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Spurs stories...

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).

Memories of 5-1 wins and more on the Mendes goal that never was in the latest batch of your reflections from season 2004-05...

I was in the bookies just before the Aston Villa game and in the group there was me, two more Spurs fans and an Aston Villa fan. We were all going to be sat on the shelf together.

We decided to make some bets, and the Defoe scoring first Spurs win 3-0 at something like 33-1 was the most appealing to us until the Villa fan came back to where we were and told us he'd put a bet on Villa winning 4-1!

NO WAY! I started crying with laughter at that one and promptly put a fiver on 5-0 to Spurs. Of course he started going on about how that would never happen and I said 'Of course we will, EASY!' And us three Spurs fans were jumping around clapping in Ladbrokes Soccer AM style shouting ''EASY, EASY''.

Of course Spurs showed Villa who was boss, and quickly went 2-0 up. It was at this point that my Villa supporting mate started ripping up his ticket and shaking his head when one of my other mates shouted at him 'YOU SHUT UP!', then we all started going on again 'EASY, EASY'and clapping away. I looked to my left to see the whole of Park Lane was doing the same thing to the Villa section and just burst out laughing and didn't stop until half time.

And since then its been the match that White Hart Lane was chanting at my mate, of course I wasn't best pleased later on when I realised that ridiculous penalty they got potentially cost me a couple of hundred quid!

Can't have it all I guess.

Me and my Spurs, I'm lovin' it!

Steve Moody

I am a member of this great club, this is the first season that I've made an effort to come and watch them, I applied and got my membership and great things happened after that!!

I come from southampton and have supported the boys since I can remember, my eight home games that I've been to this season have transformed me into a potential season ticket holder - I was there when we did my home town!!! and the Villa by the same 5-1!!!!!

It takes me an 11 hour round trip to come to the Lane and watch this, with Martin at the helm we can become the best club in london, and I will be there to hopefully see a 5-1 beating every time!!!

Ashley Knight

Old Trafford, January 4th 2005 - We'd made the journey up to Manchester from North London and arrived with 3 other friends at about 16:30 that afternoon, expecting defeat but hopefully experiencing a good time and good atmosphere provided by the travelling support.

The Spurs' fans were indeed in tremendous voice that night, the best away support I had experienced this season and Old Trafford seemed in awe of our inability to shut up.

In the 88th minute we were dancing for joy at the probable 0-0 draw and extending our unbeaten run to 8 games, until possibly the most dispicable decision in football took place.

I specifically remember the whole minute before and after, and I doubt I shall ever forget it, but when Mendes hit the shot from the halfway line I remarked to a friend "Look at Carroll's expression, why does he seem so anxious?" Well a couple of seconds later the ball was blatantly over the line, the travelling support on a cold Tuesday night were in raptures, except for me who had my eyes on the linesman. Worse more, the scoreboard came up saying "United 0 Tottenham 1."

I started bellowing out "He's not given it! He's waved play on!" We saw the ball in the goal from our position in the corner behind that goal.

But alas it wasn't to be. After suffering a late scare from a Gabriel Heinze free-kick, we walked out of there shell shocked. I felt worse than I do after defeat, and whilst mobile phones were going off from all corners outside from family and friends of everyone who attended the game, we made our way to the car. I arrived home in London at 3am after enjoying a 4½ hour car journey in complete silence, being consoled by everyone we met in service stations on the way.

Lee Pinkus