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On this day: Sonny explains his poignant celebration as he became a Premier League centurion

Mon 08 April 2024, 15:33|Tottenham Hotspur

On this day in 2023, Heung-Min Son performed a very different celebration to the one we have come accustomed to from our number seven as he scored his 100th Premier League goal - and for a very important reason.

While it was certainly a goal which brought huge joy to Sonny, with him cementing himself in history as he became the first ever Asian player to score 100 goals in the competition, it was also the South Korean's first goal since the recent passing of his grandfather - and so, instead of his traditional celebration, he took the moment to dedicate the goal to his grandad.

Usually, when Sonny scores a goal, he performs his now iconic 'camera' celebration - using his index finger and thumb on each hand to form a camera in the direction of the photographers capturing the game from pitchside.

However, as he joined the Premier League's '100 club', the electric forward instead dropped to his knees before pointing to the sky in tribute to his grandfather.

Speaking to BBC's Match of the Day after the game, Sonny said, "This was something that I dreamed for. It is an amazing achievement which I wouldn't have had without my team-mates. Scoring 100 goals in the Premier League is a massive thing.

"I was really emotional because I have had tough moments in the last few weeks. My grandad passed away and it was not easy. I want to send that goal to him."

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