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Your Say: Greatest Cup moments

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).

Not surprisingly, the majority of fans plumped for either Gazza’s free-kick against Arsenal or Ricky Villa’s dribble against Manchester City as their greatest FA Cup moments.

Thanks to everyone who participated and look out for another Your Say soon.

Here are the pick of the replies:

The best FA Cup feeling for me as a Spurs fan would have to be when we won the cup in 1991. Gazza took us all the way to Wembley with quality performances against Portsmouth, Notts County and of course Arsenal - who could forget what is arguably the best free-kick ever to be seen at Wembley? Even better was when we were 2-0 up within 10 minutes. The whole of Tottenham was buzzing and it’s a season I shall never forget.

Russell Dean

My favourite FA Cup moment was the replay of the semi-final in 1981 when Garth Crooks raced onto a Glenn Hoddle pass, slotted the ball home and the North Bank Highbury exploded in a sea of ecstacy. What beautiful irony.

Jonathan Harris

It was 1961, I was in the Royal Air Force at Halton, Bucks. As a Referee I was on the London referee's list and acted as a steward for the game. Two hours before the gates opened I walked on the hallowed turf, stood in the penalty area and said to myself, ‘come on you Lilywhites, put a couple in from here’. Of course they did, talk about a dream come true!

B Shopland

I know it’s obvious but Ricky Villa’s goal is the one for me. I was standing behind that goal on the upper terrace when the ball hit the net the whole end went ballistic. Incredible!

Jon Goddard, Kettering

It has to be Gazza's effort in 1991 against Arsenal, a free-kick that was out of this world, one of the best goals ever scored at Wembley, and against our arch rivals as well! When I saw that on TV, the commentary of ‘is Gascoinge going to have a crack... oh he is you know... oh I say that is Boy’s Own stuff’ as the ball flew into the net sent me delirious! Truly magic, and unforgettable.

Raed Jibrail

My favourite FA Cup memory is the joy of Steve Perryman in the Man City goalmouth after Garth Crooks equalised for us in the 1981 final replay.

Eric Diver, Vancouver, Canada

I'd have to say that the Villa goal in 1981 was sublime. The best goal at Wembley? I don't know, Gazza's '91 semi-final effort probably comes very close, but I still think it wins. I was watching the final in my sitting room at 1am in the morning! I remember screaming when he scored and jumping up on the ironing board and holding up the laundry basket in mock triumph and waking up the whole house.

For sentimental reasons I have a soft spot for Paul Stewart's goal against Forest in '91. It kept us in the game and one from a very honest player who was often vilified by fans.

Michael Nurse

My greatest FA Cup memory came at White Hart Lane on February 24th 1999, when we played Leeds in an FA Cup 5th round replay, after getting a good 1-1 draw at Elland Road. There was special atmosphere walking up the High Road before the game, you just knew it was going to be a cracker, and it was. It didn't start off too great because Sir Les had to be stretchered off with a head injury that looked quite nasty. Leeds had the better of the opening blows I remember, then it was real end to end stuff and the atmosphere was one of the best I've experienced at the Lane.

The second half rates among one of the best. Ginola picked up the ball on the left-hand side of the Leeds box, running in the opposite direction, and apparently away from the goal, he drifted in and out of five defenders and the unleashed a brilliant shot from a tight angle that was superbly saved by Martyn. Then after a quick free-kick by Ginola, Anderton had the ball at his feet from a full 35 yards and then he just pinged it in off the post, what a goal! Ginola then began to grab the game by the scruff of the neck and hit the post yet again with another long-range effort. You just thought it wasn't going to be his night. How wrong everybody was!

Mid-way through the second half a cross was deflected out by Woodgate. It fell to Ginola about 25 yards from goal and he hit it first time with a Di Canio style volley. Another screamer, everyone was buzzing then. That goal looks better and better every time I see it. Walker then kept us in control with a brilliant save from a Kewell strike. You just didn't want the game to end, it was fantastic. Certainly the best game I've ever seen at White Hart Lane and I passed my driving test the same day!

Deano from Croydon

This must definitely be Gazza’s free-kick. To do that against Arsenal in the first ever semi-final at Wembley, tremendous! Maybe the happiest moment of my life!

Terje Mollestad, Grimstad, Norway

I'm only a young lad of seventeen so my 'live' cup greats are limited. However I was there when Ginola parted the red tide at Barnsley in 1998 to send Spurs through to the FA Cup semi-final.

Having to skip my last lesson at school, dad picked me up at two o'clock for the 7:45pm kick-off. Naturally we arrived three hours early to find an unusually dead Barnsley town centre. Deciding to eat the at Italian restaurant, to my surprise I was sitting at the table next to Mick McCarthy!

Unfortunately for Mick a table of Spurs supporters next to him were berating the Ireland boss over his failure to put Steve Carr in the team (how times change).

Upon reaching my seat at the ground, which was typically awful (fourth row behind the goal) I joined in the cries of 'put the champagne on ice, we're going to Wembley twice’ and settled down for the game.

The match progressed without too much incident until Ginola was fed the ball on the edge of the area with two Barnsley men around him. I'll never forget how suddenly the defenders were just not there any more as 'Daveed' jinxed passed them and one more, before slipping the ball past the keeper to send 4,500 travelling Spurs into ecstasy. Spurs had chances to make it two, but it wouldn't have been right for anyone else but Ginola to settle the game.


