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    Night Aerial View

    31 March 2015 

    We were delighted to announce earlier that we have reached agreement for the acquisition of the final piece of land required to complete the land assembly for the new stadium redevelopment scheme and will take possession of this land later this year.

    We shall engage with our financial advisors, planning consultants and Haringey Council to progress matters now that we have certainty of possession.

    As we have previously reported, the Club has used the intervening period during the CPO process productively in order to refine the detailed design of the stadium, which was originally produced in 2008, to ensure it is optimised and that it meets the latest technical requirements and improvements in stadia design.

    We have already commenced pre development and site clearance works and will shortly submit, to Haringey Council, an application for a minor material amendment to our planning permission for consent for a basement level on the new stadium site.

    Our intention is to move the already consented car parking into the basement level, alongside plant and furniture storage, in order to allow us to free up space at the ground floor level to be allocated to other operational requirements including enhanced media facilities and extended player changing areas.

    Chairman, Daniel Levy said, “Our commitment is to find the best solution for the Club, our supporters and our community. It will be our new home for many years to come and we want it to be world class.

    “We are aware that both our fans and the local community are eager to see the stadium delivered as soon as possible and we shall be working to do so. I must however urge patience in the interests of getting the best possible outcome for all and ensuring that we progress diligently. It is a hugely complex and large-scale project."

    We look forward to updating all stakeholders in the coming months.



    31 March 2015

    Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, Archway Sheet Metal Works Ltd and the Josif Family (Archway) are delighted to announce that a private agreement has been reached for the purchase of Archway’s property on Paxton Road by the Club.

    In order to allow Archway to relocate its business appropriately, the Club will not take possession of the land until later this year.



    13 March 2015 

    The Club has received confirmation that Archway Steel will not be applying to the Court of Appeal for permission to appeal the High Court's decision last month to refuse their legal challenge of the Compulsory Purchase Order.

    The next step will be to vest the land in Haringey Council's ownership and to agree the compensation amount payable to Archway.

    We shall also continue to seek to reach an agreement with Archway by private treaty.

    We shall provide a further update as matters progress.


    20 February 2015

    The High Court hearing in respect of the challenge by Archway Sheet Metal Works Ltd and the Josif Family Trustees to the Secretary of State's decision to confirm a Compulsory Purchase Order in respect of their land took place earlier this week (17/18 Feb 2015) and judgment was handed down this morning (20 February). Mr Justice Dove rejected Archway’s challenge to the Compulsory Purchase Order on all grounds.

    Following this, Archway, the owners of the last remaining land to be acquired for the stadium site, requested permission to appeal the judgment and this was refused by Mr Justice Dove who concluded that an appeal had no reasonable prospect of success. Archway now have 21 days in which to apply to the Court of Appeal.

    While there is still therefore a possibility of a further appeal, the hope must be that this High Court decision will now allow us to progress what is widely recognised as the flagship development in the regeneration of Tottenham.

    The objectives of the CPO, as originally stated in 2012, underline the importance of today's decision and recognise the compelling case in the public interest:

    To provide a focal point for the regeneration of Tottenham

    To provide a catalyst for the long-term physical regeneration of Tottenham

    To show tangible actions by the Council and THFC working in partnership, post the riots, to provide an opportunity to support the social, physical and economic well-being of the area

    To bring the vacant, under utilised land and buildings into use and development

    To enable THFC to stay and invest within the Borough

    To enable a comprehensive development and regeneration of the whole of the Northumberland Development Project Site to be achieved

    To enable London as a whole to benefit from the regeneration

    To maximise the benefits to the community and businesses within London as a whole and within the local area

    To allow THFC to assemble the site to build the scheme

    We shall continue to provide updates as matters progress.



    10 September 2014  

    Further to the Secretary of State confirming the Compulsory Purchase Order in respect of the last remaining land to be acquired for the stadium site, the Club can confirm that the landowners, Archway Sheet Metal Works Ltd and the Josif Family have exercised their right to seek to challenge the Secretary of State's decision in the High Court. The challenge proceedings will now commence and we await notification of the earliest possible date for the High Court Hearing.

    We have already successfully and amicably relocated more than 70 businesses in the area to the satisfaction of all parties concerned and a number of these organisations continue to reside in the borough.

    Whilst we were able to accommodate all these other businesses' requests, in the instance of Archway, we have been unable to reach agreement over the period of the last seven years.

