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#Men'sFirstTeam #Interview #MoussaSissoko

Players ask the questions... to Moussa Sissoko

Wed 14 August 2019, 17:43|Tottenham Hotspur

Kicking-off a new series here on, we ask the players to pose the questions for their team-mates. Today, the lads quiz Moussa Sissoko on everything from strength and scoring goals to his footballing namesakes and chicken satay!

In an added twist, the player in the hot seat is subsequently invited to choose who is next to be grilled by their peers. Moussa has selected Heung-Min Son – look out for his answers soon…

Players ask the questions... to Moussa Sissoko

Paulo Gazzaniga: “What is the best moment of your career so far?”
Moussa: “There are three. The first was when I made my professional debut for Toulouse against Valenciennes away. My first game. It was a great moment. My dream became true. We lost that game but for me, it was an amazing day. After that, the final of Euro 2016 with my national team and then the final of the Champions League – two great moments for a player because you want to play in the biggest matches. I had the chance to play in the Euros in France – unlucky, we lost it and of course everyone knows what happened in June, but it was an amazing moment.”

Harry Kane: “Moussa, how are you so strong?”
Moussa: “Honestly, I don’t know. It’s natural. Most of the people in my family are strong as well so perhaps it’s genetic. I haven’t done too much in the gym, so it’s natural.”

Ben Davies: “Apart from you, Moussa, who is the best Sissoko in football?”
Moussa: “Mohamed Sissoko. He played for Valencia and Liverpool. He was a great player. I used to enjoy watching him because we had the same name. I had the chance to play against him at Toulouse, we played in the Champions League qualifiers against Liverpool. It was my third game. We swapped shirts.”

Serge Aurier: “Moussa, why do some people call you ‘Briko’?”
Moussa: “When I was young growing up in France, I was always on my bike. I used to wear a bag around my waist. In this, I had some tools for the bike. Then people started calling me ‘Briko’ (a company that makes equipment for bicycles).”

Heung-Min Son: “How did you improve yourself so much over the last two seasons?”
Moussa: “It’s because of my work, my mentality, and that’s it. I never give up. Everyone knows and it’s true that when I first came here it wasn’t easy for me, for different reasons. It was a new team for me, a new challenge, different players, different system. The players already here were also doing well, so it was never easy to be in the starting line-up straight away. I took my time, didn’t give up, worked hard every day. I know people expected more. I didn’t panic, I stayed focussed with the help of my team-mates and the staff and last season was the best season since I started playing football. It was fantastic. I think I can show – even away from football – that when something is hard, you don’t have to give up. Keep working, keep believing and do what you have to do, and it will turn around.”

Jan Vertonghen: “I can think of a few! How about – when is Moussa going to score more than one goal a season?”
Moussa: “I’m not surprised with this question. Having said that, it’s true and I should score more goals. Now, maybe I’ve changed my position a bit, a little deeper. I’ve had chances and should do better, but the most important thing is that we play well as a team and win. I think myself and Jan should have a challenge – see who scores the most goals.”

Harry Winks: “Moussa, who do you like best – me or Kyle Walker-Peters?”
Moussa: “This is tough. I like them both a lot. I always joke with them that they are like my sons! They are two very good guys, great players, both have a great mentality. I’m happy to be the father of those two!”

Dele: “Who is the weakest in the team?”
Moussa: “I’m not going to say anything like that about my team-mates, Dele!”

Eric Dier: “Everyone knows it was a difficult start for Moussa, so what were the key things that kept him going in the tough times?”
Moussa: “Look, I always think that I’m lucky to be where I am today. Some people are ill, some people are in hospital, many people have it much tougher than me. You have to see the bigger picture. If I’m ever angry or disappointed, I go home, sit down and think ‘I cannot complain’ because I’m doing the best job in the world.”

Kyle Walker-Peters: “Who is the better gamer – me or you?”
Moussa: “I would say me because I always play Kyle at Uno, and I’m better than him.”

Lucas Moura: “Ask Moussa – when is he going to do a barbeque for us all at his house?”
Moussa: “This guy is clever, very clever. He has tried to turn this around because he has to do a barbeque at his house! He invited me last season and I’m still waiting. That’s why he has asked this question. So the answer is I don’t know when, but hopefully we can plan this soon.”

Victor Wanyama: “Ask Moussa about food, and chicken satay. I think he ate that every day on a tour. Is that his favourite?”
Moussa: “It’s funny. Okay, the story is that when we went to Hong Kong a couple of years ago, we were at the hotel and I only really liked one thing, and that was chicken satay and rice. I ate that morning, afternoon and night!”

Hugo Lloris: “What is it like to be Moussa Sissoko – especially when all the fans are singing your song?”
Moussa: “I’m really, really proud of that. First, because of where I came from, the beginning was tough. It means a lot. On the pitch, you feel strong, you feel proud.”