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Walker watch

Kyle Walker won his first competitive cap for England in Friday night's World Cup qualifying match against San Marino - and we watched his every step.

The full-back played more like a right winger as England, as expected, dominated in a 5-0 victory at Wembley Stadium.

Kyle, winning his fourth senior cap, saw a lot of the ball down the right and often linked up inside with United's Tom Cleverley and his Spurs team-mate Aaron Lennon, who came on for Theo Walcott in the 10th minute.

He was also early involved in the move that led to England's second goal.

Here's a minute-by-minute guide to Kyle's first competitive cap for England:

First half

44 seconds - First touch, controlled centrally, played wide to Walcott.
1.44 - Quick throw, one-two with Oxlade-Chamberlain, played ball inside.
8.19 - Down the right, reached byline, sharp pass inside to Cleverley, ball out for throw.
9.19 - One-two with Cleverley, foul on Palazzi.
10.19 - Pass wide to Lennon.
10.29 - Received the ball wide right, looked for Cleverley, keeper out to claim.
10.58 - Aerial challenge, won ball, played to Jagielka.
11.25 - Received ball centrally, wide to Lennon.
13.19 - Intercepted pass, started move with pass to Carrick.
14.15 - Received ball from Carrick, played back, move cleared.
15.24 - Wide right from Oxlade-Chamberlain's switch, into Welbeck, almost created chance, ball cleared.
15.58 - Deeper, pass back to Hart.
17.23 - Looked for Lennon inside full-back, pass cut out.
18.13 - Wide again, came inside, kept possession with short pass.
19.25 - Good move, wide, played inside then got again wide from Rooney, decent cross claimed by goalkeeper Simoncini.
20.05 - Penalised for foul on Gasperoni.
20.28 - Too strong for Gasperoni in 50-50.
20.55 - Picked up the ball 40 yards out, wide to Lennon.
22.32 - Picked up in same position from Rooney, 30 yards out this time, tried his luck with shot, effort deflected for corner.
23.34 - Won tackle, exchanged passed with Cleverley, then swapped passes with Lennon and Cleverley.
26.05 - Exhanged passes with Lennon, looked to whip cross inside, ball deflected and taken by Simoncini.
26.47 - Started move, wide to Cleverly then continued into box, looked for Cleverly's cross, ball cleared.
28.55 - Cross headed away.
30.30 - On the ball wide right, exchanged passes with Lennon and Oxlade-Chamberlain.
35.25 - Looking to get forward, played into Lennon, contined run, got ball wide again, inside to Welbeck, move broke down.
36.40 - Rolled pass back to Cleverley, he played in Lennon, cross for Welbeck to score second goal.
39.15 - Wide right, simple pass inside to Cleverley.
40.09 - Received ball from Carrick, back inside to Cleverley.
42.07 - Back pass to Hart.
43.18 - Miscontrolled pass from Oxlade-Chamberlain.
44.13 - Passed inside to Cleverley, ended with Rooney curler wide.
45.00+2.45 - Carried the ball forward, played inside then darted into box, Oxlade-Chamberlain crossed behind goal.

Half-time: England 2-0 San Marino

Second half

45.21 - First touches, wide right touchline, exchanged passes with Lennon, Rooney, his cross is cleared.
46.18 - Miscontrolled Lennon's pass.
47.49 - One-two with Lennon.
48.08 - On overlap, crowded out, back to Carrick.
49.27 - Onto Rooney's clipped pass wide, into Lennon who looked to dummy for Welbeck, ball cleared.
50.21 - Won defensive header from goal-kick.
52.23 - Exchanged passed with Lennon, move ended with Carrick shot saved.
54.12 - Won defensive header from goal-kick.
54.55 - Another cross from the right cut out.
55.45 - Exchanged passes with Lennon and Cleverley, no room.
56.49 - Shepherded clearance out in own half, took quick throw.
59.15 - Wide right, doubled teamed by San Marino but won corner.
61.44 - Broke from deeper, passed inside to Lennon.
64.51 - On right touchline, played ball back inside to Carrick.
66.34 - Kept ball in play after Cleverley tackle.
66.56 - Took pass from Lennon, lovely cross to near post just evaded Welbeck.
67.25 - Chased back with Rinaldi, back to Hart.
70.25 - Fizzed in pass to Welbeck who looked for step over, move broke down.
72.14 - Burst forward, looked to play in Lennon down the right, pass ran out for goal-kick.
77.27 - Looked inside for one-two with Lennon, who used run as decoy and turned centrally.
77.50 - Floated in cross for Carroll, striker penalised for foul.
80.34 - Rose well to win defensive header from Selva on edge of own box!
81.37 - Combined with Lennon, eventually inside for Shelvey to shoot straight at Simoncini.
85.16 - Fired shot in from 25 yards blocked by Palazzi.
86.40 - Control on chest from Oxlade-Chamberlain's crossfield pass, inside to Cleverley.
88.27 - Tried to cross from byline, blocked for corner.
90.00+1.11 - Low cross flicked on by Lennon, ball hacked away.

Full-time: England 5-0 San Marino