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New stadium food and drink offerings

Wed 13 June 2018, 17:00|Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur is delighted to announce the wide range of delicious food and drink outlets available in the concourse areas at the new stadium.

The Club has designed the stadium’s food and drink experience around feedback from fans and looked to embrace the local vibe and culture. From our signature pies and street food style dishes to Europe’s longest bar, there will be something for everyone.


The Market Place, situated in the stadium’s South Stand and the Touchline Grills, located throughout all the stands, will serve a wide range of traditional fan favourites and other delicious dishes inspired by London’s vibrant street food market scene.

The food options include:

N17 Grill
From burgers to steak sandwiches

For classic fish and chips

Chicken House
For quality fried chicken

Naan & Noodle
For Asian street food

Smashed Olive
From pizza to loaded flatbreads

The Market Place will stay open two hours after the final whistle with entertainment, making it the perfect destination to meet up with friends and family for a post-match drink or snack.


The new ‘high street pub style’ feature bars in the East and West Stands and the Tap Inns situated in every stand will see HEINEKEN, the Club’s official beer partner, serving its much-loved beer and cider products including Heineken®, Amstel, Strongbow and Old Mout Cider.

Local craft beer supplier Beavertown Brewery will also be providing an exciting range of craft beers throughout these outlets.

The bars include:

The Goal Line Bar (South Stand, Level 1)
At the rear of The Market Place in the South Stand is the 65-metre Goal Line Bar that runs the entire length of the goal line. Serving a wide range of beers, wines, ciders and soft drinks, plus our signature pies, this is the longest bar in Europe.

The Shelf (East Stand, Level 1)
The bricks in The Shelf have been salvaged from the East Stand of White Hart Lane while the metalwork on the bar is inspired by the Archibald Leitch design from the old Shelf.

The Dispensary (West Stand, Level 5)
The Dispensary takes its name and design influence from the old Dispensary on the Tottenham High Road. The salvaged frontage of this building will be a feature of the Tottenham Experience.

The White Hart (East Stand, Level 5)
The White Hart pays tribute to the Club’s former home, with The Lane previously owned by Charrington’s Brewery – fans are sure to feel at home here.

Through the new Tottenham Hotspur app, to be released later this year, fans will be able to have full sight of all menu options, including dishes for those with dietary requirements. Later in the 2018-19 season, visitors will also be able to pre-order and collect food and drink through the app.

Our new home will be a cashless venue. All payments at any food or drink outlet will need to be made using either a contactless card or via a mobile phone to help speed up service and reduce queuing times.

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