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Sounding Off over Sol

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).

The first batch of your responses to the question what effect will the departure of Sol Campbell have on Spurs' fortunes in the new campaign? It sparked a mighty full mail box!

Our fortunes can only improve. Sol is obviously not true Spurs and is only motivated by money. Players of his type have no place at the Lane. Buy players who want to play for Tottenham because we are Tottenham, not because the money's right. Players with Sol's attitude have been holding the club back over the last decade, we are sick of his type, let’s sell any other mercenaries. I applaud the Board they made the right decision. Greed will continue to grow within the Premiership, but at least Spurs are doing their bit to get back to the grass root ideals of football. Player loyalty may one day make a refreshing comeback. Sol remember who gave you your chance in professional football and nurtured you to international stardom, the least you could have done was sign a new contract and asked for a transfer to repay some of the loyalty the club has given you. Spurs for life!
Simon King

Sol is a fine player, maybe the best defender in the world at the moment. But nobody is bigger than the badge. We're Tottenham fans used to our best players leaving, we take a deep breath dust ourselves off and shout loudly for the 'TEAM' we love. PS Welcome back Teddy.
Mark Delbridge

Where Sol goes now does not matter to me. What does is what Spurs does next. I think we should not be under any pressure to buy any defender, we have Perry and Bunj and four quality young defenders to use as cover (the only way to get experience is to play regularly). I think our main area of strengthening is midfield.
Martin Oriakhi

No effect what so ever. 6 months ago I would have been gutted but then I did not know what Sol really is. If he changed his mind we should never take him back. We need Team players. The Spurs go Marching On.
Matthew Birley

With Sol leaving it's a big blow to Spurs, but at the end of the day no one player is bigger than THFC. It’s now up to Glenn and the board to replace him and show us fans what they can do. PS. I think 80K a year is a joke to pay any player, no matter how good he is.
Stewart Downie

ENIC should have put there money where Buchler’s mouth is. £20m is peanuts. It just goes to show that the big-wigs think that the Champions League next season is a non starter. No confidence - no ambition.
Andrew Smithy

Campbell's departure will affect us greatly for the upcoming season, but if quality, experienced players can be brought in to the first team and our crop of youngsters can be fully developed, then there is hope for the (not too distant) future.
John Viggers

Sol Campbell is now history and I believe with financial support from the board we can shore up the gap left by Campbell. As there is no room for greedy self motivated players, a little bit of international experience at the back and the midfield we should finish at least in the top half of the table. I know it’s a cliche but Rome wasn't built in a day.
David Keery

I cannot see anything positive regarding next season. The effect of our captain's departure would mean players of real talent such as Stephen Carr could possibly follow Sol's wish to play in a team that has qualified for Europe. Leaving us with a squad that is made up of players lacking experience or past their prime - with nothing in between.
Anthony Bifulco

Sol is just one more big name proving to us all that personal greed is more important than the game. I remember seeing Sol some years ago playing at Norwich and he was awful, but Spurs stood by him to help him become the player he is now. For him to suggest we thank HIM for staying at Spurs for the last 10 years makes me want to puke. Of course the poor chap has been earning a pittance during this period (not), so much so that £80,000 a week is not good enough for him. His remarks that this was purely a 'football decision' is utter ********.
Steve Stiles

Sol Campbell's decision to quit the club is disappointing but not terminal and at least we can now all move on. His indecision whether to stay or go - which some might say was less a crisis of conscience (as he and his agent wanted us to believe) and actually nothing more that sheer deceit - seems to me to have to destabilised the club during the whole of last season. It could be argued that Sol's lack of leadership as club captain cost us a place in Europe or a cup final slot or both; it certainly appears to have cost us the services of a proven successful manager who clearly needed more time to complete what he started. Though I personally feel that Sol's behaviour has been far from honourable, it seems that the game has changed so much that that particular virtue counts for less these days than when one of my heroes - Dave Mackay - held the cherished position of club captain.
Prakash Daswani

Let greedy players like Sol go, let him go. Spurs CAN and WILL find a replacement for Sol! They have talented scouts who can spot diamonds in the rough, don't they?