    That said, we remain committed to finding the earliest possible resolution and shall continue to engage with Archway regarding a possible agreement reached by private treaty.

    Given the lengthy period of time taken to reach the CPO decision in the first place, we should like to advise supporters that it is highly unlikely we shall be able to open the new Stadium at the start of the 2017/2018 season.

    The Club has revised its construction programme in order to take the shortest possible time to construct. This now therefore involves the Club moving away from the Lane during construction for a period of one season, to start at the beginning of a season in order to comply with Premier League rules.

    We are currently undertaking due diligence on alternative stadium options. 

    Consideration needs to be given to several factors, including planning and policing and, importantly, our fans and the impact it may have on the Team itself. 

    Clearly all possible options have pros and cons and we are aware that we shall not be able to find one which will please all parties. We shall however seek to find the optimum solution for the Club and our supporters and we shall be sharing our deliberations with our supporters at an appropriate time.

    We shall continue to provide updates as matters progress.


    11 July 2014  

    The Club is pleased to announce that the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has confirmed the Compulsory Purchase Order made by Haringey Council in respect of the remaining land required for the Northumberland Development Project. This is a very significant step in the CPO process.

    The Club has used the intervening period productively and has refined detailed design of the stadium in order to ensure it is future-proofed and optimised.

    We shall provide our supporters with a further update and timeline on the Northumberland Development Project as soon as we are able to do so.


    6 November 2013

    Sainsbury’s has opened a new 78,000 square foot store as part of the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium development – employing 280 colleagues from the local area and giving this dynamic and exciting community great new opportunities to Live Well For Less.

    The new Sainsbury’s team in store were joined for the opening by David Lammy MP and Tottenham Hotspur Chairman, Daniel Levy.

    Club Ambassador Ledley King – also an ambassador for the Mayor of London’s regeneration plans in the area – met with new customers and colleagues during the opening. Ledley was then set a shopping challenge to pick items from a list and be one of the first customers through the till. Ledley also gave away four pairs of tickets for Thursday’s Europa League match, in a prize draw for colleagues.

    The store was given the green light in February last year, enabling the stadium development project to move into the building phase after unanimous consent from the Haringey council.

    Sainsbury’s has worked with Tottenham Hotspur, Haringey Council and local partners such as Job Centre Plus to help local people kick start their careers, working in many cases with people who have previously faced tough barriers to employment.

    Store manager Peter White, said: “Tottenham has always been known for great trading, whether it’s in groceries or footballers, and as Sainsbury’s has been trading here for over quarter of a century, we've got a real connection to the area.

    “We’re really pleased to be part of the regeneration of this vibrant part of London and create 280 jobs through our new store in the stadium project. As a responsible employer, we always work with local partners to ensure that jobs go to local people, and that we support people into work who may have previously faced barriers.”

    Daniel Levy, Chairman, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, said: "We are delighted to see Sainsbury's open their new Tottenham store today. This store is one of the largest supermarkets of its kind in London, and represents the completion of the first part of our new stadium scheme and the start of the regeneration of north Tottenham.

    "It has already delivered hundreds of new jobs for local people as a result of the great partnership work undertaken with the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, ensuring that the new supermarket not only helps to bring greater vibrancy and attract new trade to the area, but delivers real employment and socio-economic benefits to our community."

    As well as creating jobs Sainsbury’s is also giving opportunities for people to train and develop with their growing – that could be training to be a manager, starting an apprenticeship or getting a City and Guilds certificate at one of Sainsbury’s Food Colleges.

    The new Sainsbury’s team also get a discount card, which can save hundreds of pounds on shopping each year.

    Ledley King said: “It was great to be involved in the launch of the fantastic new store which has created new jobs for local people in an area of high unemployment. It marks the first step in our regeneration plans for the area, and I am proud to be a part of it having been associated with the Club and the local community since I was a teenager.”


    13 September 2013

    • Tottenham UTC to be located above new Sainsbury's Supermarket representing another important development in the sport-led regeneration of Tottenham
    • Agreement reached with Department for Education to locate new College within Northumberland Development Project
    • Tottenham UTC due to open in 2014 and is recruiting students now
    • College to undertake a series of events over the course of next few months for parents and potential students to learn more about what will be on offer

    The Club is delighted to announce that it has reached agreement with the Department for Education and the Education Funding Authority to locate the new University Technical College (UTC) for Tottenham within the Northumberland Development Project.

