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Sites & Languages

Accessing the stadium


On your Access Card or ticket confirmation email, you will find an Entrance number, 1-23. The location of your Entrance will be indicated on signage at street level around the perimeter of the stadium.

The Entrance number will correspond to a certain set of steps (there are 8 staircases in total around the perimeter) that then lead up to the entry level podiums – Paxton Terrace and Park Lane Square.

Stewards are located at the bottom of each staircase to scan your ticket to ensure you a) have the right ticket, and b) you are at the correct staircase.

Before arrival at the Stadium you are encouraged to familiarise yourself with our Bag Policy to ensure your bag complies if you do bring one. There are dedicated lanes at each of our staircases for those who do have bags and those that don’t. Queues in the bag lanes are expected to be longer and slower as there will be a thorough bag check before you enter on to the podium.

At the top of the steps, all fans pass through Security Checks before reaching the turnstiles and entering the stadium.

Unlike at the Lane, no matter what level of the stadium your seat is on, all general admission spectators enter the stadium on the Level 1 concourse. You must only enter the stadium via the Entrance indicated on your ticket, but once you are inside you are free to move around the stadium.

The Spurs Official app directs you to all the points of interest such as Feature Bars, your nearest food outlets and toilets.

Season Ticket Holders will find seat details on their Access Cards. One Hotspur Members, however, will not have these details on their Access Cards so will need to refer to their confirmation email for the information, as will non-Members who have purchased a ticket.

Clear signage on the concourses will direct you to your seat, but again, make sure you arrive at the stadium early to familiarise yourself with where your seat is located. Once you have done this, you can get back to exploring and enjoying all that is on offer!

Security checks

Security Checks for all fans, home and away, take place at the top of the staircases that lead onto our entry level podiums.

These are conducted ‘airport-style’ with fans being asked to pass through a metal detector. Security staff are on hand to assist you at every arch and we would ask all spectators to listen carefully to any instructions they provide during this process and follow these to ensure your entry to the Stadium is as swift as possible.

Once you have passed through the Security Checks, you will be free to approach the turnstiles

Going through the turnstiles

Once through security, you should head to the entrance indicated on your Access Card or ticket confirmation email.

The turnstiles work similar to those on the London Underground – you tap or scan your ticket and then walk through.

If you are using your physical Stadium Access Card to gain entry, simply tap it on the reader on top of the turnstiles.

If you are using a ticket with a barcode i.e. a paper ticket, print-at-home ticket or within the app, you need to insert and line it up with the reader. Stewards are hand to help should there be any difficulties.