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Club publishes updated Ticketing Charter

Wed 06 March 2024, 13:06|Tottenham Hotspur

The Club has today published an updated Ticketing Charter following an internal review and discussions with our Fan Advisory Board (FAB) and the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust (THST).

Tottenham Hotspur was the first Club to publish a Ticketing Charter in 2002, designed to establish clarity on the processes and policies for tickets for Men’s First Team matches.

Premium Memberships will continue to be subject to the terms of the Licence Agreements. Ticketing details for the Women’s First Team are subject to separate specific terms.

Published five years after the opening of Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the Charter incorporates updated policies following a comprehensive internal ticketing review process. It also includes suggestions from the Fan Advisory Board, Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust and wider fanbase about aspects of ticketing operations.

The Ticketing Charter is designated to cover policies and processes – it is not intended to address pricing or other matchday revenue issues on which the Club will continue to consult the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust, as in previous years, as well as in discussion with our Fan Advisory Board.

Feedback we received included:

• Request for an earlier and longer Season Ticket renewal period closing after the end of the season
• Removal of booking fees for Season Ticket purchases
• Ensuring Away tickets were used by the purchasers
• Clarity on the allocation of Away tickets
• Clarity on the availability of Concessions
• Ticket Share being open all season
• Ability for members to list on Ticket Exchange when fixtures change
• Continuing the policy of competitively priced domestic home cup games
• Maximising the availability of match day tickets for members

We have sought to improve our processes and change our policies to accommodate the vast majority of the above wherever possible. There are many changes here that fans will welcome. We recognise that the changes to concessions will not be as welcome, however, we have made these changes in order to ensure that we maintain choice for supporters of all ages and our continued sustainability.

New or amended processes include the following:

- Season Ticket Renewals: General Admission Season Ticket renewal prices and timings will be announced no later than 15 March each year, with the payment window open from the time of announcement and closing no earlier than the first working day after the final Premier League game of the season.

- Booking fees will no longer apply to the purchase of Season Tickets.

- Home match tickets: The Club will be retaining the current pricing category split for Premier League matches next season – six teams in Category A, nine teams in Category B and four teams in Category C – with the Club to determine which teams are placed in which category ahead of the start of the season. Home fixtures in all domestic Cup competitions will continue to be priced competitively, focusing on attracting new generations of fans to support the team at the stadium, with prices for the 2024/25 season to be published on the Club’s website at the start of the season.

- Away Tickets: Following the fan consultation process, we can confirm away match tickets will continue to be allocated based on the existing five-year cycle of Ticketing Points. However, to ensure the integrity of the allocation process is maintained, we shall encourage the use of digital away tickets at opposition stadiums wherever possible and increase the frequency of ticket audits, including in-person collection where appropriate.

- The Charter also provides further transparency on the allocation of away tickets, confirming that 80 per cent of the away allocation across the season is given to General Admission Season Ticket Holders, including those on our Access scheme, with the remaining 20 per cent allocated to Premium Members, players’ families, Club staff and partners. Any tickets returned from the 20 per cent will then be allocated to initially unsuccessful General Admission applicants in order of Ticketing Points.

- Ticket Exchange will open for Season Ticket Holders to list their seats for sale for all matches from the start of the season. Tickets on the Exchange will then become available for Members to purchase following the completion of the on-sale process to Members once tickets available from the Club are sold out, allowing earlier access to tickets for Members who were unsuccessful in the initial on-sale process.

- Fixture changes/Ticket Exchange: Having taken on board fan feedback and the issues often caused by fixture dates and kick-off times changing due to Premier League television broadcast selections taking place after the sales windows have passed, we shall now also be providing One Hotspur Members with a 48-hour window to be able to list their tickets purchased during the initial sale on Ticket Exchange following any sold-out fixture amendment. Season Ticket Holders who had previously listed their seat and are subsequently able to attend will now be able to purchase an alternative seat on the Exchange.

- Ticket Share: Will now open before the start of the season for all games and remain open until the last home game of the Premier League season, to allow Season Ticket Holders to plan attendance in advance.