    The Tottenham UTC, which is sponsored by Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, and Middlesex University along with a number of other major international and national businesses, will be established above the new Sainsbury’s supermarket and is planned to open in September 2014.

    Work has already begun on designing the interior of the building in order to create purpose-built spaces, which will work to enhance the learning environment for the students and support the delivery of the Tottenham UTC’s pioneering and inspirational curriculum focused around its specialism of the Technology of Science, illustrated through sport and health.

    Donna-Maria Cullen, Executive Director at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and Trustee of the Tottenham UTC said: “Tottenham is an area in desperate need of regeneration and, as one of its main employers, we recognise the importance of inspiring education amongst our community. We are delighted that the Tottenham UTC will be part of this regeneration.

    “The Tottenham UTC will deliver significant benefits and by locating it next to the new stadium development, we believe we are creating the perfect environment to power the success of the College, transform the educational offer in the area and provide new hope and opportunity to young people across North London."

    Lord Baker of Dorking, Chairman of the Baker Dearing Educational Trust, the organisation responsible for managing the UTC programme said: “It’s extremely good news that a site for the new Tottenham UTC has been finalised - in a location that is so key to the regeneration of the area.

    “This is the first UTC to be supported by a major Premier League Football Club and I am delighted we are working together for the benefit of young people in Tottenham.”

    With the site now secure, the Tottenham UTC are now moving forward with the recruitment of students. The College will initially open its doors to Year 10 and Year 12 students and will grow to over 900 students aged 14-18 when at full capacity.

    Talking ahead of the events, Melvyn Keen, Deputy Chief Executive, Middlesex University and Trustee of the Tottenham UTC said: “The Tottenham UTC’s vision is to provide an alternative for young people in the area who may benefit from an innovative and vocational-based curriculum.

    “The events we are hosting at Tottenham Hotspur will give parents and potential students the opportunity to learn about what the UTC could offer them and see practical examples of what the curriculum could entail.

    “I encourage everybody in the area to come to these events and see for themselves what the UTC is all about.”

    For more information about Tottenham UTC visit


    5 September 2013

    Tottenham Hotspur Football Club has created a new employment partnership model to deliver jobs for local people.

    • Partnership carrying out a programme of intervention and support to ensure that jobs emerging from the Northumberland Development Project go to local people
    • First 250 local jobs have been created at the new Sainsbury’s, part of the NDP – due to open in November
    • Sainsbury’s, Haringey Council and Job Centre Plus among a host of national and local bodies working alongside the Club

    Tottenham Hotspur Football Club has today officially launched a unique employment partnership model to ensure that the jobs being created in the local area are being filled by local people.

    Working with Haringey Council, Job Centre Plus and Sainsbury’s, the Club has created an employment partnership to carry out a programme of intervention and support to put local people in the best possible position to get access to the jobs and training, which are starting to emerge from the Club’s stadium scheme, the first step in the regeneration of Tottenham.

    The first phase of jobs, which will be at the new Sainsbury’s store, located in the Northumberland Development Project have already been filled by people who live within a three-mile radius of the new store, with more jobs being made available in the coming weeks prior to its opening in November.

    As we move towards the opening of the new superstore in Tottenham later this year, more jobs will be made available and the partnership will continue to work with local people to support them into those positions.

    Daniel Levy, Chairman of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club said: “We are determined to see the jobs created by the Northumberland Development Project go to local people.

    “The Club already does a great deal to try and ensure that people in our communities can gain skills and employment through things such as our apprenticeship programmes and we shall ensure that all the new opportunities are not missed by local people and that the regeneration really does deliver employment and socio-economic benefits to our local community.”

    The partnership was formed in July and has already delivered a number of events and activities, including having provided employment support and advice to over 500 Tottenham residents interested in the roles at the new Sainsburys superstore, and a series of jobs fairs and community fun days which were attended by several hundred people from across the local community.

    Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith MP, said: "I'm proud to be involved with this exciting project, which has really rejuvenated the area, bringing scores of new job opportunities and hope for local people in this part of north London.

    "Creating new local jobs in Tottenham is a great way of bringing back a renewed sense of optimism and community in the area. It means that people who want to do the right thing and move back into work will have the opportunity to do so and not only support their local community but support themselves and their families. The benefits of this cannot be underestimated."

