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Sound Offs: Big hits or kids? (2)

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).

The second batch of your answers to the question: Should Glenn Hoddle stick with our outstanding crop of kids next season or try to bring in more big-name stars?

Peter Land, Ware: Of course Glenn needs to bring in more experience, and more importantly more quality. We are blessed with many fine youngsters but they need to be grafted onto a backbone of experience, and our current senior players are just not good enough. Sherwood, Freund, Perry, Ferdinand etc are just about "squad player" quality and should be replaced while they still have some value in the transfer market.

Mark Duggan, Belfast: I think we should definitely have Davies, King, Doherty and possibly Gardner starting as often as possible. With the influence of the older boys there it can only do them good. I know there are plenty of other youngsters there but I would give them another season.

Kris Twyman, Kent: I think it is time ENIC or Glenn Hoddle bucked up their ideas and give us Spurs fans what we all want - David Ginola he brought a lot of spark to the club, and we need to bring some back.

Neil Skinner, Cyprus: Teddy Sheringham is a great acquisition once again and I think he will be a great partner for Sergei. But Iversen and Ferdinand, although useful, have spent far to much time on the treatment table and it's not good for the continuity of the team to have strikers just come in for a couple of games at a time before becoming injured again. We still need another quality striker at the club. Look no further than our rivals, bring in Wiltord, he's not happy at the Arse', who would be!

Stephen Course, Bexley: Whilst the youngsters have played admirably this season, some are not quite ready yet and need more time in the reserves and coming on as sub to learn their trade. On man who has to play is Simon Davies. Darren Anderton has had a lot to say recently, but really I don't see that we should break the bank to pay him when Davies has been excellent this season and could easily fill that role. Doherty should play at the back, but the others still need time to learn, and will improve more as players if we can get some quality internationals who they can learn from in.

Simon Cooke, Harlow: I think we need to keep the excellent quality of youth players coming through but, at the same time, we need to buy some established stars for the present. We are desperate for a powerful midfielder in the mould of Vieira or Gerrard and a creative player like Hoddle. Yhe quality experienced players will help the youth players to flourish.

Ross Beard, Colchester: The youngsters have proved that they are future talents by getting to the semi-final and not doing to badly in the league considering the amount of youngsters playing. But to continue their development they need to be training and playing with top world class players. We desperately need experienced midfielders. I'd like to see Lampard at White Hart Lane and am quite disappointed that we haven't had a successful bid already. Buy some players and the kids will benefit from it.

Paul Lennon: it's always better to develop a team of young players so that the understanding, team spirit & camaraderie are there(man-u & leeds). At the same time we need experience, but not in the form of over-the-hill, out-of-favour players from Spain or Italy - I’d rather not spend the money!

David Graham, New York: I think we need to blend youth with experience. Although it always excites me to see the youngsters play (Glenn was playing regularly before he was 22) I think we have to have senior players coax the kids. That's why it was important to bring in Sheri to help Davies and important to bring in Bunji to help King and Gardner. However, if we have a strong talented kid coming through, I believe we shouldn't spend the money BUT play him, it's the only way to season them. I would still like to see us bring in an experienced ball winner in midfield and a natural goalscorer. Oh! Mullery (The Tank!), if only you were 25 years younger! Oh! Mackay, if only you were 40 years younger!! Oh! Greaves, if only, if only!

David Gerty, Hertford: The best thing to do would be to blend youth with experience, as they can learn and develop themselves from players like Sheringham and Rebrov and hopefully more to come. Also the trouble we had with our injury crisis last season I think we have learnt the lesson that we need strength in depth so we can go for Europe and hopefully sustain a good cup run.

Raphael C: It's obvious! Hod should do both. I don't think that he should fill the squad with big name signings. I think we should keep King, Gardner and Davies all in the first team as they have real potential and need experience. Then Glenn only needs to make 3-4 more signings, and we'll be challenging for UEFA cup slots!

Demetri Theodotou, Edmonton: As far as the squad is concerned, an extra couple of experienced players are needed. However, Glenn should definitely play the youngsters whenever he possibly can because, as we all saw last season, they are not only a tremendously gifted bunch but also play with their hearts on their sleeves and with a fervour rarely associated with their older, more experienced (and ludicrously paid) counterparts. On another note, what are the reasons why the club has not adopted performance-related pay? Apparently Ipswich operate such a scheme and look where they finished this season. I keep asking the question 'what incentive is there to a player on £25,000-£30,000 per week win or lose?'

Will Birdsall, Rugby: I believe that next season is far too early to expect us to reach a high enough league position to achieve entry into Europe and that this is just the wishful thinking of loyal Spurs fans. With the talented young players we have coming up through the ranks at Spurs we could possibly be setting our sights on Europe in another season or two. However, to achieve this it is imperative that our talented youth are encouraged to remain at Tottenham and are not allowed to be poached by other clubs. They must be made to feel a part of Tottenham’s future, something we have failed to do over the last five years, letting very good players walk away. I think Glenn is capable of building a Tottenham side that will one season blossom. Instant results are a pipe dream and can usually only be achieved with obscene amounts of money and a hell of a lot of luck i.e. Blackburn. I would be happy with a top ten place that had been reached by a Tottenham side with a little fire in their bellies!!

Hopefully next season we will see a side with confidence at the back, a skilful midfield with players that aren't afraid to attack (Simon Davies looked very good against MU)and a goal hungry attacking line up (Welcome back Teddy Sheringham!!). If I see these things start to develop next season I would be more than happy. I'm fed up with Tottenham being everyone’s three pointer! Oh, and do you think we could get Ginola back now Graham’s gone? I don’t think he's very happy at the Villa.

Jackson Sanders, Haverfordwest: I believe that Glenn Hoddle is experienced enough to realise that we can't cope with youngsters alone, I mean You can't win anything with kids. Hang on, where have I heard that before. Moving on, I think that Hoddle should bring in more players and filter in the youngsters as the season goes on. But Simon Davies should start with someone like Effenburg. A creative boy with a experienced man.