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Match Ticket Information: 2024/25

Thu 20 June 2024, 16:00|Tottenham Hotspur

Following the Premier League’s announcement of fixtures for the 2024/25 season, we should like to confirm match ticket on-sale dates and pricing for the forthcoming season.

As in recent years, there will be seven on-sale windows in which tickets for two or three matches at a time will be released for sale. Matches will be sold individually and not as packages.

There will continue to be a 24-hour priority window for One Hotspur + Members to purchase tickets from 10am on a Monday morning. Tickets will then be released to all Members from 10am on a Tuesday morning. Dedicated priority windows for Members registered on the Club’s Access Scheme will open at 2pm on the same dates.

As confirmed in the Club’s updated Ticketing Charter, the Ticket Exchange platform will open for sales once tickets available from the Club have sold out, providing Members with an additional opportunity to purchase tickets.

We can confirm ticket sales for our first three home Premier League matches of the season (Everton, Arsenal and Brentford) will open to One Hotspur + Members on Monday 22 July, followed by the full Member on-sale on Tuesday 23 July.

The full schedule of on-sale dates for our Premier League fixtures can be found below. No ticket sales windows are planned over the Christmas period.

  On Sale Window Opponent Fixture Date Price Category One Hotspur + One Hotspur Members One Hotspur + Access Members One Hotspur   Access Members  
  1 Everton 24-Aug-24 B 10am, Mon 22 July 10am Tue 23 July 2pm, Mon 22 July 2pm Tue 23 July  
  Arsenal 14-Sep-24 A  
  Brentford 21-Sep-24 B  
  2 West Ham United 19-Oct-24 B 10am, Mon 19 Aug 10am, Tue 20 Aug 2pm, Mon 19 Aug 2pm Tue 20 Aug  
  Aston Villa 02-Nov-24 B  
  Ipswich Town 09-Nov-24 C  
  3 Fulham 30-Nov-24 B 10am, Mon 23 Sep 10am, Tue 24 Sept 2pm, Mon 23 Sep 2pm, Tue 24 Sept  
  Chelsea 07-Dec-24 A  
  4 Liverpool 21-Dec-24 A 10am, Mon 21 Oct 10am, Tue 22 Oct 2pm, Mon 21 Oct 2pm, Tue 22 Oct  
  Wolves 29-Dec-24 B  
  Newcastle United 04-Jan-25 A  
  5 Leicester City 25-Jan-25 C 10am, Mon 25 Nov 10am, Tue 26 Nov 2pm, Mon 25 Nov  2pm, Tue 26 Nov  
  Manchester United 15-Feb-25 A  
  6 Manchester City 25-Feb-25 A 10am, Mon 20 Jan  10am, Tue 21 Jan 2pm, Mon 20 Jan  2pm, Tue 21 Jan  
  AFC Bournemouth 08-Mar-25 C  
  Southampton 05-Apr-25 C  
  7 Nottingham Forest 19-Apr-25 B 10am, Mon 3 Mar  10am, Tue 4 Mar 2pm, Mon 3 Mar   2pm, Tue 4 Mar  
  Crystal Palace 10-May-25 B  
  Brighton & Hove Albion 25-May-25 B  

*All fixture dates remain subject to change. Where a fixture is moved following broadcast selections taking place, Members unable to attend will have a 48-hour window to list tickets purchased during the initial sale on the Ticket Exchange, providing the fixture has sold out.

Pricing and Categorisation

Earlier this month, the Club met with the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust to discuss the pricing models being considered. For the 2024/25 season, there will be an increase on match ticket prices to allow for inflation – £6 on a Category A ticket and £1 on Category B and C tickets. Full pricing information may be found below:

• Category A – price chart
• Category B – price chart
• Category C – price chart

We shall continue to offer concession pricing for Juniors, Young Adults and Seniors in eligible areas. We also remain committed to attractive pricing in Cup competitions as we focus on encouraging new generations of fans to support the team at the stadium. Ticketing information for these fixtures will be confirmed on a match-by-match basis.

Ticket Touting and Misuse

The touting of match tickets is a criminal offence which prevents genuine supporters from accessing tickets. The Club will continue to operate a zero-tolerance approach to this practice and will take the strongest possible action against anyone found to have sold tickets on unofficially, in accordance with our Sanctions and Banning policy.

We shall also continue our efforts to clamp down on ticket touting through targeted purchasing from unofficial sellers, the continued development of our technology, and working with all relevant authorities to push for wider campaigns against black market ticket sales.

Supporters are strongly encouraged not to purchase tickets from any unofficial websites or social media platforms. A non-exhaustive list of unauthorised sellers, and details on how to report ticket touting, can be found on Ask Spurs.

With huge demand for tickets to our home matches, it is extremely important for us to maximise access to tickets for concession groups (Juniors, Young Adults and Seniors) and limit the abuse of concession seating that we have previously seen. As such, we shall continue to monitor the utilisation of seats throughout the 2024/25 season – any supporters purchasing concession seating and passing those tickets onto supporters who are not of qualifying age will have their concession rights withdrawn.

One Hotspur Membership

With match tickets in extremely high demand, our Premier League fixtures are unlikely to reach guest or general sale. To enjoy priority access to tickets, along with a wide range of further benefits, become a One Hotspur Member today.

Ticketing FAQs

For any ticketing queries you may have, please refer to our Buying Tickets Guide and FAQs on Ask Spurs.

Premium Options

Premium options for all 2024/25 home matches will go on sale in due course.