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We've found Eric!

23 May 2014|Tottenham Hotspur

Back in April, approaching the 25th anniversary of Hillsborough, we told you about Cathy Long, a Liverpool supporter who was hoping to be re-united with a Spurs fan who she met at Anfield in the days after the disaster.

Cathy told us about Eric, who travelled to Anfield to pay his respects .

The pair met and Eric had bought flowers and a scarf that he left a message on and tied, with thousands of others, on the famous Kop.

Weeks later, the same scarf turned up at the Hillsborough Appeal Shop, where Cathy was volunteering on Saturdays. She recognised the scarf and the message and has kept it ever since.

She told us: "It always seemed so extraordinary as there were tens or even hundreds of thousands of scarves left by fans from all over the world. I don't know what the odds were of that happening and I've often wondered what Eric is doing now."

Weeks later, Eric stumbled across the story online and contacted Cathy at the Premier League, where she works as Head of Supporter Services.

And so the pair made contact again, 25 years on!

Eric, a Spurs fan going all the way back to the glory, glory days of the 1960s, is now based in Cambridgeshire.

He explained: "I was looking at another story on the Haringey Independent website and just saw the link at the bottom of the page.

"My mum and dad lived in North Wales, so I travelled up to stay with them specifically so I could visit Anfield. A guy who worked at Vernon's Pools in Liverpool gave me a lift on that Friday morning.

"When I got back, I was so moved, I wrote down exactly what I felt. I thought to myself if I didn't do that at the time, I'd never remember. I've kept those notes alongside the local newspaper, the Liverpool Echo, I bought on the day and another Liverpool scarf. I've even got Cathy's address and phone number in Liverpool! I had it all in the loft!

"Eventually, I contacted Cathy at the Premier League. I built up the courage to do it but she was out and it was an answering machine! So I phoned back, she answered and it was one of those surreal moments.

"It's an amazing story and it was wonderful to speak to her again."

Here are the notes Eric penned after visiting Anfield back in April, 1989.

Anfield, home of Liverpool Football Club, was the saddest place I have ever seen, and also the most moving.

I went there on Friday, six days after Hillsborough. I arrived early and did not have to wait long to enter the ground.

The sight of flowers covering nearly half the pitch was numbing. I placed my own flowers, simple tulips and carnations, with a personal message from a fellow supporter, who spent many years on the terraces of Tottenham.

I walked around to the Kop terrace behind the goal, I tied a Liverpool scarf with another personal message written on it to one of the barriers along with thousands of others from all over Europe.

I looked around me and people were crying openly.

I know what I saw that day will remain with me for the rest of my life, as will the friends I made on the Kop, and the people and City of Liverpool.

God bless you all,