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Special interview - Sergio Reguilon and Bryan Gil

Thu 14 October 2021, 15:30|Tottenham Hotspur

Friends and now team-mates again, Spanish internationals Sergio Reguilon and Bryan Gil got to know each other during a season on loan together at Sevilla in 2019/20. Now they are back together again following Bryan's switch from the Andalusian club to Spurs this summer.

In this special interview with Premier League presenter Alex Aljoe, the pair, who both played for Spain in the UEFA Nations League finals this week, talk about their their relationship, settling into a new culture both on and off the pitch and their hopes at Spurs...

Three words

Alex Aljoe: "Okay, let’s start with fun questions. Sergio, if you could say three words to describe Bryan, what would they be?"

Sergio: "Happy, joker, I’ll say something positive, but I should also say something negative... no, that’s a joke!"

Alex: "A winner?"

Sergio: "A winner? No. I’m a winner. He’s a good person."

Alex: "And Bryan, what about Sergio?"

Bryan: "Hmmmm, let me think..."

Sergio: "You can’t think of anything good to say, bro!"

Bryan: "Fun, he’s restless, he never stops, and an extrovert."


Alex: "Do you remember the first time you met?"

Sergio: "In Seville - actually, it was in Germany."

Bryan: "Yes, in Germany. I had been with the national squad - we won the Euros (UEFA Under-19s) and then I met Reggy - they (Seville) had just signed him."

Sergio: "Yes, I remember. It was pre-season, and we met just after lunchtime."

Alex: "Friends straight away! Do you have good memories of your short time in Sevilla together?"

Sergio: "Yes, very good memories. He used to come and sleep on my sofa!"

Bryan: "I stayed at his house a lot. He lived alone and so did I..."

Sergio: "Also, when our families were there, we met up in a big group."

Alex: "Then Sergio went to England and you missed him so much..."

Bryan: "Yes, I missed him so much!"

Sergio: "We were together in the summer and we spoke a lot about the Premier League and Tottenham. And then it was destiny, we ended up playing together."

Back together

Alex: "What did Sergio tell you about life here and everything at the club?"

Bryan: "He told me a lot of great things about being here. I asked him everything. What about this? What about that? He helped me so much because he knew the club inside out."

Sergio: "I told him the good and the bad things about London and the differences in the culture here."

Bryan: "He told me about the weather and that there was a lot of traffic here, but he said that it was an amazing city and that the club was incredible."

Alex: "Do you think football here is very different compared to Spain?"

Bryan: "Yes, here it is end to end, you move the ball quicker and you have more possession. I think it’s more fun here!"

Alex: "And Sergio, you have adapted well, haven’t you?"

Sergio: "Yes, I have been here for a year longer. It’s a lot more physical here, it’s more direct, vertical passes. The players are more powerful and stronger. You have to adapt quickly."

'I was a big Son fan!'

Alex: "Did you always dream about playing in the Premier League one day?"

Bryan: "Yes, I think that everyone knows how strong the Premier League is. Chelsea proved that last year by winning the Champions League. Playing in the Premier League is incredible. I love the way they play here - one-on-ones, attacking a lot. It suits me."

Alex: "Did you have a Premier League idol when you were younger?"

Sergio: "I was a big Son fan!"

Bryan: "Really? Sonny?"

Sergio: "Yes, I loved Son."


Alex: "What are your objectives? What do you want to achieve in England?"

Sergio: "I want to grow as a player in the best league in the world. We are young and have a big future ahead of us. There’s a long way to go in our careers. We have to keep improving every day. It’s a different league, a different country. We have to adapt as quickly as possible and carry on developing."

Bryan: "Yes, what Reggy said. I want to adapt as quickly as possible at this club and win as many games as possible, and more."