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Sound Offs: Players as refs?

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).

Richard O'Donoghue: I think former players should have the option of becoming referee's IF THEY WAN'T TO. But lets be honest once you have retired from football and, nowdays this usully means you are a multi millionaire, would you wan't to run the risk of getting extremely vital decisions wrong which means getting hate mail from fans including death threats and abuse which you can hear loud and clear from the stands. So by all means start advertising "referee vacancies for former profesionals", just don't expect too many applications.

Also while I'm here can I just say that this season I think we look a lot better. OK, we have lost a few, but we certainly have made a game of them. Just one thing, how can nobody see we seriously need a decent striker, I mean an out and out striker? I am growing increasingly frustrated at watching clubs sign top strikers while we sit back and go bargain hunting. You keep
complaining about us being called a small club but your firing the media ammunition by your "small club" actions, which they are. Needing a striker does not mean selling one, please I beg you not to sell Sergei Rebrov.

John Knight: It doesn't make one iota of difference whether a referee is a former professional player or a part-time milkman, as long as he knows the rules. The problem is, he has a near-impossible job to do, and is not helped by silly rules which have been introduced over the last 10 years, meaning you can get sent off for sneezing near an opposing player. The only way they can help matters would be to use the video panel to analyse players' dives after each match and impose a 3-match ban on anyone found guilty. That would soon stop the likes of Hasselbaink, Bergkamp and Savage from ruining our game with their disgraceful theatrics on the pitch.

Ian Clark: Ex footballers to be refs! As much as I admire Mr. Hoddle one must draw semblance to the French judicaial system which, unlike ours specifically trains judges to be judges. Our systems allows the people who are supposedly good defence or prosecution barristers to be promoted to "judge". They must surely favour one opinion - e.g. defenders would give the benefit of the doubt to the defending team in the box - haven't we all heard enough of Hansen on TV on this subject! Like the French Judiciary with its judges, I favour specifically trained, hopefully impartial, professional referees. I'm afraid that I'd also have to ask our Glenn the question "how much did you want to become a referee?"

Luis: Not all good players make good coaches, some good coaches aren't good players as well.. but I'd say some players' experience will be good for the game. I welcome opening the opportunity for ex-players to be refs.

Tom Butcher: I don't know if it is such a good idea although I see Glenn's point. Ex-players are likely to have favourite clubs and hated clubs. I can't see Roy Keane in the future awarding Premiership title holders Manchester CITY a penalty, do you?

David Dutton: Glenn has some good ideas. In my opinion ex-players may be hindered by their experience of playing in too few positions to get an overall objective view. Our Premiership referees have no such bias and can be relied upon for (mostly) fair decisions. A person who can remain calm in any situation and with experience of studying the videos of many games is more relevant than than the playing. I am sure that the fitness of our referees will match the fitness of many ex-players.

Mixed bag...

Adam Coe: I am a big fan of Spurs and had a thought today that we could get Robbie Fowler off Liverpool. As they don't seem interested in him.

Jamie: I think our team should go like this if everyone is fit!!! Sullivan, King, Richards, Bunjevcevic, Carr, Ziege, Anderton, Sherwood, Poyet, Sheringham, Ferdinand.
What do the rest of you think?

Michael Chan: Im telling you TOO BUY IVAN DE LA PENA, he will be a brill addition to the squad.

Mike Ruddock: Keller is NOT better than Sullivan, Neil is a class keeper. PLEASE play Rebrov, he is worth the £11mill.