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The new faces

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).

With some of the more familiar faces leaving the show at the end of the last series, producers of Footballers' Wives have drafted in some new blood for series three - and they promise to be every bit as entertaining.

Among them is Earls Park's new manager Roger Webb, played by Jesse Birdsall, and Conrad and Amber Gates, the show's new glamour couple. Conrad (Ben Price) is the club's new big-money signing, Amber (Laila Rouass) his stunning wife.

But also set to hit our screens in the New Year is Jamie Davis, who plays 17-year-old wonderkid Harley Lawson. In the make-believe world of the show, he has signed from Liverpool and arrives in London with his fiancée Shannon Donnelly (Sarah Barrand), armed with a big-money contract and the world at his feet.

"I've joined Earls Park from Liverpool and come down south with my girlfriend," explained Jamie, when we caught up with him recently during a break in filming at the Lane.

"It's all about taking two people from the north with working class values and seeing what they do and how they cope with being in this Footballers' Wives world of no values!

"We've been filming the very last episode now, the climax of the story and it's all about me and Shannon and the club's final game of the season which we need to win. I can't give any more away really," he laughed.

Although born and raised in Leeds, Jamie supports Liverpool simply because they were the first team he ever saw, but admits that Tottenham are very much his second club, and for good reason too, as he explains.

"I'm a fan of Leeds, which you have to be if you're from where I'm from, but the first game my Dad ever took me to was Liverpool, in the days of Peter Beardsley, John Barnes and Ray Houghton.

"I supported Liverpool after that, but the team I've seen play the most is Tottenham.

"My mate was a big Spurs fan back in Leeds and when ever they played away up north, we would always go in the Spurs end - places like Manchester United, Manchester City, Leeds and so on. He used to give me a Tottenham shirt to wear every time so I felt a bit more comfortable! But they always had great support and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them, they're still my second team now.

"That's why personally it's great to be here," said Jamie, as he looks out across the White Hart Lane pitch. "I've been here to watch matches before, I was here when Gazza came back with Everton a few years ago. It's a brilliant stadium and to have this access behind the scenes makes me very privileged. The pitch is amazing, I'd love to get out there and have one game, just one game!

"I used to play for Yorkshire when I was around 16 and really had to make a choice then whether I wanted to carry on playing football or become an actor, obviously I chose the latter," he said.

"Unfortunately I don't get to play much football now because if I get injured, say I broke my leg playing Sunday morning with my mates, it would just crash the whole show, so I can't afford to risk it. I play the odd charity game which is good fun, but that's all at the moment."

So, as an actor who has had an insight into the world of being a Premiership player - money, fame, glamour, girls, glitz (or at least that's how the show portrays it!), does Jamie regret his decision to follow the acting path as a career?

"I'm lucky to do what I do, but footballers have the dream job, don't they," he said. " It's a very difficult question to answer really.

"If someone said you could be a top Premiership footballer for the next 10 years, or take you're chance in acting, I'd choose football. But if it was a choice between being a Premiership player or any acting job you wanted for 10 years, I'd take the acting job.

"But I'd make sure I got a job which gave me every Saturday off to watch the football! I will always be a football fan and I will always be an actor, so to do a job like this is fantastic. Very few jobs come along where you get to do the two things you love most in the world, I'm very fortunate," he smiled.