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Sounding off over Sol (2)

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).

More from our overloaded mailbox on the Sol saga...

What makes me laugh is that Sol has said it was all about ambition, so when we didn’t make it into Europe why didn’t he just say he was going? He didn’t give Glenn a chance and what kind of player would put a clause in his contract if he wasn’t totally committed! The club tried over 2 years to get Sol talking and the only reason they didn’t was because Sol didn’t want to talk. "I will talk about my contract at the end of the season" was the regular comment and then the next and the next… He knew what he was doing 2 years ago and to claim that we didn’t do enough to keep him is beyond belief. Personally we should get rid of players that are just in it for themselves. What about us fans?
Sam Ventre

The only affect Spurs now Campbell has gone will be to the young centre-backs, it was clear to see this season that Ledley King and Thelwell were learning from Sol and growing in stature, it may take them a bit longer now but they will fill his boots. The money he was asking for, whether or not you believe it, will definitely be better spent improving our midfield. We now have Bunjecevic who is a great defender with lots of international experience, £20m will buy us a lot of players over the next 3 years, well done ENIC.
Zaren Courtenay

Sol gave his best to Spurs over the years. Let's not forget that. His priorities have changed now and I don't believe it is just money. Who can blame him for wanting to see how far he can really go? The same goes for Anderton. If he wants to go let him go. Let's keep investing in the young players and stop looking for quick-fix big name buys. Let the young lads prove themselves. That's what United and Leeds have done. Who would we prefer to be like Man Utd or Chelsea?
Paddy Baxter

To be fair he is a very good player, but he was going to go eventually and it's not as if we don't have any cover. Perry is a good defender as is Young, Thelwell and King. It's much better to build afresh. For the first time in a while spurs have a group of really good young players (Davies is one of the most exciting prospects around) and Hoddle should continue to have faith with them as Ferguson did with his youngsters at Man Utd. If he can add another experienced midfielder, defender and striker then we have a team which should be getting in to Europe. Sol's gone it's more of an emotional loss than a loss on the pitch.
Lawrence Bell

Over the last few years Sol has been a good player in an average team. I wish him well on his new adventure, hopefully he will go abroad to Spain or Italy, so our noses are not rubbed in it by United or a gooner. But for his sake he will have to learn the language or fail like Ian Rush, Luther Blissett, Gazza and the great Jimmy Greaves.
Mark Etherington

Don't get me wrong Sol is one of the best defenders in the world, but he is not in football for the love of the game anymore, nor is he loyal to Spurs - all he wants is his money. And yes there are clubs that will pay money for him, and good luck to him, it is a lucky position to be in. All I can say is Spurs are better of without him. We want players who are loyal and love the game, not the money. And if we can change Sol for someone like that it makes Spurs much better than him. Anyway he hasn't got many years left in him. SHAME ON YOU SOL, BRING ON TEDDY
Heather Jolin

No one can be annoyed with Sol for wanting more money, we'd all do the same. However, the way he tried to make it look like his decision was down to footballing ambition and not money, sucks. Now he's gone, let's get on with things. Hod proved at Southampton that if you have a team, and not a bunch of overpaid individuals, you can beat anyone. Let's build for the future, and in three years time, watch Sol cry as it's us winning the medals!
Mr D.M

Sol will be missed. But its hardly like we don’t have several good young central defenders. Plus, from all accounts I’ve read Bunjevcevic is a brilliant player. Sol's demands were outrageous. He wanted £20m over 3 seasons but yet if we didn’t make it into the Champions League, he could for free. Management were going to commit £80,000 a week to Sol, but at the end of the day where was Sol's commitment to the fans, his teamates, management etc? Let’s spend the £20m Sol was going to get on re-signing Darren Anderton for a start, and then bring in 2 or 3 world class players.
Steve Betts

If the club had met Sol's unrealistic demands, other players may very well have taken his lead by demanding more money and then the wage structure at the club would have gone through the roof. He was a good servant to the club but he must realise that no one player is bigger than the club.
Steve Wigg

I think that Sol will be back, he won't get the attention and praise he got at the Lane. I think that ENIC have been great so far. We have already got Glenn and Teddy back and they are asking US the fans who we want. Must be good!
Martin Ross

Although I respect Steve Carr and Steffen Freund's comments about Sol's departure, I find it amazing that they would think that the fans would feel the same. I was also miffed when Carr said Sol should be playing in Europe and winning silverware! Does that mean that he thinks it won't happen at Spurs? Very disappointing. I would implore players to keep comments like those to themselves as the fans are feeling very, very let down at the moment and these sort of quotes don't help. COME ON YOU SPURS
Fiona Brosowski

It will have a massive affect on the team but with that Bunjy bloke we signed we shouldn't do to badly without him
Bobby Dean

Next season without Sol? Who knows?? It is dependent on the current squad’s fitness, Glenn's coaching skills, as well as any new signings. My main point is why didn't Spurs discuss a new contact with Sol 2 years ago and then after 6 months of talks, if he wasn't prepared to sign then he goes on the transfer list - he goes 12/18 months earlier, but we're £15-20m richer! What did we really get from Sol over the past 12 months? Was his mind really elsewhere? Let's learn from this very costly mistake!Paul Harris

In the absence of Sol we will be weakened hugely in our defence. Although with Hoddle’s likely formation of 3 at the back should compensate if the Bulgarian (ED: Yugoslavian) is any good. I think Southgate would be an excellent buy because he knows Premiership strikers inside out, unlike the new boy. The only positive I can draw from his departure is that his distribution of the ball certainly will not be missed.
Dan King