It has to be Ricky Villa's goal but as an alternative I would go for Ossie Ardiles’ goal against Man Utd in extra time in 1979/80. I stayed up late to watch the match on TV and as it went on and on my mum was screaming at me to get to bed. By then Milija Alexic had been stretchered off and a certain Glenn Hoddle was somehow keeping out Joe Jordan. With two minutes left Ricky Villa laid the ball back to Ossie who from about twenty yards curled a beautiful shot in the top corner. It was a great moment and even my mum jumped round the room with me.

Just imagine my celebrations with Ricky's goal a year or so later!

Stephen Wilson

My engagement party was on 10th March 1991, the day we played Notts County in the sixth round of the Cup. We had to leave the ground with about 20 minutes to go in order to get home, get showered and get to the hotel in time for the party. I just got home in time to see the winning goal go in on TV!

Daniel Wynne

The second half display of the whole spurs team at Pompey in February 1991 when two goals from Gazza sent thousands of spurs fans crammed into the ground home delirious.

D Tidd

One memory that will always stick with me is of an away tie at Oxford's Manor Ground in the mid-eighties. It does so not for football reasons but standing packed in their open away end I remember watching the blackest cloud I have ever seen slowly approaching the ground as it swept across the university town. When the cloud arrived it unloaded a storm of biblical proportions, I swear I saw Noah sailing by, and to make matters worse we were 1-0 down.

I can recall the whole Spurs end singing ‘call it off’ when, from nowhere, John Chiedozie scored an equaliser. Even now every time I think of this game it gives me the flu, as anyone who was there will tell you it's long way from the Manor Ground to the station when you’re soaked to the skin.

Dean Wallman

My best moment of Tottenham cup runs are beating wolves in the semi-final replay at that place down the road. What a night. After the match we were so happy we ran on the pitch, my friends and I kissed Garth Crooks and carried him on our shoulders off the pitch. I could not believe it, we were going to Wember-lee. I was 17 and it would be my first final. What a place to win at

Sarah Warren

FA Cup Final, 1991. I remember getting to the ground nice and early. Even though I was a Spurs supporter for at least 10 years it was the first final I had travelled to, so I wanted to savour every minute of this wonderful day. We had a couple of seats right down the front of the stadium. My friend and I grabbed a bite to eat and something to drink. This was in addition to a couple of drinks we had prior to getting into the stadium.

The game started and it was quite a first half - a goal down, a missed penalty, Gazza gone. Half-time came and there was a lot to talk about. The point of my story is this - all this time I had not been to the toilet and I remember that I was about to leave when the players returned so I stayed for the second half, there was no way I was going to miss it. Gooooooooooooal! At 1-1 things were looking up but I still needed the toilet.

Extra time came around and I could not wait any longer. It had been at least three hours. Up the stairs I went to the men's room. I couldn't believe I had left the game but I was only going to be gone for one minute. So there I was doing what you do in the toilet. I remember one other man in there at the time when we both heard the crowd let out a big roar. We glanced over at each other and there was silence for a few seconds what the hell had happened. Then we heard Gary Mabbutt's name called out. I remember the relief on our faces. I missed the goal that helped us win the FA Cup Final. When I returned everyone around me told me to go away again. There were no replays on big TV screens but I saw the goal when I got home. I will always remember the day but mainly the goal that I missed.

Marc J

My greatest cup memory would have to be Villa scoring his goal. I had spent much of the previous 24 hours with my wife who gave birth to two now confirmed Spurs fans (boys). I woke up realising the replay was on, switched the TV on just in time to see Villa score. Spurs won the cup, two more spurs fans, how can there be a better memory?

John Le Carpentier

1991. It was the first time I had watched an FA Cup Final. Being an 11-year-old Australian boy, my knowledge of the English game was limited, knowing only the names of clubs and a handful of players.

I was staying up way past my bedtime watching Spurs take on Nottingham Forest, and it still is one of my all time favourite games. The first half was filled with incident, Gazza's tackle leading to the free-kick which put Forest ahead.

The second half saw Spurs equalise and then in extra time Forest succumbed to the pressure and an own goal saw the FA Cup back into Spurs' hands. I was only 11, but since that night I have been a devoted Spurs fan.

Gavan O'Connor, Canberra, Australia

For me, it will always be Ricky Villa's goal in 1981 Final The excitement of that day will always be with me and seeing Ricky again at Spurs three weeks ago was wonderful, it brought all the memories flooding back. He is such a great character and has lost none of his charm and charisma.

Helen Mayston

As you guys say its got to be the samba showman that is Ricardo Villa against Man City that takes the prize, but his superb long range shot in the semi against Wolves was pure class as was Garth Crooks out sprinting the same defence to notch the second goal in the same game. I feel this classic match hardly ever gets a mention as it was overshadowed by the classic final against the citizens, and all at Highbury to make it better. I went to the first game on the Saturday but was not able to go to the replay, so my family and I were glued at home and were being taunted by next door as they were on a wind up (Gooners you see). All we did all night was bang on each others wall when a shot went close or a bad tackle etc, etc. Needless to say who ended up the happier in the end. Good old Ricky!

Rus, Wickford, Essex

Quarter finals of the cup against Man City .I think we won 4-2 away from home. Their yobs tried to stop the game. I went into the gangway to plead with our supporters not to go on to the pitch to fight. Only a handful of our fans went onto the pitch. I felt so proud of our supporters. What a great day.

John Jones

There is only one winner - the magical free kick by Gazza at Wembley. I was seven and watching it at home with my family. All I remember is running around celebrating until we were two up! What a start to my days of following Tottenham. Everytime I go to White Hart Lane now and the free-kick is shown amongst other golden moments on the big screen. It puts a tear in my eye and I will never get bored of reliving the moment when the genius scored THAT goal against THAT team.