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Daniel, Ange, Robert, Sonny and Bethany answer supporters’ questions at Fan Forum

Wed 20 September 2023, 12:30|Tottenham Hotspur

Our Fan Forum proved a big hit with supporters as Chairman, Daniel Levy, our Men’s and Women’s Head Coaches, Ange Postecoglou and Robert Vilahamn, and Men’s and Women’s First Team captains, Heung-Min Son and Bethany England took to the stage at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Tuesday evening.

Hosted by broadcaster, author and Spurs fan Nihal Arthanayake, the panel answered questions over 90 fascinating minutes split into two parts, the first led by Nihal with supporting questions from fans, the second a Q&A open to the floor.

Being held just yards away from the pitch in the Stadium’s East Stand and just three days after our thrilling late, late show against Sheffield United, Daniel was asked how he felt seeing the jubilant scenes at matches so far this season and the football being played under Ange. "It's simple - we've got our Tottenham back," he smiled. "I just feel we're seeing football that we used to see and that's all we want. We want the players to give everything, to play in that attacking style and the fans to have a connection with the players and we feel it throughout the club. We're together again."

On the appointment of Ange, Daniel was asked if it was an easy decision. "It was easy, because Ange is a normal bloke,” he explained. “It was wonderful to have a conversation where we could talk about anything, he was very direct, very honest and I wanted someone who tells it how it is. The Club needed to go back to its roots. Ange, I have to say, is a breath of fresh air.

 “I want to win just as much as everybody else… We went through a period where we almost won - we didn’t quite get there but we came very close. We had a change in strategy… and look, you have to learn from the mistakes. We want to play a certain way and if that means it has to take a little longer to win, maybe it’s the right thing for us. That’s why bringing Ange in was, from my viewpoint, exactly the right decision.”

Ange was asked about his first impressions of Daniel. "He said what he wanted for this football club in terms of style, young players, the connection with the fans and that all resonated with me. It needed to be a good fit and I felt comfortable I could fulfil the responsibilities bestowed on me."

He also spoke about why he appointed Sonny as captain, the importance of his father as a role model and how they were connected through football, about winning and instilling belief into players, coaching in modern football, the transfer window, facing Arsenal on Sunday and the greatest joy he derives from being a football manager. "For me, just seeing how it affects people. Look at the weekend, look in the stands, I'm sure there were people hugging people they've never seen before in their lives. I love how football does that, how it brings families and people together."

Robert was asked about how he'd found his first few weeks at Spurs, his philosophy and aims for the season. "I was hired to make sure we play a certain style of football that the fans will like. The best way to do that is to make sure we play attacking football, but we also need to win games."

Sonny spoke about becoming captain, the connection with the fans, the atmosphere within the squad, preparations for Sunday's derby and how he coped with a testing 2022/23 campaign. "It was a tough time for different reasons, but it made me even stronger. Now, I'm an experienced player. Last season was probably the toughest season I've faced but, also, I learned the most, more than when I was 18. That was a surprise to me. It's made me stronger again. Yes, it was tough, but it's part of my life and as a player and a human being, it's made me stronger."

Beth was also asked about being named captain, her incredible impact after joining us in the second half of last season and in the open forum, a question from Proud Lilywhites on how the players and management feel about the club's continued support of the LGBTQ+ community. "For me, being a very proud gay person, I think it's important to be at a club where you feel respected and inclusive. I'm very aware that the club has good interaction with Proud Lilywhites to make sure that everyone is on the same page, doing everything we can to make sure everyone feels safe and inclusive at this football club. We don't want any form of discrimination. I feel very much part of this family and included for the person I am, and I hope that every player and fan feels the same love and support that I feel from this football club."

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