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Sound Offs: Best so far? (2)

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).

William Tee: Ethers! Just to be contrary, but seriously consider his impact. His potential and his performances. He may not have got the goals, he has about 2 assists, and is looking great. All he needs now is match fitness. And he's always there when you need him. I personally believe that he should start, rather than Poyet, who may be better off the bench. AND it's GREAT!!! that DAZ is Back! Long may the injury revival continue. Also c'mon give Milenko more of a spell, especially with Daz back, he really dazzled in pre-season, and we need to see his attractive attacking football. Ether, Davies, Daz, Ethers, Redknapp cominations abound should give us the best midfield of the season, making the player of the season the fantastic problem we all love!!!! Also if possible, couldn't we try out a Rebrov- Keano partnership?

Tom Heron: Simon Davies as impressed me the most this season so far. With him and Carr on the right, that side should be unstoppable. Play Rebrov and Keane up front for a couple of games to see how they gel.

Ian Beal: Well.... Jamie Redknapp..... has been a fantastic signing for Spurs this season. Simon Davies has also developed well this season and is getting a lot of credit. However, I hope it doesn't go to his head.

Bob Hoskins: Davies, Redknapp, Keller and Etherington. If only Davies & Keller were English!!!! Davies could have got into the World Cup team last year and Keller would easily solve England's 'keeper crisis'. Etherington will be England's future left midfielder and why is Redknapp not in the squad. But anyway, our best player has been Davies - awesome.

David Vaughan: I've got to say a word for Kasey Keller, a man I was dubious about when stepping in for Sullivan. He is as good as I've seen in the premiership and has been a saviour for Spurs on more than one occasion. I'm a fan of Sully but for the moment he has to keep his place. Brilliant.

Jon P: Its a team effort, Simon has been brilliant as has Matty Etherington. Jamie in midfield is solid and Kasey in goal has been outstanding.

David Holman: Redknapp by far in the games against Burnley and Sunderland we missed him and
it showed!!!!! That's 1 good signing Glenn, let's see a few more. Glenn, I think I speak for all fans if Rebrov and Keano was to partner a few games. Da da dats al folks

Matthew Baker: Jamie Redknapp.. What a signing he was and if he stays fit we will win a lot of games this season. His passing and movement is different class and we need someone like him in our side.

Kaz Ire: Matthew Etherinton. He's given us great chance when he is played on the left hand side, he has made a great preformances when he has plyed and has impressed me enormously. He is a fantastic plyer and has come a long way since joining the club and has much futher to go if all his footballing career goes to plan. I think he is on his way to play for England.

Paul Carstofskii: It has to be Redknapp; a player in the true spurs mould. Keane is looking pretty good, too.

Greg Archer: Keane was a class signing and a bargain at £7m. I can see this being the club he settles down at-all we need for him now is a younger partner because Teddy can't keep going for ever! How about giving Rebrov a go? I don't think he's had the chance to prove himself yet. Robbie and Sergei would form a formidable partnership! Come on you Spurs!