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Train station nightmare to Champions League dreamland for Zoe!

14 September 2016|Tottenham Hotspur

A couple of hours before our famous Champions League victory over Inter Milan at White Hart Lane in 2010, Spurs fan Zoe Pearson was lost among thousands of people at one of London’s busiest train stations and wondering how she would make it to the game.

A regular visitor to the Lane with her uncle Mike, along with her cousin and a friend, Zoe’s pre-match routine had been disrupted when Mike (pictured, below, with Zoe) suggested that they meet at St Pancras Station instead of their usual Euston rendezvous point.

Full of anticipation ahead of the game, Zoe agreed.

zoe_mikeBut when the battery in her mobile phone drained quicker than expected, the night swiftly took a turn for the worse.

Zoe, 25, who contacted us on Twitter @SpursOfficial as part of our regular search for fans’ memories on matchdays, picks up the story: “We’d been looking forward to the game for quite some time. Every time I met my uncle to go to a game we’d always meet at Euston and we’d go off to see Spurs in the evening together.

“That particular day, he changed his mind and told me to meet him at St Pancras Station. On the train, I noticed my phone battery was draining slightly. I wasn’t too worried about it but by the time I got to the station my phone had completely died!

“My uncle had been trying to contact me to arrange a meeting point but he obviously had no way of getting through so I went up to the top of the escalators, thinking that if I looked down I’d have a better chance of seeing him. He must have covered the whole of the station as time was getting on. About 45 minutes later I was looking at the clock and getting worried that we’d miss the game. I had a couple of messages from him that I heard afterwards where he was getting continually more panicked but finally, after about 45 minutes, he managed to find me. He just grabbed my arm and said ‘come on girl, move!’ and pulled me towards the train. He’s never let me forget it to this day and he still feels dread at the thought of having to ring my parents and tell them he’d lost me at the station!”


Thankfully, Zoe, who is from Watford, and Mike still made it to the Lane in time for kick-off against Inter – and what a game they witnessed! Goals from Rafa van der Vaart (pictured, above), Peter Crouch and Roman Pavlyuchenko saw off the visitors 3-1 and, ahead of tonight’s return to Champions League action against Monaco at Wembley, Zoe still has fond memories of the atmosphere that evening.

“We were about 45 minutes later than we wanted to be and we were quite lucky in the sense that we didn’t miss any of the game,” recalled Zoe. “The atmosphere that night was the second best I can ever remember at the Lane. The only game I can compare it to was the 9-1 win against Wigan. I’ve never heard the Lane like it was that night against Inter and I genuinely thought the stands were going to start shaking because of all the noise. It was one of the best games I’ve ever been to at the Lane.”

These days, Zoe spends her time putting together pencil and ink drawings of our players and sharing them on social media, while also flying the flag for Spurs in a household that includes her two younger Arsenal-supporting sisters.

“Derby day is interesting in our house!” she laughed. “My family is split in half in terms of football but I’ve always followed Spurs. Drawing is my hobby really and I’ve had a few 'likes' and messages from the players on Twitter, which is great!”