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Sounding off on Sol: Part 3

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).

Larry Litchfield: What can I say? If Sol wanted to win things, why move to Arsenal? The only thing he will win is relegation because as soon as they lose Vieira they will go down. It’s sorry to lose Sol to Arsenal but let’s all hope he falls flat on his face and does to them what Anelka did and sting them for every bit of money they have.

Chong Darren: Though I'm from a faraway land from Singapore, I could still feel the pain that Sol had signed for the "Gooners". Why the hell did he do that for? He was one of my favourite players at the club but now to me he is just someone who backstabs... I would now wish him luck when he returns "HOME" in November!

Michael Borg: There is very little to add to the disgust, shock and betrayal expressed by Spurs fans before me. However, this saga has a truly ironical twist, which few are realising. Why is Sol at Arsenal today? Simply because the club was unable to give him a sign or be sold ultimatum two years ago. And why did this take place? Because if this had happened there would have been uproar and revolt amongst the fans. And why was this? Because Sol was perceived to be Spurs through and through in contrast to the Gooner who had come to Seven Sisters. Sol strung the club true but the real reason that he was able to leave for free is that the fans put one player before the club.

Phil Chew: The sense of betrayal is very strong indeed. But I think Sol is overrated. He is not as invincible as he was, say, two years ago. Furthermore, he can only tackle. He can't shoot at goal or make a killer pass, and he's not very comfortable with the ball, unlike Franz Beckenbauer, who had all those qualities when he played for Bayern and Germany. So let's just get behind our new look team under Glenn Hoddle (a true Spur). The best way to respond to Sol's act of betrayal is to win trophies.

Jon Wright: Regarding Sol's 12 year Spurs career, I heard someone ask the other day, "how long have you been in your current job?" As if this was meant to make us feel better. I can't understand this decision at all. Firstly, football is not just any career. It is a commitment to the people who come to see you and therefore pay your wages. If he was a Spurs fan - there is no way he could have done this. Secondly, he obviously wants to win the Premiership, but I don't think playing at Arsenal will improve him as a player anymore than say, at Liverpool. But I think his decision came down to staying in London, and I find it sad that he didn't want to explore life in either Spain or Italy (or both) for a few years where he would have improved ten times more than he will at Arsen*l. This stuff about Spurs blunder making him sign for Arsenal was nonsense. He was looking for an excuse - for someone else to blame.

Dean Willicombe: SOL YOUR A DISGRACE TO FOOTBALL!!! If you really cared about Spurs you would have told us your intentions months ago. What sort of example are you setting for our youngsters!?

Jon de Vries: A couple of points about Sol Campbell. First - If money wasn't the issue - why didn't he accept a wage of £35k PER WEEK (more than most supporters earn in a year) which would have allowed the club to spend the other £100K per week on wages to bring 2 or 3 top class players to the club - thus matching Sol's supposed ambition. Second - Petit stated that he signed for Chelsea because (even though tempted by Hoddle) he couldn't betray the Arsenal supporters. Isn't it a shame that an ex Gooner has more honour in his little finger than the ex-Spurs captain has in total.

Dean Norris: I think it was important for Sol to stay in the capital, which was always going to make us unhappy. I am interested to know how Sol can say he had a special bond with the fans when he clearly didn’t take our feelings into consideration whilst choosing to join the gooners. Even though he will be missed he himself is missing out on exciting times at Glenn's Spurs.

Paul Kiff: I have been a Spurs fan for 47 years. I think Sol has been shown up a few times in recent matches. I think Anthony Gardner and Ledley King will surprise us all with their talent. I think Ledley in particular will show Campbell to have been just ordinary. He has all the same confidence, is a better tackler and is a better dribbler and passer. Let’s wait and see who has the last laugh.

Dean Balent: As a fan of the Premiership I find it very disheartening to hear the reactions of Spurs fans. I understand the disappointment at him leaving for your rivals, but it seems as though you have let your emotions make you forget one important fact, how long he DID stay. He had earlier opportunities to leave but chose not to. Would anyone of you not do the same, looking at it with your minds, not your hearts. Instead of being upset, you should look back at the time you have been able to watch one of the most valued players in the world. As Spurs fans, you have had the opportunity that most others throughout the world, could only dream of. The overall reaction is understandable, but the extent of it is not. Don't tarnish the image of Spurs fans with the hate that has been shown, but instead display your appreciation for a man who showed many years of loyalty to the club, and does not deserve what has been heaped upon him.

Declan Woods: If Spurs had known Sol wanted Champions League football 12 months ago then maybe this mess would never happened. For Sol to say he might stay when he knew we are not good enough yet to qualify for the Champions League really annoys me when we could have sold him for £15M and found a decent replacement ages ago. Now not only has he messed the new board about (as well as a few other clubs) he has stabbed every TRUE Spurs fan in the back by joining the worst club possible!