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Five minutes with... Reshmin Chowdhury

Wed 20 April 2022, 14:00|Tottenham Hotspur

Reshmin Chowdhury, 44, is a journalist and presenter working for TalkSport, BT Sport and BBC Sport, who started watching Spurs with her brother at the age of 11. The voice of TalkSport’s GameDay Exclusive every Saturday, she recently co-presented the World Cup Draw in Qatar with, amongst others, Jermaine Jenas and actor Idris Elba...

How are you today, Reshmin?

Reshmin: “I’m good, it’s Easter weekend! I’m working for some of it, but the sun is out and I’m not wearing multiple layers at a game. If you know me, this is a big deal, as I’m always cold! Although I did bring a big coat, just in case…”

Talk us through a typical Saturday matchday...

Reshmin: “At TalkSport, I always present the 1230 match and a lot depends on where the game is. Today is ideal because I live in London and coming to Spurs takes me around 20 minutes, so this is a dream. It could be a 5am wake-up call if I’m heading up to Manchester or Liverpool or an 8am alarm if I’m in London. I’ll make my way to the stadium, go to the press room, or straight up to the press box, and be ready to go on air at 11am. Then I’ll usually stay for about 30 minutes after the match, waiting for the traffic to die down.”

What is your dream day off?

Reshmin: “I’m somewhere between ‘fill every minute of the day’ and ‘completely relax’. I’m a huge believer in switching off and having a fulfilling life outside work. I’ll normally get a good work out in, get some fresh air and I’ll either make plans or be spontaneous. Whatever I’m doing, I’ll want to see my family, friends or both.”

What is your earliest Spurs memory?

Reshmin: “In terms of defining moments, it’s probably the 1991 FA Cup Final. The run to it, as well. Italia 90 was the year I first started watching football, so I was pretty spoilt as a Spurs fan to see us win a cup a year later...!”

If you could play in one Spurs game, what would it be?

Reshmin: “The Champions League semi-final second leg against Ajax in Amsterdam. Nothing really comes close to that. It has to be Amsterdam. It’s the moment.”

Have you ever cried at a Spurs match?

Reshmin: “Oh, loads of times! Amsterdam, for a start. There are too many tell you about, although having worked in the game for so long, I never let a bad result ruin my day.”

What is on your Spurs to-do list?

Reshmin: “The Dare Skywalk! I think I want to do it - and if I commit to it in black and white, then I’ll probably have to...”

What advice would you give to aspiring Reshmins out there?

Reshmin: “Work hard, be humble and take every opportunity you’re given to learn. Sometimes you have to create your own luck in this industry. Working hard doesn’t always mean you reap the rewards. You have to be quite resilient. When I started, I didn’t know anyone in sport or TV and let’s be honest, there was no one who looked like me doing my job. Culturally too, working in football was very different to everything I grew up with. I definitely took the scenic route! I was just very passionate and extremely proactive and that’s key. There’s a lot more access to top people through social media now, so take advantage of that. And always be polite, kind - and always say ‘thank-you!’”

Finally, what would the young Reshmin think of you now?

Reshmin: “I always say that working in football is an 'extraordinary' job in every way, then I get the cherries on top like presenting the World Cup Draw or some other big event. It’s funny, because whilst it all looks so glamorous on the outside, I do these huge events, but come straight home to real life and laundry! That’s why I never get too high or too low - I’m far too grounded and I like that. I just enjoy the moment, laugh at the craziness of it, appreciate the amazing experiences and then life carries on. But if I were to tell all this to Reshmin, aged 11, when I completely fell in love with football, watching Match of the Day and my first World Cup, I’d be amazed! Not surprised, as it’s exactly what I would’ve dreamt of, but amazed, nonetheless!"

We spoke to Reshmin ahead of Spurs v Brighton at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Saturday...