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Harry Winks on 'that' photo from Real Madrid victory

Fri 03 November 2017, 10:52|Tottenham Hotspur

It was one of the iconic pictures to emerge from Wednesday’s glory, glory night.

Academy graduate Harry Winks, arms spread out, fists clenched, unbridled joy on his face, celebrating a goal in what will go down as a famous 3-1 victory against Champions League holders Real Madrid at Wembley.

We showed the 21-year-old midfielder the photo after the dust had settled on the game and asked him to talk us through his feelings in that split second.

“I couldn’t tell you! I don’t know if that was the first, second or third goal (it was after Christian Eriksen’s third) but it was a great moment – whenever it was!” chimed the youngster, mature beyond his years and a regular starter for us in recent months, including both matches against Madrid.

“All of the goals were fantastic and when you score like that against a top team, you just want to celebrate, to let all that emotion out. There was a lot of emotion in there!

“It was just a great night and a massive night for us as a club, beating the champions and qualifying for the next round. Everyone is delighted and rightly so.”

The last time we hosted Real Madrid in the Champions League back in 2011, Harry was on the White Hart Lane pitch alongside Cristiano Ronaldo and co as one of our official flagbearers.

“It doesn’t compare at all to playing, I can say that,” said the midfielder. “It’s a completely different and surreal feeling. When you watch Real Madrid and then you play against them, it’s two different things and I treated it like any other game – I just went for them as I would any other set of players.”

Luka Modric was on our side that night and was somebody a young Harry monitored closely, as he studied the role of a top central midfielder. This time, Luka was in Madrid colours and Harry was his opponent.

“It was fantastic being up against him and Toni Kroos as well, two excellent midfielders who I’ve said before that I look up to,” said Harry. “Sharing a pitch with them, you really admire their quality but fortunately enough we were the ones with the win and we come away happy, they don’t.”

So how does this result compare to our creditable 1-1 draw in the Bernabeu a fortnight ago?

“It’s better! When you come away with a win in front of your home supporters and especially after a game where you’ve qualified for the next round, it’s fantastic and it’s a great, great feeling for us all.

“It proves how good we are as a team and how far we can go. We made a statement by beating the holders but I don’t think it’s a surprise because we’re good enough to do that.”