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100 Club members, Mauricio and team-mates salute Harry's century

Mon 11 September 2017, 15:45|Tottenham Hotspur

Six members of our ‘100 Club’ - Martin Chivers, Cliff Jones, Jermain Defoe, Alan Gilzean, Teddy Sheringham and Robbie Keane, plus Mauricio Pochettino and his team-mates all pay tribute to Harry Kane after the striker reached the century milestone at Everton.

Academy graduate Harry, 24, scored goals 100 and 101 in the team’s outstanding 3-0 victory in the Premier League at Goodison Park.

He has hit his century in 169 appearances in all competitions including 80 goals in just 117 Premier League matches.

Harry is the 17th player to score 100 goals for the Club. Robbie Keane is currently 10th in our all-time list on 122 goals. Jimmy Greaves is top on 266.


chiv250x300 Martin Chivers (1968-74)
174 goals/367 games/3rd all-time

“The main thing about Harry in my view is that he can score with both feet because not all great goalscorers can do that. He’s an all-round scorer of goals and that’s a handy ability to have, especially when he gets into the positions he gets in to. He’s found that bit of acceleration and that’s important, you need pace up front in the modern game. One important thing I’d also like to add is that this success over the last couple of seasons hasn’t changed him at all. He’s still the most likeable fella you’d want to meet. I had my day and he’s having his - and I hope he enjoys his career as much as I did.”

cliff250x300a Cliff Jones (1958-68)
159 goals/378 games/4th all-time

“Harry is right up there now, established. I remember I was out in Benfica for the second leg of our Europa League tie (March, 2014). Harry came off the bench and he immediately added something. He was winning balls in the air, getting shots at goal and I thought ‘who’s this kid?’ and look now, it’s all there. It’s great he’s come through the system as well. He loves the Club, like me. You can tell it means so much to him. It’s just a matter of time before he passes me, that’s for sure. I’m sure he’ll catch up with me, Big Chiv, Bobby Smith. Then it’s Jimmy Greaves. There is only one Jimmy Greaves. He was the best ever.”

jd_250x300 Jermain Defoe (2004-14)
143 goals/363 games/5th all-time

“It’s not easy to score goals in the Premier League now. The league is so strong, home and away. I just think he’s in the perfect team. No team is going to create more chances. I said ages ago ‘H’ was a finisher. I said to the guys how good he was and if he got the chance, he would score goals. I’m not surprised with how well he’s done. In that team, give him a chance and he’ll score. He’s got there through sheer hard work and he’s someone who loves to score goals. That’s just in you, and you keep practicing and then in a game, it comes naturally and that’s why he scores so many goals. He’s strong, he’s big, H. He’s grown a lot! I never had that height! For someone that size, his balance…a lot of the time you see him and he’s got the ball, holding defenders off and he looks off balance but they still can’t get the ball off him because he’s so strong and then he always gets his shots off, from all different angles and he always hits the target. He’s still young as well and I’m confident he’ll keep on scoring and scoring. As I said, it’s just in you.”

gilly250x300 Alan Gilzean (1964-74)
133 goals/439 games/8th all-time

“Harry has done tremendously well. He’s a wonderful player and he has a great future ahead of him. He’s such a good striker. His goalscoring ability and link-up play is fantastic, he’s leading the line well, his control has improved, weight of pass, his awareness…in the last four years or so he’s improved tremendously. He’s the top striker in the Premier League and deservedly so. If he’s not top goalscorer for the third season in a row, he won’t be far off!”

teddy_hs1 Teddy Sheringham (1992-2003)
124 goals/277 matches/9th all-time

“I’m running out of things to say about Harry. I’ve said it before - he’s becoming a world-class player. To get 100 goals so quickly is great credit to him. He has great focus about him, knows what he wants and he’s not just a goalscorer, he brings other players into play as well, sets people up. He knows he’s expected to score and he keeps doing it, he’s phenomenal. Sometimes strikers at a young age don’t realise how hard it is to score goals, not everyone can do it. It’s an art and he’s got that. He shoots from every angle because he knows he can score and he knows how to score. A lot of people can’t do that, it’s not there. Harry can do it from everywhere. You have to be focused, single-minded. He’s very much like Shearer in that way. He wants to score goals, he’s expected to score goals and he enjoys that expectancy and the pressure on him. He handles it all so well. People kept having question marks but he kept doing it and keeps getting better. He’s a leader and leads by example. As I said, he’s phenomenal and I just hope he’s keeps doing it for Spurs and England.”

keano250x300 Robbie Keane (2002-11)
122 goals/306 games/10th all-time

“First of all, it’s great that Harry came through the Club’s Academy system, that’s so refreshing. To get 100 goals is a great feat and you feel you’ve really achieved something. There are not many players who have scored 100 goals for this Club so to be in that group, all I can say is welcome to the 100 club! Harry has an all-round game. He competes and gets on the ball, he scores from long range and in the box, he can come short, good in the air and he’s one of those players who is very hard to mark. He can play at (number) 10 or nine and defenders find that hard. He’s scored over 20 goals in each of the last three seasons and if he continues to do that, who knows how far he’ll go? When you are a goalscorer you never lose that. You might go three or four without scoring but once you get back on track, off you go again, and Harry has that mentality. The players in the 100 Club are unbelievable, world-class players. Not many players reach that 100 mark. All those players have an affiliation towards the Club and a love for the Club - Harry’s the same.”


mauricio_250x300 Mauricio Pochettino

“Harry is fantastic, one of the best strikers in the world, no doubt about that. I congratulate him because he deserves it. He’s not only a great striker but he’s a great man as well and I’m very proud to work with him.”


hugo250x300 Hugo Lloris – captain

“It’s fantastic what he’s done for the Club. He’s still a young player but he shows so much maturity. It wasn’t easy for him after August, a few weeks without scoring and we know how it is for him, always under pressure. He scored two goals for England against Malta and now here at Everton. He always has the right mentality and showed again how strong he is. We all feel great for him.”

jan250x300 Jan Vertonghen

“Harry is an unbelievable player. He’s a great guy, a leader on and off the pitch. He’s a professional and one of those guys who deserves everything he gets. He’s up for a lot more goals as well! If you see the work he puts in…he was so impressive again. Everyone talks about August but if you look at the games he played, he was so strong against Chelsea, Burnley the same, Newcastle, even when he doesn’t score he’s one of the most important guys on the pitch.”

ben250x300 Ben Davies

“The way he’s going he could easily get a couple of hundred more! He’s been superb for us this season, even though he didn’t score in August! Everyone talks about that but what he’s done for the team has been great, so I’d expect the goals to start to flow for him again. He’s someone who just wants to score goals, it’s impressive, 100 goals is an unbelievable achievement and he deserves a lot of credit for that. He’s been outstanding, he works hard and it’s no surprise to us to see it happen.”