    Rt Hon David Lammy MP, MP for Tottenham said: “The regeneration of Tottenham represents a major opportunity for the community and this partnership is a demonstration of how, by working together, we can ensure that local people are in the best possible position to access much-needed employment.

    “It is also extremely heartening to see that Tottenham Hotspur, who are part of the lifeblood of this community, have taken on a leading role and are going the extra mile in order to ensure that the regeneration of Tottenham delivers real jobs and benefits for the local community.”

    Leader of Haringey Council, Cllr Claire Kober said: “This ground-breaking partnership shows how, together, we can create real jobs and opportunities for our residents. This is just the beginning of our long-term ambitions to deliver thousands of new employment opportunities to Tottenham. Local people are at the heart of our plans as we bring new jobs, modern homes, and a better mix of shops to Tottenham and secure its future.”

    Sainsburys Director of HR, Retail and Logistics, Jacki Connor said: “Sainsbury's has been trading in Tottenham for over a quarter of a century, so we're proud to invest in the area and create more local jobs. Working in one of our stores is fast-paced and rewarding and we’re committed to giving our colleagues the opportunity to train and grow – whether that’s getting a City & Guilds certificate at one of our Food Colleges or using one of our training schemes to develop.

    “We’re very proud to celebrate this partnership today and we’re looking forward to welcoming our new colleagues and customers into our new store in November.”

    A special video outlining the work of the partnership can be viewed by following this link... 


    18 September 2012

    • First work starts as part of new stadium scheme - September 2012
    • Important step forward towards delivering much needed regeneration
    • The new supermarket will create up to 250 news jobs whilst securing jobs from existing Sainsbury’s store in Tottenham
    • Expected opening late 2013/early 2014

    The Club can announce that McLaren Construction has been appointed as the Main Contractor to deliver the new supermarket and commercial/educational space above, which will be located to the north of the proposed new Stadium.

    McLaren Construction is the award-winning contractor that has been responsible for the successful delivery of the Club’s new state-of-the-art Training Centre in Enfield.

    Paul Phillips, Project Director said, “We look forward to working with McLaren Construction, who have been a good partner during the construction of our new Training Centre.

    “By appointing McLaren, we shall again be able to ensure that the new supermarket development is delivered in line with a strict contractor code of conduct similar to that which was employed in Enfield, and that our construction partners will take a responsible and sensitive approach to building within our community.”

    Kevin Taylor, Chairman, McLaren Group said, “After the successful completion of the Club's Training Centre, we are very proud to be awarded the contract for phase 1 of the development of the Club’s existing site.  This award is testament to the strong partnership between McLaren and Tottenham Hotspur, and we look forward to continuing to build this relationship for the future."

    The new supermarket, which will be one of the largest of its kind in London, is 130, 000 sq ft with a sales floor area of 72,000 sq ft and will be operated by Sainsbury's. When complete, the supermarket will create up to 250 new jobs whilst securing jobs from the existing Sainsbury’s store in Tottenham. Dedicated support will be in place to help local people access these jobs. This phase of the development also includes 110,000 sq ft of commercial/educational space above the supermarket.

    Work will commence on this development later this month (September 2012) and represents an important step forward towards delivering much-needed regeneration in Tottenham.


    16 July 2012

    Last week saw the hoardings installed around the site of the Northumberland Development Project including along the High Road and Paxton Road.

    Demolition has taken place over the past few months and work is now expected to begin on the construction of the supermarket, to the north of the stadium, later this year.

    The next phase will see the tender process begin for the stadium itself. We continue to work closely with the Mayor and Haringey Council as we look to deliver this major sport-led regeneration in Tottenham.

    We shall, as always, keep everyone updated over the coming months with our progress.

    High Street Hoardings

    High Street Hoardings


    29 February 2012

    • Sainsbury’s will become the new supermarket operator in the Northumberland Development Project
    • The new supermarket will create up to 250 new jobs while securing jobs from existing Sainsbury’s store in Tottenham
    • Commitment is welcomed by London Mayor Boris Johnson and Tottenham Traders Partnership as a demonstration of confidence in Tottenham’s future
    • A second convenience store, damaged in last year’s riots, to reopen on Tottenham High Road creating up to 25 new jobs

    Today (Wednesday 29 February), Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and Sainsbury’s have announced that the retailer will become the new operator of the 72,000 sq ft supermarket within the Northumberland Development Project (NDP).

