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New stadium update: Commencement of roof lift

Thu 08 February 2018, 11:45|Tottenham Hotspur

A key milestone on the site of our new stadium has been achieved following the completion of the compression ring, the final step before the stadium's roof structure is raised into place.

The compression ring sits at the back of the four stands and creates an elliptically-shaped ring, which will hold the cable net roof structure. After the cables have been lifted into position the roof will be covered with 287 glass roof sections and 810 cassettes.


Supporters who regularly watch our live stadium webcams will be aware of the flying columns that are currently positioned in the stands across the stadium site.

These columns will form the inner part of the roof and are connected to an upper and a lower tension ring in the centre of the roof. You can see the lower tension ring on the ground inside the stadium bowl, and the upper tension ring connected to the top of the flying columns. The tension rings are connected back to the compression ring by 45 radial cables, which are laid out on the tiers in the bowl. It will take a number of days to connect all the cables before the roof lift commences.

These cables will all be tightened at the same time by strand jacks (lifting jacks attached to the cables) until the roof is sufficiently tensioned to structurally support itself.

The whole process takes a number of weeks and is dependent on weather conditions. Once in place, the roof will form the highest point of our new home.

Below: The compression ring is completed at the new stadium



- The roof is made up of 287 glass roof sections and 810 roof cassettes consisting of metal and acoustic panels facing the bowl, and a membrane facing the sky
- The structural cables on site measure a total of approximately 10km
- When raised, the roof cable structure will weigh 600 tonnes
- A force of 20,000 tonnes will be used to lift the roof via the tension cables
- 54 flying columns create the support between the upper and lower tension rings
- The roof features 324 LED sports lights, (six attached to each flying column), which form the floodlighting for the stadium

Keep an eye on our channels for more updates on our new stadium site.

Go to our new stadium microsite HERE to watch six webcams and five time lapses live from the site.