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Name That Tune!

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).

What songs bring back your greatest football memories? We're not talking just Chas & Dave here or even songs directly associated with Spurs - although they will naturally feature - but any tune that takes you back to a particular moment in your life as a supporter of our beautiful game.

John Fennelly (left), a Spurs fan from his schooldays, kicks off our new feature with his own personal memories - although not too many of his selections would be included in any best-selling compilation! But that's not the idea. If hearing a particular tune brings back the memories, then we want to share it.

Try to go all the way with your own top 10. But if you can only manage a couple then that's still good enough.


Stepping Out - Joe Jackson

This one will always remind me of Craven Cottage. Having just finished my reporting apprenticeship I was working for a Fleet Street agency and had a ton of work to do at Fulham on one particular Saturday afternoon - running copy, goal flashes, two considered follow-up pieces, radio and more! They really loaded you at that place. However, coping against such odds was also a great adrenalin buzz and I was feeling good as I walked across the empty terraces at the end of the mammoth stint, content in the knowledge that - being trusted to cope alone with such a workload - I had finally made it as a sports journalist. Stepping Out was blaring out across the empty stadium.

Walking in the Rain - Modern Romance

I can't really say that hearing this track reminds me of a particular game - because I've never heard it since! But it was playing on the car radio on my way back from Birmingham after watching Spurs play there in the early '80s. I had recently interviewed the group at the Lane as they were all local lads and Spurs fans and within a week or so were in the charts. They were certainly an early version of a boy band and I found lead singer David Jaymes and his brother Robbie interesting company. In those days Radio One ran an 'In Concert' type programme on a Saturday evening and it was Modern Romance's turn on that particular night. They also sang songs called 'Moose on the Loose' and 'Ay ay ay Moosey' which reminded me of a girl I knew at the time!

Diamond Lights - Glenn & Chris

I don't possess this record nor have I heard it lately but I was working full-time at the Club when they made it and cringed with everybody else when they appeared on 'Top of the Pops'! But it was worse after our 1987 FA Cup Final defeat when the duo 'performed' live at the after-match reception in a tent on the pitch at White Hart Lane. That was a great evening for the Spurs staff as many on the original guest list gave the event a miss in the belief that it was bound to be a depressing occasion. In fact the team received a rousing reception and we all enjoyed ourselves. Then came that song...

Black Pearl - Bryan Adams

I was fortunate enough to fly back from Jurgen Klinsmann's farewell game in Stuttgart in a private plane with just two other passengers - and Bryan Adams. He was the half-time entertainment playing '18 til I die' as a link with Klinsmann's squad number and had been asked by his pal Jurgen to stay on afterwards to play solo, missing his flight with the rest of the band in doing so. Unfortunately one of my fellow passengers had never heard of him, the other knew who he was and little more while I had an album of his but wasn't a great fan. To make him feel a bit better I tried quoting a few of his songs as my favourites but kept getting the titles just slightly wrong! Typical dialogue - said I: 'My favourite track is 'It's not a party'. 'It ain't a party,' corrected Adams through gritted teeth. 'What about Black Dog' that's a belter. Adams: 'Black Pearl.' Why don't you shut up, you're making it worse," suggested my companion. Good advice - but Bryan Adams put up with it all with good cheer, although I think that, at the back of his mind, he thought we were probably taking the pee!

Hot Shot Tottenham - Chas & Dave

I liked this song - until we set off for the Worthington Cup Final at Wembley in 1999! For some reason there was hardly anyone on our particular coach yet all the others were packed out. Clive Wilson and his wife plus a young Stephen Clemence and girlfriend joined my wife and me at the back. At the front were a few works colleagues from our merchandising department who commandeered the coach's ancient stereo system. They only had the one tape - Chas and Dave's Tottenham songs. It took us about five hours to get there and my old favourite 'Hot Shot' blared out just about all the way with the sound breaking up as the music system was turned up full blast. I'll never forget that trip!

The Bump - Kenny

Kenny were an Enfield band who had an amazing debut with The Bump which was one of those summer hits about a century ago! I was doing my apprenticeship on the Enfield Gazette and was sent to write a story about a couple of female fans that had knitted a massive scarf for the group. We did the usual weekly newspaper photograph of the scarf wound around each neck in turn - very Beatlesque in retrospect - and my article duly appeared on the front page. But what everyone had missed was the fact that I had forgotten to mention the length of the actual ophidian muffler, which was the whole point of the yarn from day one! I was duly rollocked by the Editor who certainly believed that size was important but all was forgotten until decades later when I was introduced to one of the former band members in the Bill Nicholson Suite - and it all came flooding back!

The Boys are Back in Town - Thin Lizzy

The late Phil Lynott remains one of my heroes and I was lucky enough to meet him in the Box Holders Suite at the Lane many years ago. In those days I wrote a 'Celebrity View' piece in the programme - and we certainly featured some big names. On this occasion I was due to interview Thin Lizzy's drummer Brian Downey. But, as we sat chatting by the window, Phil suddenly appeared in his all leather skin-tight suit - and gaping flies! A waitress was with him holding a selection of safety pins but such was the tension on those strides that he gave up in the end and sat with us - a programme strategically placed on his lap! Great memories of two great blokes and whenever I hear 'The Boys are Back in Town' I think back to when they really were in town and enjoying a game with the rest of us at the Lane.

Cavatina (Deer Hunter theme) - John Williams

It never stopped snowing while I was in Newcastle on a newspaper subbing course in the late '70s. And the big film of the time was The Deerhunter, which still gives me the creeps if I see a rat! The other lads dragged me off to the cinema to see it one night and on the following evening we watched Newcastle play Preston as the snow poured down - and that haunting tune echoed around the silent stands. We stood behind the dugouts, totally exposed to the elements, watching as the then manager Nobby Stiles sent on teenage substitute Michael Robinson. It was the kind of evening that would drive you to have a bash at Russian roulette - as in the famous scene from that film !

McNamara's Band - various

Now that I am older and embraced the traditions of this great club years ago, I don't have a problem with this tune. But as a youngster just over from Ireland I used to hate it on match days - although in essence it was lost in the euphoria as the team came out. The real problem was not so much McNamara's Band but all the other rubbish they played at the Lane when I first attended almost 40 years ago! I was so envious of my Reading-supporting cousins as their PA played all the hits before a game while we at Tottenham were locked in a time warp. But then Arsenal had a police sergeant singing on the pitch - and a marching band - as part of their pre-match ritual so it could have been worse!

Nice One Cyril - Cockerel Chorus

It was odd but having never really ventured into the music world, our squad did so when I was a lad and it just co-incided with this rival, which knocked our official effort of its perch. Indeed, Nice One Cyril went to number 14 in the charts having started out as an advertising catch phrase and then dedicated into a tribute to the late, great Cyril Knowles. He was certainly one of my favourite players and lived in Hammond Street, not far from my Flamstead End home. I helped on a milk round that included his house - I was paid two bob a day - and old Milko and I would sing 'Nice One Cyril' (we didn't know any of the other words !) as we walked up his drive. How we laughed!!!

Back Home - England 1970 World Cup squad

I've thrown this one in as a bonus as it reminds me of the first time that I kissed a girl! It happened at the old Embassy cinema in Waltham Cross and she certainly looked better in the dark - although she's probably still saying the same thing about me! Anyway it was the day that England played West Germany in the quarters final in Mexico so we stopped on the walk home at an off licence near Theobalds Grove station to ask how they'd got on. I was disappointed that England had lost 3-2 after extra time but chuffed that the two Spurs representatives - Alan Mullery and Martin Peters - had scored the goals. And I've still got the record - but a different bird!