I think Spurs fans and management were fooled all along by Sol. Sol wants 20 millions pounds on a 3 year contract and a walkaway clause should Spurs fail to qualify for European berth. If the clause is one that allows Spurs to transfer Sol for a fee, I’ve got no objection with Sol making such money.

Sol has no intention to sign a long-term contract all along and he fooled management by waiting till now to tell us he wants out of Spurs. By becoming a free agent, he can get MORE money for himself in his new fat contract and Spurs gets nothing. What a con job by Sol. All the talk about loyalty is just a ploy to get us on his side.

This Bosman rule is going to hurt sports fans in Europe. In North America, greedy athletes are making obscene monies and the fans are the ultimate losers. Fans end up paying more to see athletes sulks.
Daryl Gan

I’m gutted Sol's gone, but that's that - get on with it. Don't make him the scapegoat for more mid-table mediocrity.who knows? If ENIC give us the success they've promised maybe Sol will rue the day he left. Good luck Sol & come on you Spurs.
John Mccarry

Sol will obviously be missed by all at the club, but if we can find the right partnership in defence there should be no reason why we cannot achieve a European place. For example, who would have thought that Stephane Henchoz, who appeared average at Blackburn, and Sami Hyppia, who no-one had heard of 2 years ago, would make such a formidable partnership.
Richard Lee

Let’s forget about Sol he is now in Spurs history, let’s thank him, wish him well and look forward - a new season, new manager, new owners, a better than average side (without injuries) with some more new blood in the squad. Let’s prove to Sol he made the wrong move, and in five years he might just finish his career with us just as Teddy has, so lets get behind Spurs.
Simon Pitcher

Sol Who?
Andy Beale

Next campaign? So there IS going to be one then? Surely not? I think you mean watch ENIC sit back, let the money roll in and try to kid the Spurs fans that, once again, next season will be the big one. Oh joy. Good luck to Sol man by the way - he was a star (fool) to stay as long as he did - you go win those medals Sol, then when you're past it and looking for somewhere to graze we'll have you back again.
Jay Dee

I think that Sol going is what most fans have been expecting for some time. I'm sorry to say but I think he has become greedy. The club seems to be going forward with the new signings and the future looks rosy. Don't forget, that we have a five-year plan. Things won't change overnight but I'm sure we will get there. Hod the God will lead the way even without big Sol. It's a shame but.... The king is dead, long live the king!
Kevin Parker

The loss of Sol Campball is a major blow for Tottenham Hotspur. There isn't a better defender in the Premier League and maybe the world. We will find it very difficult to replace such a talent. However, Tottenham is not about one player, and I believe in manager Glenn Hoddle we have the right man to bring in the right replacement. Tottenham are on the way up!
Martin Walker

Without Sol, qualifying for Europe next season will be very difficult. However, I believe that with 1 or 2 more signings, and depending on the size of our injury list, it can be done.
Samantha Mandel-Dallal

I really feel that to achieve anything without Sol will be too big a task. He can’t be replaced and it will be too big a blow to the club. Only time will tell if Spurs can return to the glory days...
David Rutherford

Last Season, Sol missed half the term through injury and although he is a great player, the side probably suffered by playing lots of different formations at the back. The young lads like Luke Young, Ledley King and Gary Doherty all point to a defensive formation that will be extremely effective. It's sad that Sol chose to handle the whole situation the way he (or his agent) did and deprived the club of the transfer fee to maximise his own pocket under the Bosman Rules with a signing on fee. The club will obviously find it hard to replace his physical qualities, but the fact is he's left, so move on. The real problems last season were in being able to take the chances we created and investment in a striker and midfield will probably improve the situation.
Kevin Gray