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Sound Off: Smoking at WHL 9

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).

Mr I Bagley: You can't go through the stress of 90 mins of football without smoking. It calms you down, surely you can ban smoking in some areas and not others (not south upper). I have just purchased a season ticket this year, firstly you take away my store discount and now you want to take away smoking, boo!

Stephen Taylor: I feel smoking should most definitely be banned from ALL areas in WHL. With the best will in the world the smokers cannot control the wind outside and the refreshment areas are very busy with people trying to enjoy their snacks. Let's be honest, it makes life very uncomfortable for those poor non smoking people in the surrounding seats/eating areas. I appreciate it is difficult for smokers but this totally anti-social behaviour for one person's enjoyment means a whole lot more suffer as a consequence.

Warren Palmer: I have a season ticket at Spurs and there is nothing worse than sitting near someone who smokes constantly throughout a game, with the smoke blowing into your face. It is totally inconsiderate and should be banned, no questions asked.

Phaedon Pellegrini: I am a smoker and tend to smoke around 3 or 4 during the 90 minutes. But I have also asked people around me if they mind me having a smoke, especially when there are children around. If someone says that they do mind, which has not yet happened, I would gladly oblige and not smoke. A smoking ban would not bother me but obviously I would prefer to smoke as it calms me down and my use of bad language is reduced considerably. Maybe as a compromise wouldn’t be a bad thing whereby smokers can smoke in the bar areas only. I personally like to have a cigarette when having a drink.

John Fahey: painting smokers as inconsiderate Neanderthals who explode at the mere suggestion that they should refrain from blowing smoke in a certain direction or, god forbid, actually put the cigarette out is ridiculous. I believe I have the right to smoke at a game and the way we've played in the past it's been necessary on occasions, but if someone turned to me and said "can you not smoke near my asthmatic son", or "I really cannot stand the smell of that" then I would stop immediately.

The problem is non smokers don't do this, sometimes they tut or suck in through their teeth, but I have never been asked to put a fag out. They just wait until there is a debate like this and decide they'll come up with instances where they had standing arguments with smokers who were rude and obnoxious.

Pull your finger out, if you have an asthmatic son and someone is smoking tell them to stop, politely, and I am sure they will politely oblige. We're all Spurs, we're all there for the same reason, some people handle their nerves in a different way but for God's sake stop being so small minded and petty.

P.S. the guy going on about dog ends and wrappers, have you never ever in your life, at all dropped a chip packet in the stand, or a pie tin? Someone has to clear that up too, maybe we should all wear those white suits like forensic scientists and wipe our shoes before we come in and try hard not to make too much noise and try to eat our crisps quietly!

Jonathan Aucott: I feel that smoking should definitely be banned in the seating and also some sections of the refreshment areas, particularly so that the kids aren't affected. However, there should be an area allocated for smoking where the smokers can go should they feel the need for a fix (and heaven knows, they certainly needed one at times last year!!).

Simon Benjamin: I have been season ticket holder for many years and have been very troubled by smokers because I suffer from Asthma. I have often asked them to stop but this rarely works. Mostly I am glared at and treated as a pariah. I would like smoking to be restricted to before the game, during half time and afterwards only. During those times I can find other places to go. However, whilst the game is in play I think it should be banned because those of us who are affected cannot move. I think it is an insult to suggest we should just relocate somewhere permanently. Where exactly? And why should we be discriminated against? Equally I think that smokers should be catered for within reason - i.e. when the game is not under way.

Chris Hutchins: Smoking should definitely be banned during the match because it does inhibit the enjoyment of a match if someone's blowing smoke in your face. There should be designated areas within the stadium to allow smokers to ease the nerves during the half-time interval. However, in response to Keir Brady's point about merely asking to be relocated, I would strongly favour alternative courses of action. To cut out racism from the ground life-ban penalties were imposed on those alleged football fans found guilty of such an offence. Although smoking is a comparatively minor problem introducing one-game bans for example would hopefully deter those with a compulsion to spark-up in a non-designated area.

Andy Nathan: Two points:

1. Dave Gallagher - what is your problem?

2. I am an asthmatic non-smoking season ticket holder and yes, smoking does annoy me. But if banned in the seats, I see no reason why people can't smoke under the stands. If we non-smokers can have a smoke free match, then we can compromise by letting the smokers relax at half time surely.

I would also like to refer to another person who thinks that smoking in the ground stops people bringing their kids. If that is the case, then I find it indicative of the fickleness of some Spurs 'fans'. You either come to support your team - rain, shine, smoking or non-smoking, or you don't.

Not a black and white issue, but surely one where both sides can be pleased.

Tom Strachan: Sort it out, concentrate on the club and the results rather than this trendy lefty political crap. Get the team winning and playing decent football and you and the fans would have less time to worry about such a pathetic issue. Oh and non-smoker by the way, who doesn’t care as long as I get value for money for a change!