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Sound Offs: Gus reaction 3

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).

The final batch of your reactions to the signing of Gus Poyet from Chelsea…

Raphael Clarkson, Finchley: I think Gus would be perfect alongside Simon Davies and in midfield. Hod the god really has made a great signing. Glenn Hoddle, I love you.

Daniel England, Newton Abbot: What a great signing for Spurs the arrival of Gustavo Poyet. I have watched him adapt to the Premership at Chelsea and always felt he was a class player and I am sure he will turn out to be a great asset to Spurs in the near future. With our excellent crop of youngsters on there way through I am sure European football could be on the way back to the Lane!! Well done Glenn, what a great signing.

Neil Grimes, Banbridge: Nice to see Glenn has his head firmly on his shoulders - bringing in players of class such as Gus and knowing that he has more in the pipeline is a huge boost after the debacle of the Graham era.

Jackson Sanders, Haverfordwest: I think Gus is a good addition to our squad. I think players who have come through this season, especially Simon Davies, will benefit from him. I think Simon in particular because they are the same style of player. I think Glenn is right to bring in the experienced players because we need that in our team. He is buying a few players and hopefully he will not get rid of other players as we have the injury curse hanging over our head. I think this is the right decision to bring in experienced players like Gus and Teddy and I can't wait to see who the new signings are.

M Rizwan, Singapore: The arrival of GUS POYET will significantly boost the morale of the club and, at long last, the board is listening to the fans' cries. Poyet might not be a signing in the class of the devil's RUDE BOY NISTLEROOY but it is important that we have a player of his calibre to guide the youngsters who were excellent last season. With the commitment and determination he showed while at Stamford Bridge, I'll bet that he will be the player to look out for this season. Welcome to White Hart Lane Gus, and to Glenn...keep up the good work. We, the fans, are looking forward to more signings in the days to come.

Charlie Parish, Orpington: The arrival of Poyet is simply another example of the progression that the club is making under Glenn. Gone are the days where 1st division journeymen line our squad; now we're mixing it with the big boys. Just one thought for next season: imagine Gus knocking in the winner against Chelsea at the!

Nigel Pearce, Caerphilly: Superb signing, a proven goalscorer coming from midfield. Will prove invaluable alongside Teddy in helping the youngsters come through. Hail The Gusman!

Tom Cole, Portland: Gus can only do good for the Spurs, and Glenn, keep on signing! Well done so far to ENIC and Glenn.

Michael Mangan, California: The emergence of the young players was definitely the highlight of last season. Neil Sullivan’s performances in goal were also a highlight. Hopefully the blend of youth and experience that Glenn Hoddle is beginning to put together will see us improve our league standing and possibly win one of the cup competitions. Hopefully the fans will remain patient and support the team during this rebuilding period.

Colin Slasberg, Harlow: We have to have confidence that Glenn is right to use these older players to bring some short term success while they help the likes of Simon Davies to become really important players, and not just another crop of bright young players that end up in the lower divisions by their mid twenties. That is what would make the real difference, and generate big money to augment the team at a later date with players nearing their peak.

Gareth Lander, Leicester: Even though Poyet played at the Bridge, I think he will be a valuable asset to the club, lets face it, he can thump em' in!

Philip Harbage, Worcester Park: I think the arrival of Poyet is great because he scores around 10-15 goals a season and he will add the experience that our young team needs. Also with him Rebrov and Sheringham, I can see a lot of goals next season.

Barry Curran: Gus Poyet could well be the Spurs signing of the summer! The only disappointing thing is we sign yet another veteran, and as soon as that occurs the team we sign him from makes a move for one of England’s up and coming stars. West Ham's want away midfield maestro Frank Lampard. Hopefully Frank will be a flop and Gus will be the inspiration of the success that we Spurs fans have desired for so, so long.

Darren Attenborough, Tunbridge Wells: I think Poyet is a great signing, not only is he powerful in the air, he can score goals and has a good engine. The fact that he is 33 is not a problem as the press has commented on what Gary Mcallister has achieved at Liverpool. I also think bringing in experienced players will benefit our younger players in the long run.

Steve Betts, Fort Lauderdale: Good signing. Poyet scores brilliant goals. Can actually pass a football as well, unlike Sherwood. For 1.25 million there is no risk as well. Well done Glenn. Keep the signings comming in. Guardiola next please.

Keith Waterfield: I think that the new signing of Gus Poyet is a superb one and one which Glenn obviously wanted. Poyet is a fantastic player and has scored numerous goals for Chelsea in past seasons. I am not at all worried about the age because that will only bring experience to the team, and particularly to the youngsters. Well done Glenn, but I and many other fans still feel that another defender is needed. Word is being spread that Christian Ziege may be on his way and that is good, but what about Gareth Southgate as well? Also if Frank Lampard is coming up for sale then we should jump at the chance to get him because he is going to be an amazing player in the future and will become worth a bob or two as well.