    This announcement marks a further step forward in the delivery of the overall scheme just weeks after the Club secured unanimous planning consent from Haringey Council.

    The new superstore will provide 250 new jobs for young people in the area with dedicated support in place to help local people access those jobs.  It is also seen as a welcome vote of confidence for the local community, and is a first stage in unlocking some of the social and economic benefits of the NDP, revitalising the area, and attracting new trade and shoppers.

    Daniel Levy, Chairman, Tottenham Hotspur said:

    "We are delighted that Sainsbury’s will become the supermarket provider in the Northumberland Development Project. This will be one of the largest supermarkets of its kind in London and will help bring a greater vibrancy and attract new trade to the area.

    "Both ourselves and Sainsbury's are proud of our roots in Tottenham and are committed to working to deliver major regeneration in an area with such a real need."

    Justin King, Sainsbury’s Chief Executive said:

    "Our investment represents a real boost for Tottenham, bringing both new jobs and an exciting place to shop. The opening of our local store on Tottenham High Road also reinforces our commitment to a vibrant future for Tottenham’s high street. Sainsbury’s has been trading in Tottenham for over a quarter of a century and we’re proud to invest in the area at this important time."

    Boris Johnson, Mayor of London said:

    "This ringing endorsement by one of the UK's leading retailers is confirmation of the huge confidence we all have in this important centre.  Apart from the large number of jobs that Sainsbury's new superstore will create, its presence alone will provide a major boost to the regeneration plans for the wider area."

    Ekbal Mogra, who runs a sports business on Tottenham High Road and is a member of the Tottenham Traders Partnership, said:

    "The prospect of a major employer coming to invest in Tottenham can only be a very positive thing for all other businesses on the High Road, creating vast opportunities for young people and prosperity for other traders.

    "The overall shopping experience for Tottenham residents will increase dramatically after this project has been established and that in turn will benefit most businesses in the area.  I also welcome news of a Sainsbury’s Local in Tottenham, this will add more choice for the consumer and will encourage other small businesses around it to flourish."

    Ledley King with Justin King from Sainsbury's

    The new store will have a great offer for customers, including British fruit and vegetables, fresh meat and fish counters, an in store bakery and a wide range of general merchandise including the new TU clothing range.

    Work on the new Sainsbury’s store will start in the coming months, with the opening planned for late 2013. The convenience store, damaged during the riots last summer, is due to reopen in April 2012.

    Our photograph shows Justin King, Sainsbury's Chief Executive, with Ledley King at White Hart Lane on Wednesday. 


    22 December, 2011

    The Club has this week submitted some revisions to its planning permission for the Northumberland Development Project as the Club looks to secure the deliverability of the new stadium scheme.

    Fans will be aware that the Club’s existing permission was granted by Haringey Council following unanimous cross-party support and the completion of all of the legal agreements in September 2011.

    The proposed changes focus on maximising the number of new jobs and new homes which can be created. Specifically we are making two separate planning applications - one covering the residential development along Park Lane and another covering some changes to the space above the supermarket building.

    In summary, we have improved the design and layout of the new residential development to the south of the new Stadium to create a better setting along Park Lane - replacing the currently consented single curved residential building running east-west the length of Park Lane with four separate buildings running north-south above new commercial space. In between the buildings three new green spaces will be created with trees and new planting to provide both private and communal space for the new residents. This layout means sunlight penetrates into and through the buildings, onto the open spaces and through onto the public space around the stadium.

    Above the supermarket, we are proposing one additional floor and importantly this is set back 32 metres from the building’s edge along Northumberland Park and set back 20 metres from the building’s eastern and western edges. There are some other smaller design changes also being made above the supermarket and the footpath beside the main customer entrance is being widened, but there are no changes to the layout of the supermarket itself. Likewise there are no changes being made to the car park, servicing, entrance or exit arrangements and no additional parking spaces are being sought.

    The Club believes these changes represent an improvement on the current permission and has written to local residents to explain these changes.

    Along with these proposed changes, the Club is also engaged in discussions with the Mayor's office, Haringey Council and central government as we continue to progress the new stadium scheme and associated development.


