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Sound Off: Smoking at WHL 6

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).

Ian Charles: Not being a smoker it may sound a little biased, but the trouble I find with smokers is that they have no consideration for others around them, therefore in a packed enviroment I would have to vote for no smoking in the terraced areas.

Andy McNicol: People should be allowed to smoke in the ground. Passive smoking is nothing compared to the dust, fumes and 2nd hand breath that people put up with in buildings, trains, tubes and on the street in London. Yes banning it around refreshment areas if fair enough, but people need to smoke during a match. In case you hadn't realised, watching a football match can be a very stressful time, and if you take the nicotine away from people, then you are much more likely to get abusive behaviour and language. And, just to reinforce Jim Mottau's point, this is after all open air, not a low roofed pub! Similarly, Lee Toms made the point that you will never be able to enforce it, If you can't enforce it on trains, how can you in a 36,000 seater stadium. People will always smoke, and it will only infuriate people if it is completely banned.

Clive Sparrow: I would like smoking to be banned in all areas of the ground, PLEASE.

Phil Tulk: The answer to this should be obvious. Smoking should without question be banned from any area where a smokers smoke can infiltrate the air required by non smokers. I do believe in everyone to their own, but that does mean not affecting anybody else in the slightest. Unfortunately, to simply ask smokers to show consideration for others would not work. While there are some considerate smokers, I have known many over the years to simply light up at a table in a restaurant while others were still eating at the table, which is the height of ignorance, considering they had not had to endure the same. So if some smokers can be that insensitive, I don’t think there would be any hope of them stopping while at a football match. Anyway smoke and the toxins contained within, are so unnatural and poison to be inside a human pair of lungs, it seems ludicrous to me that a subject like this should even be up for debate, I thought it was still illegal in this country for both suicide and manslaughter.

Richard Wood: Very few smokers show consideration to others at WHL. A good compromise would be a ban on smoking whilst the game is in progress.

Russell Mandel: I am a non smoker. Smokers are penalised enough, let them smoke at the Lane. What next, no meat in the pies? It is still a man’s game.

Terry Hodge: I think smoking should be allowed, its an open area and has always been a part of the great game atmosphere, the smoke adds to the smell and aura of the occasion!! How would the whingy people on here ever cope if we played Barcelona in the Nou Camp, with all the smoke from flares???? Get a life u sad, sad people.

Andrew Partner: Remember, football is a working class game with working class roots. You are asking people to change their social habits to fit in with the new trendy image of football. This is a much bigger issue than simply banning it - some people for whatever reason cannot give up but it doesn’t mean they are lepers. As a non-smoker I think that this would be tantamount to dictatorship and, quite plainly, wrong. It was OK for over 50,000 to be crammed in when football wasn’t so trendy (better supported but not trendy) and they could smoke as much as they wanted. Of course reasonableness and common sense should prevail if somebody found it particularly offensive but, come on there are more serious things to worry about than this. Please don’t drag the lane into that middle classdom that most of us loathe so much. Besides, having watched spurs for the last 25 years I’m only surprised that I’m not on 40 an hour. There always something these people will find to moan about - at last seasons’ Arsenal game I was asked to be a bit quieter as the man in fronts’ son had an earache — what’s was he on!

Jon Hayward: As a smoker I would like to enjoy the game as much as a non smoker, I cant believe in all honesty that someone would ban smoking at the lane!! I believe this would cause more aggro than its worth. Firstly, we smokers normally like a smoke to calm the nerves (now let’s face it, in the past 10 yrs who hasn't needed to calm them). Secondly, at half time you would then find the walkways & toilets behind the stands crammed with smokers puffing away at ten to the dozen (while you’re trying to eat your pie or queuing for your coke). I think that maybe certain they should be defined sections within all stands one for non smokers who definitely don’t want to have smokers around them and them the rest should be as it is??Come on everyone this is a football club!! We should be more concerned as to what happens on the pitch!! And, as a quick answer to the gentleman who said earlier on that when he asks people around him to stop smoking and gets met with a torrid of abuse, then u should ask to speak to the chief steward at half time as these idiots would then be ejected for using foul language!

Andrew Byatt: BAN IT! There is nothing worse than having your enjoyment of a game ruined by smoke drifting into your face and eyes. It should be banned in all seating areas and smokers can then smoke in the lobby area at half time or any stage of the game. There are so many children around that so many people smoking around them sets a bad example.

Jason McKeefery: Please Ban smoking from the seating areas at the lane. Surely the smokers can do without while the game is being played. It is not the first time I have had a shirt ruined by a smoker catching it during a game.

Stephen Goodchild: Smoking should be banned in all areas of White Hart Lane. Whilst I accept that smokers have a right to choose whether or not they wish to risk their own health they do not have the right to risk mine or any other non-smokers. Wherever smokers are in the ground is immaterial, no-one can control the drift of smoke. Personally I find the smell offensive and resent the fact that it clings to my clothing and hair. If they wish to smoke at the Lane perhaps they should club together and with the club build a hermetically sealed area for smokers.

Alan O’Shea: BAN SMOKING- it’s as simple as that.

Mark Brown: I can't believe that the club would even consider a ban. Football is the working man's game. I like to have a cigarette whilst I watch the game. That is my right. These non-smokers never spare a thought for smokers. It will be difficult not to smoke for a whole game. If a ban is brought in I hope it will apply to those in executive boxes as well, and not just for the 'common man'. If this is the case I would have no hesitation in bringing a law suit against the club for discrimination. If non-smokers can't put up with the smell of a fag for 45 minutes perhaps they should not be watching football. Perhaps they should be at the ballet!