- Seat Utilisation: With huge demand for tickets to our home matches, and in order to maximise access to tickets, we shall continue to monitor the utilisation of Season Tickets throughout the 2024/25 season. In an effort to increase ticket availability to One Hotspur Members, Season Ticket Holders will be responsible for ensuring that every effort is made for their Season Ticket seat to be occupied at home Premier League fixtures. As well as attendance in person, a seat will be considered utilised if it is listed for sale on Ticket Exchange or shared with a friend or family member by using Ticket Share or Ticket Upgrade (see below).

- To be guaranteed a Season Ticket for the 2025/26 season, supporters will need to ensure that their seat has been utilised, as detailed above, for no less than 15 of the 19 home Premier League fixtures. The Club will work with any supporter at risk of not meeting this threshold during the season.

- The Club will also be providing an amnesty period during the 2024/25 season for Season Ticket Holders who do not regularly attend matches themselves to transfer the ownership of their seat.

- Senior Concessions: The number of senior concession Season Tickets has risen to four times the number at White Hart Lane – not taking matchday concessions into account. This increase is clearly not sustainable and will start to limit ticket choice for others year on year. We have, therefore, reluctantly taken the decision not to make new senior concession Season Tickets available, starting from Season 2025/26 – however, matchday senior concession tickets will remain available.

- Existing Season Ticket Holders who become eligible for a discounted Season Ticket for the 2024/25 season, will still qualify for a senior concession Season Ticket at a discounted rate of 50 per cent – this applies only to those currently sat within a concession area. All currently held senior concession Season Tickets – prior to Season 2024/25 - are also unaffected next season and will have a 50 per cent discount applied.

- All senior concession Season Tickets will then be phased to a 45 per cent discount in Season 2025/26, to a 40 per cent discount in Season 2026/27, to a 35 per cent discount in Season 2027/28, a 30 per cent discount in Season 2028/29 and a 25 per cent discount in 2029/30, bringing it in line with match day senior concessions and Young Adults. Junior concession Season Tickets will remain at 50 per cent.

- The allocation of senior concession matchday tickets will have a 25 per cent discount applied from Season 2025/26, in line with Young Adults. Matchday Junior concessions will continue to be discounted by 50 per cent.

- From Season 2025/26 the qualifying age for a senior concession will come into line with the State Pension Age (SPA) ie 66 years; and will rise in line with future changes.

- A review of use across the first 10 Premier League games of this season has shown that up to 67 per cent in some senior age groups of discounted Season Ticket Holders have shared their concession ticket with a non-concession fan. As such, from the start of the 2024/25 season, there will be a new option for Season Ticket Holders who currently receive a concessionary discount and are unable to attend a home fixture. In addition to still being able to use Ticket Exchange to list their seat for sale via the Club’s official resale platform, or use Ticket Share to send their ticket to a friend or family member who also qualifies for a reduced price ticket, we shall be introducing the Ticket Upgrade functionality. Ticket Upgrade will allow concessionary Season Ticket Holders to send their tickets to an adult supporter, who will then be able to upgrade the seat to a full adult price by paying the difference to the Club when they accept the ticket.

- Ticket Touting: The Club is committed to continuing its ongoing efforts to clamp down on ticket touting, with a zero-tolerance approach taken against any membership accounts found to have sold, or attempted to sell, tickets via unofficial channels. This will include the continued development of our technology, targeted purchasing from unofficial sellers and working with all relevant authorities to push for wider campaigns against black market ticket sales that prevent genuine supporters from accessing tickets. With the changes being introduced to Ticket Exchange and Ticket Share, as outlined within the Charter, to give wider access for fans to distribute tickets they are unable to use legitimately from next season, there is no valid reason for any Season Ticket Holder or One Hotspur Member to attempt to sell a ticket via unofficial channels. We shall take the strongest possible action against anyone found to have sold tickets on unofficially, in accordance with our Sanctions and Banning policy. Supporters are strongly advised not to purchase tickets from any unofficial websites or social media platforms. A non-exhaustive list of unauthorised sellers can be found on Ask Spurs.

Our updated Ticketing Charter can be viewed in full here. However, all membership and ticket purchases will continue to be governed solely by the Club’s Membership and Ticketing Terms, which can be found here.

We should like to thank all supporter representatives that have contributed to the ticketing review, which has informed the updated Ticketing Charter, providing further transparency and clarity on our policies and processes moving forwards.