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More of your Cup Final tales

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).

Another batch of your Cup final stories and memories from finals gone by as we prepare to set off for Cardiff for our latest one on Sunday.

Iversen lobs it in there it is ...... 1 0 to Spurs! The semi final against Wimbledon in 1999, gave Spurs something to smile about during a bad era in the club. At the time I was just 14, and on my way to my first cup final!

We did get tickets & I was in the tenth row behind the goal in which Allan Neilsen scored in, Wembley went NUTS! It was brilliant, Spurs fans went mad cos we knew then we'd won it! But this time round I'm 17 and I think it'll be even better than the last final, and a higher score! Let's enjoy Cardiff for now, but we'll be there again come May!!!

Debbie and Tom

UEFA Cup final 1984 - When the final whistle went, I had to decide whether to wipe the tears of joy out of my eyes, or save my girlfriend from getting crushed in between me (and the few thousand people behind me) and the Paxton Road barrier she was leaning on. What a night. I'm 43 so have only memories of what kind of night that was. Soon to be well and truly repeated I hope. Glenn, please don't leave us again.

Pat Beckham, Bermuda

I shall never forget the 1981 final replay. It was the culmination of over 80 consecutive games I had been to home and away. Ricky's goal still brings a shiver to my spine every time I see it. The celebration back in my local in Enfield went on well into the early hours after the trip back from Wembley. Our 'landlord' was a Liverpool fan. He promised us a crate of champagne if we won - and that promise came before we'd even played the third round. He lived up to his word! What a night.

Unfortunately with three kids I can't afford to go very often now. Despite not being able to get a ticket we shall all be willing the lads to win in Cardiff from our front room. Come on you Lillywhites.

Steve England

I moved to the Liverpool area in 1985 and gradually transferred my affections to Tranmere as my local team but it was great to go back to White Hart Lane for the first time in fifteen years albeit as an away fan. My childhood heroes were Greaves, Jennings, Perryman, Chivers and co and it was nice to see that the club hasn't got too big for its boots - the Tranmere team did well and were treated with respect - mind you I'll never forget Glenn's jaw dropping at Prenton Park as Southampton lost 4-3 - he was another of my heroes by the way.

Anyway Cup final stories - Tottenham 1- QPR 0 in 1982. We got coined by QPR fans - no change there then. Hoddle scored a pen - actually it wasn't a good final but we won the cup!

Go on Spurs do the biz at Cardiff at the weekend !

Dave Munro

My name is Robert Matevski and I live in Malmö Sweden. I´m 30 years old and supported Spurs since I was 10 years old. My greatest moment was the League Cup final in 1999. I decided to go even though I hadn´t a match ticket.

Anyway, match day arrived, I went to Wembley loooking for buying a ticket outside the stadium. The hours just went by, with out finding a ticket. I started to panic, and thought for myself I had come all the way from Sweden I had to see the game! And then it happened round 14.30, just an half an hour before kick off!

I bought a ticket where the Leicester supporters were sitting!. I sat there for 90 minutes trying to not shout, but then I bursted out when Allan Nielsen scored, I just ripped of my rain jacket and raised my hands in the sky, on the back of my shirt was written Spurs 4 Ever. And you can imagine how quiet the 30,000 Leicester supporters were! I stood up screaming and the rest you probably know!


Back in 1999 at the last League Cup win, myself and Stef, Rob, Lee, Dave and David were watching in the Sports Cafe in Haymarket, London. We had a pretty big day of it, starting early as you would on a day a special as that. Once the winner went in our emotions took over and our celebrations spilled outside of the bar, in fact all the way into the fountains of Trafalgar Square! Anyone passing that day will remember the sight of 6 slightly inebriated individuals all clad in Spurs colours enjoying a swim in the fountains!

I have to say we have contemplated a visit back there this year as we don't have tickets, I just hope that the water is warmer this year!

Zaren Courtenay

Standing at the back of the Park Lane, I pulled my way up the hoardings to the seats to see that fantastic penalty shoot out in 1984, against Anderlecht, Tony Parkes, what a hero that night. Also the 1981 semi final replay at the Arsenal, when we beat Wolves 3-0, fantastic night and what a place to win at. Then that Thursday night at Wembley, got there at 1pm the build up outside the singing, and then that Ricky goal. Unbelievable, just like Gazza's free kick 10 years later. GO ON YOU SPURS - SEE YOU IN CARDIFF SUNDAY. Best wishes to SPURS fans everywhere.

