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We have had a fantastic year with the Club coaches engaging with more than 26,000 children, parents, employees and partners in 2019.


The annual AIA Championship returned in January 2019, where our Club coaches oversaw the tournament qualifiers and provided training sessions for over 200 participants along the way. Last year's tournament saw an impressive 21 teams participate in the playoffs, with the four grand finalists travelling to London to play the Final at our state-of-the-art Training Centre.



The coaches visited Cambodia, Hong Kong and for the first time, Sri Lanka. 

Whilst in Hong Kong, Anton and Shaun delivered six training sessions at a two day event hosted by AIA and Hong Kong Football Club to help celebrate Chinese New Year. The sessions were focused on promoting the importance of leading healthier, longer and better lives through football.

The Club coaches attended a HLBL Summit and Clinic in Sri Lanka and delivered effective energisers and engaging drills with the aim to develop the participants passion for football. The team engaged with over 500 participants across the day-long event. 



For the first time, the AIA Championship Regional Playoffs were held outside of Hong Kong. After a successful qualifying round, the Regional Playoffs took place in Bangkok, where the tournament also saw the introduction of a brand new Women's League. Anton and Shaun were on hand to offer overall support and guidance for all participating teams. 

The coaches also attended multiple events across March, including the PSS tournament in Phuket and Elite Camp sessions in Indonesia to drive awareness about AIA's key vision. Over the course of the month, our fully qualified Club coaches interacted with over 3,000 individuals. 



In the beginning of April in Manila, our AIA coaches ran a football clinic and took part in a nationwide broadcasted interview on ESPN. Following this, the coaches and AIA staff took part in an AIA Conference in Hong Kong.

Staying in Hong Kong, our coaches offered a Youth Leader Development Programme with two seminars teaching 20 youths about leadership and the parallels between sport and business.

Finally, our coaches and AIA staff held eight coaching sessions for 600 players in Indonesia in order to recruit players for the Football Clinics Phuket Camps.


On 10 May, we held the AIA Championships in London for AIA staff and partners.

Back in Indonesia on 14 May, AIA and Tottenham Hotspur organised a combined training session for Tottenham Hotspur Women and the Women Indonesian Team.



Visiting Cambodia in the start of June. AIA staff and our coaches organised six football sessions, one coach education session, and one nutrition seminar. Along the football training, all 500 players participated in running health checks to provide tips in how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Following Cambodia, the coaches and AIA staff went to Singapore to offer eight training sessions. The Tottenham Hotspur coaches trained the Singapore U-22 national team and worked together with Teddy Sheringham in selecting mascots for the ICC pre-season game where Tottenham Hotspur will be playing against Juventus.

They also organised a Fathers’ Day Event for families that included football clinics, Zumba sessions and finished with a Fathers’ Day match.

Two days later in Guangzhou, Teddy Sheringham joined once again to select mascots for the ICC pre-season game where Tottenham Hotspur will be playing against Manchester United. Three coaching sessions were delivered to 120 players. In two of these sessions, 20 players aged 8-12 were selected to play a match against four adults - including Teddy Sheringham and our coach Anton Blackwood.

Throughout June, the team has organised three elite camps in Phuket, Thailand. The final camp will be held later this year and will be the first all-girls camp. 

At the end of June, the AIA staff and coaches also organised a tournament for local schools in Thailand. The tournament lasted two days and players were selected to participate for the upcoming camp in Phuket later this year. The staff also delivered a nutrition seminar at a Vitality event for 200 customers and held a coaching education session for 100 coaches.


Following the third Elite Development Programme in Phuket, our coaches headed to Hong Kong to participate in the Football Festival on 5 July. 500 children were invited to play football and learn about the Tottenham Hotspur Philosophy. A selected number of participants were thereafter selected to attend the Elite Camp the following month.

In July, AIA staff changed offices and received desks with changeable heights that allow standing or sitting whilst working. Our coaches worked alongside a physiotherapist in order to teach 500 AIA staff members the correct posture when sitting and standing at their desk.

The First Team Spurs Pre-Season Tour was accompanied by our Global Football Development coaches based in Asia in order to promote the partnership that recently extended to 2027. The Spurs Tour engaged with over 1000 participants, and organised events such as the ‘3 vs 100 game’.

After the Spurs Tour, our coaches went to Cambodia to hold another Player Development Camp, where they held 10 football sessions and a few classroom sessions to teach the participants about the Tottenham Hotspur Philosophy over the course of the 4-day training programme.


Mid-August, following a Player Development Camp in Hong Kong, the coaches travelled to Macau to take part in the Vitality event and deliver energisers between staff presentations. Following this, the coaches went to Vietnam – HCM to select three out of 900 players to attend the Phuket Elite Camp later this year. Over the course of four months, the coaches will attend five different football clinics in different locations in order to give three or four players the chance to attend the Elite Camp in December.

Coach Anton was then invited to deliver football clinics and coach education in Beijing in order to support AIA’s partnership with a local school.

Towards the end of August, the coaches travelled to Jakarta to give two half-days of football clinic sessions and provide feedback to the staff at AIA Indonesia, who organised a staff football tournament as part of their Centennial Celebrations.

Following an opportunity to create a local partnership in Kuala Lumpur, Coach Shaun attended an event run by the Asia Football School and delivered a coach education session and a football session to teach our philosophy to the AFS coaches.


A new Football Clinic was launched in Myanmar where our coaches delivered four football clinics and two seminars over the course of a day. The event was organised to raise awareness of AIA and develop local relationships. The local Supporters Club was invited to take part in various activities, including an exciting match between AIA, led by Anton Blackwood, and Tottenham Hotspur, led by Aaron Tillbrook.

Our coaches chose twelve out of 2000 players across four different football clinics in Vietnam, Thailand, and Jakarta to attend the Elite Camp in Phuket in December. In Jakarta, the team chose 25 highly skilled players to attend our first ever ‘AIA-THFC Women’s Elite Camp’ that will take place in Phuket in October.

Our team also attended a Vitality Event, a Legal Conference, and a Corporate Solutions Event in Hong Kong. At these events, our coaches delivered energisers for the AIA staff and held seminars promoting football engagement and general wellness.

At the end of the month, a total of 1200 players over four days attended the Football Clinics held in Korea. Each day consisted of three clinics where players participated in a one-hour session and 30-minute meet and greet with the coaches.