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Your Spur-fect XIs: Part 3

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).

Here is the third batch of your 'Spur-fect XIs' - the feature where we asked you to name your all-time Spurs Dream Team.

Keep your teams coming in and we'll endeavour to publish as many as we can.

Remember, the basic rules are straight 11 players of any Spurs era, 4-4-2 or 3-5-2 system, no substitutes. Feel free to include a brief write-up to explain why you picked your particular side.

Send your Spur-fect XI's by e-mailing it to us by clicking here and please remember to include your name...

James Duggan, Belfast: I choose this eleven, with big Pat in goals, Spurs have never been able to replace him.Back three, three of our best ever defenders. Perryman doing the holding role in midfield to allow the skills of Gazza, Hoddle and Ardiles to flow. And finally Teddy playing just off the front two world class strikers.

3-5-2: Jennings, Carr, Mabbutt, Mackay, Hoddle, Gascoigne, Perryman, Ardiles, Sheringham, Greaves, Klinsmann.

From Michael Briggs: At only 17 years of age, I never had the pleasure of admiring such greats as Ricky Villa, Glenn Hoddle and Danny Banchflower play in Tottenham colours, so I decided not to include them as I wanted to choose a team of players I knew have served the club well.

4-4-2: Thorstvedt, Edinburgh, Mabbutt, Campbell, Carr, Ginola, Gascoigne, Dumitrescu, Anderton, Sheringham, Klinsmann.

From Derek Evans: This is a team in keeping with the Spurs tradition for flair and entertainment but with enough steel, determination and goal power to complete with the best in the world. Campbell's strength alongside Mabbutt's organisation and footballing skills. Hoddle and Mackay would be a dream pairing in midfield and what defence could stop Klinsmann and Greaves?

4-4-2: Jennings, Perryman, Campbell, Mabbutt, Knowles, Mullery, Hoddle, Mackay, Waddle, Greaves, Klinsmann.

From Mick Harold: I have chosen this eleven because I'm only 33 so I never got to see players from the 60s and earlier.

3-5-2: Jennings, Carr, Mabbutt, Perryman, Roberts, Hughton, Hoddle, Ardiles, Gascoigne, Sheringham, Lineker.

From Paul Ford: My Spur-fect eleven would have to be a team of flair and a little bit of steel to backup the creative players. I think this lot would give any modern day team a good run for their money. Not sure who would be captain as nearly every one of them has lead by example in the Lilywhite of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

4-4-2: Jennings, Perryman, Mackay, Mabbutt, Hughton, Blanchflower, Hoddle, Gascoigne, Ardiles, Greaves, Sheringham.

From Steve Wilson: This was very hard - I'm only picking players that I have actually seen play.

4-4-2: Jennings, Carr, Mabbutt, Roberts, Knowles, Ardiles, Hoddle, Gascoigne, Ginola, Waddle, Klinsmann.

From Robert Jones: I have chosen the below team because when I think of Tottenham, the first thing that comes to mind is flowing, attacking football.

3-5-2: Clemence, Carr, Mabbutt, Perryman, Hoddle, Mackay, Blanchflower, Ardiles, Ginola, Klinsmann, Greaves.

From Chris Wilson: This team personifies the grand Spurs tradition. I really wanted David Ginola on there but Chrissie Waddle was an all-time great.

3-5-2: Thorstvedt, Mabbutt, Campbell, Richards, Carr, Ziege, Gascoigne, Hoddle, Waddle, Klinsmann, Lineker.

From Yusuf Khan: 3-5-2: Jennings, Campbell, Mabbutt, Norman, Blanchflower, Gascoigne, Mackay, White, Perryman, Greaves, Chivers.

From Colin Pritchard: 4-4-2: Clemence, Carr, Mackay, Mabbutt, Perryman, Villa, Gascoigne, Hoddle, Ginola, Greaves, Sheringham.

From Durk Mclurk: 3-5-2: Jennings, Galvin, Carr, Perryman, Mabbutt, Roberts, Gascoigne, Hoddle, Ardiles, Klinsmann, Lineker.

From Conrad Chua: 4-4-2: Carr, Perryman, Mabbutt, Campbell, Ginola, Gascoigne, Hoddle, Roberts, Klinsmann, Lineker.

From Abbas Hamdami: 4-4-2: Thorstvedt, Mabbutt, Perryman, Henry, Campbell, Hoddle, Ardiles, Gascoigne, Ginola, Greaves, Lineker.

From Kieran Brazil: This team embodies all of the things we all love about Tottenham. I'm only going from my personal memory, but that is long enough - my first game was 1965. The glory days when any kid growing up in North London only had one real choice about who to go and see.

3-5-2: Jennings, Carr, Campbell, Knowles, Hoddle, Ardiles, Mullery, Mackay, Gascoigne, Chivers, Greaves.

From Shane Lawton: 4-4-2: Keller, Carr, Ziege, Campbell, Mabbutt, Keane, Gascoigne, Greaves, Poyet, Lineker, Klinsmann.

From Chris Murphy: I am not sure why I picked this, but it was hard, especially the midfield and attack where we have had lots of greats including Chivers and Lineker. But you can’t forget Blanchflower or Archibald who were amazing. I could go on, but the list is endless.

4-4-2: Jennings, Perryman, Mabbutt, Mackay, England, Hoddle, Waddle, Ardiles, Gascoigne, Greaves, Klinsmann.

From Simon Buckingham: 4-4-2: Keller, Carr, Ziege, Mabbutt, Richards, Ginola, Anderton, Davies, Gascoigne, Sheringham, Klinsmann.

From Jamie White: 3-5-2: Clemence, King, Mabbutt, Gough, Carr, Ziege, Davies, Gascoigne, Ardiles, Sheringham, Klinsmann.

From Ismail Khatib: 4-4-2: Clemence, Perryman, Gough, Roberts, Hughton, Villa, Hoddle, Ardiles, Anderton, Klinsmann, Lineker.