Mark Green

"I was there" at the 1991 FA cup final and remember sitting in a Spurs section that 2 Forest fans had got into. As a 12 year old boy I was so impressed at the good will and sportsmanship of the Forest supporters as one of them lifted me onto his shoulders so I could see the Lineker penalty. However, with Gary missing the spot kick it was the Forest fan's knee jerk reaction to jump with joy almost hurling me into the upper tier. I hope to see the same kind of sportsmanship on Sunday in Cardiff, "Come on you spurs!!"

Darren Sher

My first Spurs Cup Final was in 1967 when I was only 10. On holiday on a farm in Devon, my Dad had bought me a large rosette which he pinned to me just before kick off. I can still remember the feeling of awe and wonderment as the teams came out. I think we were in all white on the day. I still remember Frank Saul and Jimmy Robertson scoring for us before a goal by Bobby Tambling for Chelsea made the last part of the game a nervous time (things never change do they!!). Saddo that I am, I can still remember the starting 11 and also distinctly recall the confident feeling I always had when Big Pat Jennings came for any crosses - great memories.

Ray King

I was there at the 1981 replay to witness 'that' goal and one of the best finals Wembley has seen. We queued from around 6.00pm on the Saturday night, until tickets went on sale on the Sunday morning. We almost missed out, as it was a real free for all when the ticket boxes finally opened. A fantastic memory!

By the way, I'm booking into a nice Brisbane hotel this weekend to watch the final, as I don't have cable TV! Dirty weekend and a Tottenham win! Couldn't ask for anything better!

Graham Stanley

Unfortunately, I was unable to get tickets for the 1999 Cup Final. Before the game, however, I decided to travel down to London from university and watch the game with a few friends in a local pub. After a fantastic afternoon and a lot of jeering of a certain Mr Savage, I happily travelled back up to uni. By a miraculous oversight on my behalf, I failed to put two and two together and realise that being at University in Leicester, sitting on a Midland Mainline train proudly wearing my "blue 'n' white" shirt was not the smartest move in the book... I haven't moved to Blackburn since, so a similar situation won't be occuring next Sunday!!!!

Alec Wadey, Luton

I met Graham Roberts after the 1981 replay when he came out to speak to his family. As well as getting to hold his winners medal, he also gave me the hat which the top of the cup rested in many of the post match photos - my number 1 Tottenham possession.

A great occasion for an 11 year old and a great man.

Jim Duggan

The first Spurs game I ever went to was the FA Cup Final of 1987. Imagine my excitement as a 13-year-old when we went ahead after a minute and a half, and the ultimate disappointment of seeing the boys lose !!

Prior to the game Irving Scholar and some of the other "big wigs" were going around the track at Wembley, eagerly followed by photographers. I had the usual items, flag and bobble hat. I remember a photographer taking a picture of me, as I was right at the front.

Imagine my excitement later that year, when in the Spurs shop I saw a copy of the '87 annual, and on the inside back cover was that very picture of me, taken at Wembley, and if I remember, the caption read "We'll be back". I never bought the annual, but if anyone has one for sale I'd be interested.

Of course, we we're back in '91, when I was lucky enough to see the boys redeem themselves against Forest. Good luck to the boys on Sunday, I'll be there to cheer them on !!!

Andy Thompson
Hayes, Middx

I went to the Worthington Cup Final last time we made it and I will always remeber it for the goal Allan Nielsen scored.

Apart from the fact that it was the winner it was the fact that I was directly in line with the 18 yard line and I could see Nielsen diving in slow motion and just knew it was goal bound. What a result but what a boring game - but who cares we won and I will settle for that again this weekend.

Come on you spurs
Dave Barrell

'I was there!' is an often used term in football discussion and we want to know your cup final stories.

With a big day out in Cardiff looming and Wembley out of action for a good while, we want to know your cup final tales from days gone by.

Of course special preparations are neccessary to plot a route to the Millennium Stadium in time for the big kick-off, but getting to Wembley was never the easiest of missions.

Have you ever been stuck on the tube on the way to Wembley Park station? Regretted that extra pint in the pub? Forgotten your tickets? Met the players afterwards? An outrageous celebration? Or just had such an amazing day or night you have to tell the story...

This is our fifth League Cup final - which one was best for you?

Whatever your story, let us know and we'll publish the best ones during the build up to our first trip to Cardiff for a final on Sunday.

Email your stories in here