to be able to sing!” 

8 - Which word do you use the most?

Angela: “Absolutely.”

9 - Which film have you watched the most?

Angela: “Probably Pitch Perfect, I absolutely love it!”

10 - You have a rare day off - what is your perfect day?

Angela: “Grabbing a coffee, seeing family and playing Call of Duty on PS4."

11 - How do you relax?

Angela: “Definitely jump on the PS4 or watching Netflix.”

12 - Who would you most like to meet?

Angela: “I would love to meet Neymar and have a kickabout with him.”

13 - Are you good at any other sport?

Angela: “I’d say tennis and table tennis.”

14 - What was your first holiday abroad?

Angela: “Turkey.”

15 - Do you have a nickname?

Angela: “Yes, my nickname is A.”

16 - What was the last TV boxset you watched / what are you watching now?

Angela: “The last boxset I watched was Brooklyn Nine-Nine and I am watching Friends now.”

17 - Beach holiday or city break?

Angela: “Oh most definitely a beach holiday.”

18 - What was the last film you watched?

Angela: “Pitch Perfect 2.”