Paul Roughly, Durham: I think Gus will be a very good player for us next season indeed, but I can see him picking up a few frequent knocks along the way. I don’t think either we need to worry so much about Sol's departure, believe it or not! I agree it would have been better to keep him as he is, in my opinion, the best defender in the world. But I feel that we have more than adequate backup in Anthony Gardner - he could easily be as good as, if not better than Sol. Along side him is Ledley King and the trustworthy Gary Doherty. I don’t know much about Bunjevcevic but there is the experienced Chris Perry and of course, Luke Young, so I think we are solid in the centre of defence. As well as the good quality centre backs there is of course, Stevie Carr, who is without doubt the best right back in the country. However, on the left I think Ben Thatcher hasn’t lived up to expectations and Ziege would fit in perfectly. In midfield Gus will definitely help out with his experience and goalscoring abilities. I think Anderton will stay which will be a good help. Along with Davies (another class youngster), Freund and Sherwood - if they stay will be useful and I think Matty Etherington will shine next year although I think a bit of experience wouldn’t go a miss on the left. I personally thought that Stephen Clemence was very good last season and he should feature more in the middle and there is Korsten, who I think is potentially a good player. I think we need 2 midfielders, and PLEASE Glenn, get Guardiola! On the left I think we should go for Kily Gonzalez and get Quinton Fortune as back up for the whole midfield. Up front I don’t think we have any problems whatsoever. We have 4 very capable strikers in Rebrov, Teddy, Les and Iversen although sadly I think Armstrong should leave, with no disrespect to him. However if the chance came to sign Shevchenko… we have the major pull factor for him, don’t we? Without doubt we do not need a keeper, Sullivan was simply superb last season! I think though it would be wise to invest in a young keeper as backup for example, James Langfield the scottish U21. Thats my views for next season but one last thing, I would like to see youngsters such as Ciaran Toner, Ian Hiller, Alton Thelwell and John Piercy getting more of a chance.

Scott Holloway, Caledonian Road: I believe the capture of Poyet, despite his age, is a wonderful acquisition. The pure calibre of such a player will, in my opinion, 'spur' on our promising youngsters and make for an exciting future at the Lane.

Sam Marland: Certainly Gus is an outstanding signing by an outstanding manager. He has bags of experience at the highest level which will be excellent for younger team mates such as Davies, Etherington, Gardner, King, Thelwell and the many more talented up and coming youngsters at the club who have already come on leaps and bounds. He is also as Hoddle said, a winner, which is what we need.

Niel Colov, Thailand: I was impressed with the desire for scoring goals Gus had while playing at Chelsea. I am sure Glenn can motivate him to greatness and scoring many goals. The young talents need players like Gus and Teddy to show the way. Gus is a good signing indeed.

Mark Shere-Massey, Gloucs: Although I am happy to see Spurs spending some money and was delighted to see Teddy back at the Lane, I can't help thinking ‘here we go again’. I feel this because the team (And no offence is meant by this) is turning into an "Old Boy's" team. This is just another quick fix. In a year or so Poyet, Ferdinand, Teddy, Perry and Freund will all be to old and we will be stuck with only half a team. That is why I for one would like to see Spurs investing more in the future of the club rather going for yet another quick fix, which I feel, will once again not meet the high standards that we Spurs fans expect when our favourite team steps out on to the pitch again at the start of next season.

John Cooper, Barnet: I am all in favour of shrewd buys, but I think that Spurs have proved for the last decade, that this does not bring success. Break the bank and bring Zidane and Rivaldo, the ambition of these signings is priceless.

Julio Liguori, Montevideo: Great buy!! I'm from Uruguay. Saturday a Chelsea fan, today the most excited Spurs Fan!!! Sure Gus will give the Spurs what they need!

Stephanie Baharie, Plymouth: I think that this is a great signing. Gus is a great player and will bring strength to the squad. He's just the sort of player we need and I think this is a very positive move by the club. Well done to Glenn too, he's doing us proud.

Steve Hubbard, Upminster: The signing of older and experienced players is welcome but I would still like to see the club demonstrate its commitment with several "big" signings and with some element of youth on their side. Surely with GH at the helm this must be achievable, notwithstanding the clubs under performance in

recent seasons that may put off such players arriving. What is annoying and clearly reflects this failing is news that Sol Campbell looks like joining the other lot up the road. This is a disgrace on his part but reflects the current gulf between the two clubs in terms of investment and success.

Robert Cochrane, Harlow: I would like to see all of your reactions when Gus sets up a few goals in the opening games of the season, this is typical hypocritical football supporting, with Gus just behind Teddy next season the Gooners wont have a chance!! Europe here we come!

Tony Luhman, Woking: Gus is a solid signing, we have a lot of youngsters in the squad and the introduction of the likes of Teddy and Gus will provide stability as well as tactical options. We need to start to build a squad not just a team - and it appears Glenn understands that. As for the loss of Big Sol, last season with Stevie Carr out we based our entire defence around him and when he got injured in the semi we fell apart. We should see it as a chance to develop. Besides any Spurs player who seriously considers a move to the gooners doesn’t deserve the right to play at the Lane.

Simon Carey: Poy is the boy! He is good in the air and great on the ball. With Teddy and hopefully Ziege we can do something next season. Watch out gunn*rs!

Jason Covey, Barking: Thank god for Hoddle, some great signings already and hopefully 2 more, Teddy and Gus may be old, but look at what they can teach the kids. Superb, excitng times lay ahead, gooners watch your backs the White Hart Lane train is coming.