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Tour 2015 - fans have the final say

04 June 2015|Tottenham Hotspur

Our post-season Tour of Malaysia and Australia was a huge success - we asked Amir Mahmood Razak of Malaysia Spurs and Tommy Silver of Australia Spurs for their views on a week to remember on the other side of the world.

What are your overall thoughts on the Tour?
Mahmood: "Our Malaysian fans and the regional fans that came over gave it the thumbs up! I think despite the short duration, Spurs did well to have so many programmes crammed in. We're aware that there are obligations to sponsors and such, so we're really thankful for the meet and greet, coaching, five-a-side, charity and of course, the game."

Tommy: "Incredible. We were confident that we’d put together a series of events that catered to all Spurs fans in Australia, but we couldn’t ever have imagined the engagement and support we got. The subsequent feedback has been wonderful too. I think there are thousands of proud OzSpurs members, and those who aren’t will be signing up for next season. I’d also hazard a guess that a few non-football fans are now Spurs fans."


What was your highlight?
"The fact that we had two first team players doing charity work by making local delicacies, definitely! Ryan Mason and Andros Townsend were such sports in being game to try. They raised £1,250 in less than an hour through the auction of their cooking, and from the club's signed kits and match tickets. We're deeply grateful for that. It's historical as no EPL player has ever made roti canai and teh tarik ever before."

Tommy: "My personal highlight was the train to ANZ Stadium. We worked with Sydney Trains to display ‘OzSpurs Express’ on the front of the train, and when it pulled up it gave me goosebumps to hear the cheers. And the atmosphere on the platform prior to that as well the train ride itself was incredible. Other than that, seeing around 1,000 Spurs fans turn up to the Sydney Opera House for a club photo was phenomenal. And I’ll happily admit that I shed a few tears at kick off. It was an emotional night."

Everyone at the club has spoken so positively about your respective club’s and fans’ support – how does that make you feel?
"Gratified. It's satisfying to know that players and the management saw the support and spoke well about it. Malaysia may have a small official fan base but through the tour, we've had more spotlight and queries for memberships has come in. That's excellent."

Tommy: "So proud. We’re delighted to have had the opportunity to have shown the club how many passionate Spurs fans live in Australia. Hopefully it’s convinced the decision makers to come back again soon!"

Did anything take you by surprise?
"After the Open Training, the fact that fans were allowed to go down to the pitch to get autographs was special. I don't think any other professional club has done the same. It meant plenty to the fans as they were on the pitch, with the players. That was special indeed."


Tommy: "Yes - the fact that it all went without a hiccup! From an organisation point of view with OzSpurs, I was expecting an issue somewhere in all of our events but it just never came. On top of that, I never imagined I’d be singing 'we love you Tottenham' on a microphone in Pitt St Mall!"

What do you think the legacy of this tour will be?
"That Spurs came to Malaysia! 36 years since the first time Spurs came was probably 30 years too long so their arrival here will be fondly remembered. We'd like to thank the management and the sponsors for making it happen. To the thousands of fans that have not or cannot ever go to WHL, this was as good as it gets for them, and we're so happy that it happened."

Tommy: "More Australians will be Spurs fans, OzSpurs will grow as a club and offer more experiences like this, and THFC will only further acknowledge Australia as a legitimate destination for regular tours."