    The Northumberland Development Project represents an investment of hundreds of millions of pounds into North Tottenham to create a world class regeneration with significant benefits for the local community, based around an iconic new stadium and exceptional public space.

    The designs cover a 20 acre area, bordered by Park Lane to the South, Worcester Avenue to the East, Northumberland Park to the North and Tottenham High Road to the West. It includes the site of the current ground and the industrial land to the North to create a larger area in which the new stadium can be built without the need to ground-share or move out of Haringey even for a temporary period.

    A Flagship for Regeneration

    View of southern plaza

    All successful regeneration projects start with a single high profile ‘anchor’ scheme. The Northumberland Development Project has the potential to be a flagship for the wider regeneration of the area and would deliver:

    • A huge investment in North Tottenham to create a vibrant area 365 days a year, with more people using the stadium, shops, restaurants and public spaces.
    • Exceptional public space and a focus for events and activities to be used by schools, charities, community groups, local residents and the Council themselves.
    • A major economic boost for the area, with more money spent in local shops and services.
    • New jobs created with dedicated support in place to help local people access those jobs.
    • A dramatic improvement of this part of the High Road, including the refurbishment and re-use of historic buildings within their own active setting.
    • Improved shopping choice from the new supermarket.
    • Improved community safety, with 'designing-out-crime' integral to the design and CCTV in place as well.
    • Much needed new homes, including one bedroom apartments for first time buyers.
    • New local business opportunities both during construction and in the long term.
    • World class design which people will be proud to live near and visit.

    A World-Class Stadium

    Internal Stadium Bowl

    The Club is proud of its roots in Haringey, having been based in Tottenham for over 128 years. We are the Borough’s top visitor attraction, with around 1m visitors a year and one of the largest employers, pumping many millions of pounds into the local economy and via business rates.

    • The new stadium will be a world class venue with a capacity of 56,250, using flowing lines of external cladding, a gracefully undulating roof and the Club colours to create a unique and visually striking building.
    • The key priority has been to maximise stadium atmosphere. Spectators will have a great view of the action and will find themselves closer to the pitch than at any other comparable size stadium in the UK.
    • The bowl design will help keep crowd noise inside the stadium and the inclusion of a single tier ‘home end’ stand will help generate an intimidating ‘wall of sound’.
    • The stadium design will incorporate comfortable modern seating with more leg-room and easier access than at the current ground.
    • The stadium also includes enhanced concourse, concession and toilet facilities for general spectators, and better access and range of viewing positions for wheelchair users and their companions/families.

    An Exceptional Public Square

    Too often new stadia are surrounded by empty, dead space and car parks. This would not be right in Tottenham. As part of the open space surrounding the stadium, we have designed a new public square to provide something truly special for local people, with 24/7 open public access.

    • The new public square will be managed by the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation with a programme of events and activities to ensure this becomes a focus for community life.
    • The location, size and design of the public square will provide a high quality asset for the borough, for example hosting street markets or musical performances.
    • Foundation events will include dance festivals, talent competitions, drama workshops and temporary sports facilities.
    • Community events will include workshops, health screening units, blood donations, aerobics sessions and organised family picnic days, used by a wide range of organisations.
    • The public square runs from the High Road right through to Worcester Avenue, on a raised podium accessed by stairs from four different locations, with lift access also provided for.
    • The square connects directly to the general concourse level of the new stadium, ensuring this acts as a home fans zone on match days as well as adding to the allure of the space on non match days.
    • The public will be able to go right up to the stadium facade in each corner to glimpse the pitch itself.

    An Improved Setting on Tottenham High Road

    Newe Stadium on High Road

    The continuity of buildings on the High Road will be retained with a new high quality environment including a courtyard setting for the refurbished historic buildings to the South, and new trees, gates and structures in front of the stadium linking with the existing terrace of buildings to the North by Northumberland Park.

