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Premium Ticket Transfer Guide

Premium Ticket Transfer Guide

Premium Members have the ability to transfer digital tickets either to themselves, friends or colleagues directly from their e-ticketing account. Once a ticket has been transferred the recipient will receive an email containing their digital ticket which can be uploaded to their mobile device.

1. To access your e-ticketing account click here.

Log-in using your CRN and password details. Your CRN can be found in your 2023/24 seasonal welcome email. Alternatively please contact your account management team who will be able to assist in providing these details.

*If you have forgotten your password, then please follow the steps once you click on the link ‘Forgot password’.

2. Once logged in navigate to the “View Account Menu” 

3. Click “Ticketing” to expand the menu and select “Ticket Transfer”

4. Select the fixture you would like to transfer tickets for. 

5. Once selected all of your available tickets will be displayed. To transfer a ticket select the box next to the seat number. Enter the first name, surname and email address of the person you would like to send the ticket to then select “Transfer Now”.

6. Once transferred a successful notice will be displayed.

7. To transfer further tickets to another email address select “Back to Tickets”

Once the ticket has been transferred you will receive an email to advise that your ticket has been successfully sent. The recipient of the ticket will receive an email containing their digital ticket to upload to their mobile device.

To view ticket history and see where tickets have been sent select ‘Ticket History’ next to the seat details.

8. Once a ticket has been transferred, should you want to un-transfer the seat select “Withdraw”

This will cancel the seat that has been shared. The recipient will receive an email to say the ticket has been withdrawn and will no longer be valid to permit them entry to the stadium.

You will need to inform your guest that they will no longer be attending. Should they have already downloaded their pass, the pass will become invalid.