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To Care Is To Do Superstars

Posted on 11 November 2008  - 12:00

In November, the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation launched five To Care Is To Do Superstars Programmes that will run in primary schools across Haringey.

To Care Is To Do Superstars

In November, the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation launched five To Care Is To Do Superstars Programmes that will run in primary schools across Haringey.

The Club's Football Freestyler, Billy Wingrove, joined children at Coleraine Park Primary School for a very special morning assembly to kick off the Foundation initiative.

Billy said: "It is really enjoyable for me to come and perform for the children, and even better that these schools will benefit from what is an extremely innovative and exciting Tottenham Hotspur Foundation project."

Billy attended five schools throughout a week, one each day, to display his amazing array of tricks and skills for children.

The other schools included in the programme this term are Mulberry, Chestnuts, Devonshire Hill and Noel Park.

To Care Is To Do Superstars

The launch marked the beginning of the 10-week Superstars programme in these schools, which will run for an hour a week in each school and will be delivered by Tottenham Hotspur Foundation coaches to groups of 16 during curriculum time.

The Superstars programme covers a different topic each week designed to boost students' self-esteem, reinforce good behaviour both in and out of school and promote healthy lifestyles.

After the first five weeks, the same coaches remain in the schools for two hours a week working with learning mentors to meet with the 16 targeted students for a short period each week and maintain a personalised Superstars log book with each of them around their particular targets.

Foundation coaches will also set up and run five weekly workshops for parents/carers. As part of the promotion of healthy lifestyles and family learning, the project will also offer free 5-week cooking and nutrition sessions at the brand-new Haringey 6th Form Centre to all families taking part in the Superstars Training sessions.

The Superstars Programme is part of the Foundation's To Care Is To Do project, run in conjunction with the London Borough of Haringey Children & Young People's Service.

The aim of the project is to:
- Improve educational engagement and health outcomes for vulnerable children in Haringey schools

- Maximise the impact of the work by running a programme for parents/carers which supplements the school programme

- Supporting and celebrating the educational attainment of children in care through a tailor-made enrichment programme delivered in partnership with the Borough's Children in Care team.

- Develop exit routes which maintain the engagement of children in care with education, training and employment beyond Key Stage 4.

- Provide opportunities for project participants and their families to take part in sporting and other health-related activities.