AccessibilityTottenham Hotspur Stadium

Travelling to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Public transport

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is well-served by bus routes and within walking distance of four train stations; the stadium is very much a public transport destination.

The stadium is served by five train stations:

  • White Hart Lane (London Overground): approx. 5 mins walk to the stadium or 500 steps
  • Northumberland Park (Abellio Greater Anglia services): approx. 10 mins walk to the stadium or 1,000 steps
  • Seven Sisters (Victoria Line and London Overground): approx. 30 mins walk to the stadium. For those of you who use fitness apps, that's around 3,000 steps
  • Tottenham Hale (Victoria Line and Abellio Greater Anglia services): approx. 25 mins walk to the stadium or 2,500 steps
  • Meridian Water served by Abellio Greater Anglia services (opposite IKEA on Meridian Way).

We have installed ‘Legible London’-style on-street wayfinding signage in our famous Club colours from all four train stations to the stadium, in conjunction with innovative on-site digital stadium signage.

Local buses will be running as usual but will be diverted due to the road closures.

To further aid your journey to and from the stadium, we are pleased to offer Premium Members the following, exclusive, services:

Car Parking

Members who have a seasonal car parking pass will receive a Park Live link at the start of the season. Please ensure that the car you intend to use on match day is updated for each game. This can be done via the Park Live link. Failure to do this will prevent you entering the car park.

If you are unsure how to update your registration details, please contact your account manager who will happily talk you through the process.

Pick up and drop off

Members are advised that the proposed road closures will have a significant impact on anyone planning to drop off before each game.

For any Members travelling from the North of the stadium, you are advised to use the premium drop-off and pick-up facility, located at Booker Cash & Carry, N17 8HZ