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Sounding off over Sol 4

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).

The fourth and final part of your Sound Offs on the subject of Sol Campbell's leaving. We had a massive response, and we apologise for being unable to publish them all.

Obviously it’s not good to lose Sol, but if his heart's not in Tottenham then let him go! He shouldn’t have led all the fans on saying he wasn't going when he probably knew he was. DO NOT let Anderton treat us the same way - if he won't sign, let him go and let another club suffer his injury spasms! Let’s look to the future; Davies, Doherty, King, Thelwell, Young etc. Just a couple of experienced players around them and just maybe we can show Sol what he's missing at his so called "Beloved Club"!
Ben Henry

Sol was and is a world class defender - no doubt about it! I do not think he will missed as much as everyone thinks. The big disappointment is not that he is going but that we have been robbed of nearly £20m! We should have got rid of him a long time ago and brought in some real class players in midfield. It is the same old story at Spurs, buy in some good players let some good ones go (Sol, maybe Anderton) and we are back to square one. I hope I am wrong!
Simon Lemos

Unless we find a suitable replacement it may have a very large impact. This move has nothing to do with the game it has to do with bank balances. Sol has been with the club for a very long time now. But, no player is worth the amount of dosh he's asking. He'll need his own Securicor van to get to the pitch at this rate.
Jim Nix

I am saddened by some of the comments made about Sol and the way he has apparently behaved. Typical fickle Spurs fans comments coming to the fore. The man has given his all to the club for many years and has been our most outstanding player for the past few seasons. He is an ambitious player and should be looking for success. Sadly I agree with him in that there is little evidence that Spurs share that drive and ambition to become a top 3 or 4 club in the Premiership. Sheringham (who I admire greatly) and Southgate are not players who are going to transform the club. Good luck Sol - I wished you had stayed and I wished the club had shared your vision - let's now see what ENIC are about.
James Collins

Why should we break the bank to keep Sol? £80,000 a week would have made him better paid than Beckham, Rivaldo and Keane - is he really THAT good? I don't think so.
Andrew Henderson

I believe it`s time to let the youngsters play. I know experience counts for a lot but how can these players get experience of quality football in the reserve team. Davies, King, Young and Doherty in particular look like becoming exceptional players and I’m sure there’s one or two others waiting too. OK we have to bring in a few players but we’ve got to let these players play or they will want to leave, to get first team football somewhere else. Sol is a big loss but I’m sure we can carry on without him, we can’t do any worse surely.
Joseph Catwright

Lets be sensible about all this Sol Campbell hysteria for a minute. Everywhere I read people are talking about this 'world class' defender that we have lost. Have I missed something? Surely to be a world class player you would have to have an excellent all round game. Is Sol really world class? In fact, is he actually that good anyway or has a better than average player shone in a below average team. Sol has some of the worst distribution I have seen, his positioning at times is atrocious and more often than not his strength and pace get him out of trouble. If he goes to Spain he is in for a big shock. Ledley King looks to have nearly everything and if he keeps on this track then he will be 10 times the player that Sol is.
Luke Kennedy

What do the following players have in common? Hoddle, Waddle, Gazza, Ginola. Answer: They all left Spurs and remained icons in the eyes of the fans. Look at the cheer Gazza gets every time he comes back. I'm afraid Sol has lost his right to that mantle by damaging the club when departing. He knew what he was doing two years ago when he kept on refusing to talk. Call that commitment! Hardly. And as for Darren Anderton sticking his penny's worth in. What a joke. We may not be the finished article next year, but I'm impressed with the start ENIC have made under very difficult circumstances and I think we will improve. Good luck Glenn and to Sol, well, thank you but I'm one fan who won't miss you...
D Bathmaker

All this talk of loyalty is making me laugh. Sol's just like every other player around, looking after his best interests, and who can blame him. If you want to see players who play for the shirt you're going to need a time machine, that era is a long way in the past now. We should be wishing Sol well, (we've all worshipped him for years), and maybe in the future he'll feel that Spurs is where his heart is and be back. While we continue being also-rans, we cannot expect top class players to spend their whole careers here. That said, I believe HOD is the man to make us great again, COME ON U SPURS.
Andy Saunders

We got big Sol for nothing by raising him as a youth player and have lost him for nothing due to personal ambition on his part. Do we really need a player that is more interested in how far he can get in the Premiership and Europe and not how far the team can get in the leagues? I think not, because the top-flight teams push for team spirit and rapport amongst the players and not individuality. The fans are cheering on the team not one player and I think Sol has forgotten this.
Tom Costa-Veiga