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Brand Protection

Protecting The Brand

What is Brand Protection?

Brand Protection is the action taken to prevent individuals and organisations using the Club’s Intellectual Property Rights without the Club’s permission.

The Club's trademarks

The Club owns a number of trademarks, as follows:

The words - Tottenham, Tottenham Hotspur, Spurs, White Hart Lane, THFC, To Dare is to Do, Hotspur

Logos - The Cockerel on ball logo, both with and without the Tottenham Hotspur wording.  Various heritage versions of the cockerel on ball logo including old club badges. The Club shield.

These together with our design rights and copyright works form part of the Club's intellectual property rights.

The Club takes the protection of the Club's intellectual property rights very seriously.

The Club has invested in protecting the Club's intellectual property rights around the world.

However, there are many people using the Club's intellectual property rights without our permission.  Some manufacture and/or sell products which are copies or imitate our approved products, these products are known as counterfeits. Others use the Club's intellectual property rights on their own unapproved products and services without the Club's permission and infringing our intellectual property rights.

The Club wants to reduce the circulation of counterfeit and other goods which use the Club's intellectual property rights without permission.  We want to protect our fans from products that are usually made from inferior materials, have not had appropriate health and safety testing carried out on them and in premises that do not follow acceptable manufacturing codes of conduct or meet our high standards of quality control.

Without proper due diligence on the manufacture of products, counterfeit goods can easily become faulty or even cause injury and it is well known that the proceeds from their sale can often be a screen for other criminal activities or to support wider criminal organisations.

The manufacture and/or sale of counterfeit goods can warrant legal action.

What is counterfeiting?
Counterfeiting is the deliberate attempt to deceive consumers by copying, manufacturing and marketing goods bearing well known trademarks. 

What do we do?
We are dedicated to helping fight the crime of counterfeiting. People that manufacture or sell counterfeit or other unapproved goods which use the Club's intellectual property rights without our permission can face legal action.

With our legal team, Trading Standards, Customs and law enforcement officers all around the world, we aim to ensure that illegal goods never make it to their planned destination and, if required, counterfeiters are arrested and prosecuted.

How can you help us?
As well as our own policing and support by others like the Premier League we rely upon our fans and other consumers to help us put an end to these illegal activities. You can do this by letting us know of any counterfeit activity you come across either online or in shops and on streets so we can take action.

All information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence, we will only share it with our legal team, Trading Standards, Customs and law enforcement officers, so please contact us if you have any information.

Email -