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  • Mauricio honoured in Turin
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Mauricio honoured in Turin

Posted on 13 February 2018  - 15:15

Mauricio Pochettino has been awarded honorary citizenship of the Municipality of Virle Piemonte.

Mauricio presents a signed shirt to the Mayor of the Municipality of Virle PiemonteMauricio meets the Mayor of the Municipality of Virle Piemonte, Mattia RobastoMauricio presents a signed book to the MayorMauricio with Mayor Robasto, Daniele Pochettino (Deputy Mayor), Candido Martino (local police commissioner), Mariagrazia Colla (Sport Councillor), Alessandro Manuel Benvenuto (Regional Councillor), Pietro, Luca and Mauro Pochettino

Our UEFA Champions League draw against Juventus has taken Mauricio to Turin for the first time, home of his ancestors and birthplace of the ‘Pochettino’ name.

On Monday evening after training at the Allianz Stadium, Mauricio met the Mayor of the Municipality of Virle Piemonte, Mattia Robasto, members of the council and, for the first time, family from Virle Piemonte - Daniele, who is also Deputy Mayor, Pietro, Luca and Mauro Pochettino.

Mayor Robasto presented Mauricio with the parchment of official citizenship while in return, Mauricio presented the Mayor with a signed Spurs shirt and a signed copy of his book, ‘Brave New World’.

Mauricio explained: “When I was a child I always heard my dad and grandparents talking about a small town very close to Turin, Virle Piemonte. To have the possibility to come here and to play against Juventus in an amazing game in an amazing competition is fantastic. This is very special for me.”

Below - local police commissioner Candido Martino presents Mauricio with an aerial photograph of Virle Piemonte