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Sound Off: Smoking at WHL 7

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).

Mark Nardi: Please ban smoking from the stadium. I sit in the West Stand Lower Tier and there are quite a few people that smoke around me at the games. I cannot stand the smell of smoke and I do not see why I should have to put up with the smell of smoke when I come to watch a game of football.

A Henderson: I like to think of myself as a 'considerate' smoker and as such I can perfectly understand the view that smoking should be banned in areas of the ground. I have enjoyed having cigaretted whilst watching games, however, I am happy not to smoke during play for the benefit of those around me. Having said that I do think that people wishing to smoke should be allowed to do so under the stadium before kick-off and at half-time. Life is a compromise ... some people choose to smoke, other people don't. Let's be sensible and have smoking areas so everyone can be happy - at least off the pitch!

Gary Brownjohn: Just ban it. We shouldn’t have to breathe in their smoke. We don’t when we go to the cinema and that doesn’t stop a smoker from going. They can light up as soon as they are outside the stadium. Please ban it!

Adam Griffin: You should create a section for those with young children and non-smokers. Until Spurs stop bringing me closer to the Grim Reaper every Saturday due to sheer stress I suggest banning smoking throughout the ground is a bad idea.

Anthony Wright: I am not a smoker but can appreciate the plight of those smokers around me, especially during pressure situations! Providing smokers show consideration for those around them I do not see it as a major issue especially against the backdrop of a sport that is renowned for hooliganism! With that said I believe smoking shouldn't be banned but I ask all smokers to show respect to the wishes of those people around them.

Simon Strickfuss: I am a season ticket holder & smoker. I would have no problem with banning smoking in the seating areas of WHL, in fact I would support it. The discomfort it causes my fellow supporters has already stopped me smoking during the game and at half time, if I wanted a cig that much I'd go to the refreshment area behind the stand.

Paul Devonshire: I smoke but only at half time and I find it annoying when people smoke during the match as it irritates non-smokers and make it harder to see and enjoy the play during the match. Don’t ban smoking through out the entire Stadium. Smokers have rights too though you wouldn’t think it in today’s society. And nearly everywhere smokers are treated as second class citizens.

Doug Taylor: Smoking should be banned. People should be able to resist for a couple of hours. Why should second hand smoke be inflicted upon others?

Duncan Marsh: Please ban smoking from all seated areas. You can't choose who you sit next or behind, and I am fed up with smoke blowing straight into my face and that of my 11-year-old son. There is supposed to be a voluntary code, but it doesn't work, and polite requests are often met with abuse. And if you ban smoking, make the stewards enforce it - they could stop the swearing at the same time.