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Sound Offs: Smoking at WHL

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).

Adam Winter: Yes, I am a Smoker and yes I do want to be able to smoke while watching Spurs play. I do though also appreciate the comments from non-smokers about banning smoking for their comfort and health. I am a great believer in freedom of choice and think that blanket banning will only make some people happy, some of the time. It seems to be the answer to everything these days. I also think that very few smokers will respond to your sound off site, which will give an unfair view of feels.

I feel sure that a compromise can be reached where we could have either non-smoking or smoking area's within the ground. I also hope this proposed ban would not include the refreshments area where people can easily move around and are not forced to sit/stand near someone smoking, or doing anything else for that matter.

I personally cannot stand the smell of Hot chocolate, so much so that it makes me feel ill. However, I would not suggest a blanket banning of Hot Chocolate throughout the ground. I do understand that Hot Chocolate is not a health risk, but I hope you take my point.Philip Wallace: Ban It !! The pain of the Bradford should be honoured and lessons learn't.Tottenham's name is synonimus with "greatness and setting the trend for others to follow !!

Jim Mottau: So, we have a non-smoker in the stadium. I suggest we have a non-smoking section for these moaning minnies somewhere down the Seven Sisters Road. This is not an aeroplane or a train, this is the open air. If I can't smoke for 2 hours while I watch the boys, I'll stay at home and watch SKY. Why change now? Because it's trendy to hit at smokers. We haven’t changed - you have.

Darren Richards: Whilst I understand and respect the thoughts of those people who don't smoke, I am asking to please spare a moment for those who do. Over the last 8 to 9 seasons, smoking the odd cigar during a home match has been one of the few enjoyable and satisfying moments that have occurred. Please don't take away the smokers only guaranteed pleasure.

Lee Toms: There are a lot of people who don’t smoke and a lot who do. Perhaps there should be a section of White Hart Lane that you can smoke in, then this might keep the non-smokers happy. But I feel whatever you do, you want stop people from smoking in the ground.

Eric Appleby: I'm fed up with having it in my, and my children's faces throughout the game.

Gavin Tuohy: Just received a letter from Daniel Levy about the new season and he's asked for our views about smoking at WHL. There are 2 smokers who sit either side of me on match days and, as a non-smoker, it really makes my life a misery - I've even considered asking to be relocated. My wife says that my clothes stink of smoke when I get home. So please, please bring in the ban, at the very least in the seating areas.