    • All four buildings - the original White Hart public house; the Red House; the Tottenham and Edmonton Dispensary building and the Grade II listed Warmington House - to be retained in the South will be refurbished inside and out to bring them back to their former glory, with the removal of inappropriate modern additions such as external staircases and rear extensions as well as the removal of the in-fill buildings between them.
    • The four buildings will stand together on the High Road forming a new high quality courtyard setting at their rear.
    • Behind the buildings and located underneath the raised public square will be the entrance to the new Club shop and museum as well as a new café with outdoor seating.
    • This courtyard will also be the setting for public art including the famous Bill Nicholson Gates, which will be placed where the existing Bill Nicholson Way is located, and the ‘Cockerel on the Ball’ Clock and ‘Golden Cockerel’ statue also within the public realm.
    • A second raised podium is also included between the stadium and the supermarket, allowing fans to walk all the way round the stadium and connecting the High Road with Worcester Avenue on either side.

    An Enhanced Role for the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation

    Foundation kids

    The Tottenham Hotspur Foundation uses sport and, in particular, football as a vehicle to create life changing opportunities for children, groups and individuals within our communities. The Club through the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation has a long established, productive and valued partnership with the Council and the local community in an area with significant socio-economic challenges such as high unemployment and high levels of crime.

    • The Tottenham Hotspur Foundation is a registered charity directly touching the lives of tens of thousands of people across North London with over 73 different community programmes.
    • It was established with £4.5m of funding from the Club and has also attracted more than £2m of additional funding into Haringey for its projects in the past year.
    • The Foundation works with a wide range of partners including central and local government departments, schools, colleges, businesses and charitable trusts to tackle key social issues.
    • The Northumberland Development Project now provides a unique opportunity to extend its valued role in the area and maximise the use of the new public square.

    Environmentally Sustainable

    The energy saving measures and on-site sustainable energy generation technologies, including renewable energy, which are included in the Northumberland Development Project will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by around 40% compared to current Building Regulation requirements. Taken together, the measures set out below will ensure the Stadium will be one of the most sustainable in the UK.

    • Site-wide Combined Cooling, Heating and Power (CCHP) will be installed, with plans to also supply energy to the adjacent school and the potential for further local expansion.
    • 18% of energy use will be generated from on-site renewable resources.
    • The Club has agreed a target of recycling 100% of operational waste within the stadium.
    • Rainwater will be harvested from the roof of the new stadium, collected in storage tanks for use such as flushing toilets and irrigating the pitch.
    • At least 70% of materials from demolishing existing buildings will be recycled or reclaimed, rather than sent to landfill.
    • Materials for construction of the supermarket, residential and commercial buildings and public realm will include at least 10% recycled content.
    • All homes will be fully compliant with the Government’s ‘Lifetime Home’ standards and meet the Government’s ‘Code for Sustainable Homes, Level 4’.
    • There is a clear focus on public transport with limited parking provision.
    • The Club is a founding participant of the ‘10:10’ environmental campaign.

    Multiple Transport Options

    The transport infrastructure here is already in place, with four stations and up to 144 buses an hour serving the stadium area. Together with planned and proposed service improvements and new investment to be made by the Club, they deliver enough capacity for the increased number of supporters visiting the new stadium.

    • There has already been a significant shift in travel patterns to the stadium. In 2003, over 60% of fans came by car. For weekend fixtures that figure has reduced to 43% and we plan to bring that down to just 24%.
    • This will be actively promoted as a ‘Public Transport Destination’, just like Wembley Stadium, with real-time travel information points, clear signage and regular transport updates on the website, in programmes, and directly to fans.
    • The upgrading works on the Victoria Line will deliver brand new, faster and higher capacity trains from later this year, ending the disruption that supporters have often faced and delivering major service improvements.
    • Seven Sisters station provides the key link between the Tottenham area and the rest of the Tube and National Rail network, with greater use also made of Tottenham Hale station and new queue management systems in place at both stations.
    • Better use will be made of White Hart Lane and Northumberland Park stations. The Club will work with the new Train Operating Company to further improve match-day services and make more use of the 8-car service capacity with new queue management systems also in place assisted by Club stewards.
    • The Club will seek to minimise the need for bus diversions on match-days so they are back operating in the High Road as soon as possible after the final whistle. There will also be increased the use of the high frequency W3 and 341 services connecting to the Piccadilly Line, as an alternative to the buses to Seven Sisters.
    • An expanded match-day controlled parking zone will minimise the transport impacts on local residents and business and will further discourage car use, subject to the approval of Haringey and Enfield Councils as well as the local residents themselves.

    • Supporters will be encouraged to arrive early and stay late to take advantage of the new facilities in and around the redeveloped stadium and to enjoy a new post-match events programme, taking pressure off all transport services.