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Christian Brothers College

One of South Australia's leading soccer schools


Founded in 1878, Christian Brothers College (CBC) holds a rich history in educating boys and understands our boys’ passion for Football transcends just playing the game. Together with the expertise of Global Football Development Coaches and support from Christian Brothers Colleges coaches and staff, we aim to provide a comprehensive and enriching Football Programme for students of all skill levels. The CBC 'Soccer' Programme offers student-athletes access to premier coaching, advanced training methods, and exposure to professional standards. The skills developed through this programme will greatly benefit those aspiring to advance further in their football career.

The Main Benefits of the CBC Soccer Programme

The programme equips students with an in-depth understanding of Football theory, tactics, physical training, and mental skills, providing a strong foundation for a Football career.

Not only do our boys get access to a high-quality education, but it comes with an elite sporting edge