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#Men'sFirstTeam #Interview #MichelVorm

18-82 Q&A - Vorm: 'Does my national anthem count for my initiation song?'

Sat 04 April 2020, 14:09|Tottenham Hotspur

Continuing our Q&A feature using the year of the Club’s formation as inspiration, where we ask our players to choose 18 lifestyle questions from a selection of 82. Today, goalkeeper Michel Vorm shares his answers with us...

1 – When are you at your happiest?

Michel: “When I’m around my family.”

2 – What keeps you going through the bad times?

Michel: “Once again, that’s my family.”

3 – What was your initiation song?

Michel: “I just sung the Dutch national anthem! I guess that’s not really a song, as such.”

4 – Do you prefer a beach break or a city break?

Michel: “Beach, for sure. I love Mykonos, Greece.”

5 – What is the best advice you could give to a young player?

Michel: “First and foremost, work hard. Enjoy it and always believe in yourself. Everyone has ups and downs, especially goalkeepers, but keep believing in yourself. If you work hard, I believe there is always something there in life for everyone.”

6 – What is the most important lesson life has taught you?

Michel: “I always say there is more in life than football. Okay, I play football, but there are more important things too, not least the people around you who really matter.”

7 – What was the first album you ever bought?

Michel: “This was on cassette, and it was Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’.”

8 – Would you rather be able to go back into the past or see into the future?

Michel: “I’d go back. I’m 36 and I’m not saying everything was better in the past but now with social media and everything, life goes so quickly and back in the day, if I wanted to play with my friend, all I had to do was make sure he was at home, knock on his door and off we went. Life just seemed simpler, and that’s something I love.”

9 – What is your position on facial hair – yes or no?

Michel: “At the moment it’s a ‘yes’ from me!”

10 – What is your favourite journey?

Michel: “The drive from London back home to Holland. I’ve done that many times. It gives me time to think and usually, if I’m driving home, it’s to see my family, my kids, my friends. That is a happy journey for me.”

11 – What is your favourite photograph?

Michel: “I’ve got a family portrait from when I was young with my father, my mum, sisters and brothers. That reminds me of home, back in the day. I was about eight when it was taken.”

If I’m driving home, it’s to see my family, my kids, my friends. That is a happy journey for me.

Michel Vorm

12 – Who would you most like to meet?

Michel: “Will Smith, the actor. He’s nothing to do with football but when I was growing up I respected him a lot and still do, of course."

13 – When was the last time you wore a suit and tie?

Michel: “That was to a social function in Holland last year, an event by ‘Friends of the Brands’.

14 – Do you have a secret talent?

Michel: “I would say I’m good at PlayStation games, especially ‘Call of Duty’.”

15 – When was the last time you cried?

Michel: “When I drove from Holland to London after I re-signed for the Club last year, because I had to say goodbye to my family.”

16 – What is your favourite sandwich?

Michel: “I love a club sandwich.”

17 – You are putting together your all-time music playlist – what is the first track you select?

Michel: “It would be Michael Jackson, ‘Smooth Criminal’, not just the track, but also the video. That video, when I was a kid, was amazing. I never got to see him live, that’s one big regret.”

18 – What one question would you ask a team-mate?

Michel: “I’d ask them all the same question – ‘what are you going to do after your football career?’”