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Sound Off: Smoking at WHL 5

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).

Andy Tarsey: No question about it smoking should be banned! As the people who smoke put the health at risk and non-smokers have chosen to live a healthy life! So ban smoking at White Hart Lane - it will make everything a lot more pleasant.

Kolsten Vear: No smoking please, also where is Korsten?

Alan Harris: You can't get on a train, bus, or go into some restaurants. For those that don't smoke I can understand they don't like the smell, but as 1 fan has mentioned, we have a great stadium, have cut out racism, but to us addicts a cig relieves tension. We don’t need tense supporters, I’m not saying there would be troublemakers, but if I’m tense I like a cig. It’s an open-air arena, would they tell another pedestrian that was walking close by not to smoke. Get off your high horses non-smokers, we keep your taxes low. In fact, I’d say the 1's that smoke are the 1's that create the most atmosphere in the crowd - a drink a smoke and a good old sing song.

Mark Reilly: Please ban smoking in the stands, if you are sat behind a group of people that smoke, there is no escape as the smoke drifts upwards and you cannot move. It is pointless asking smokers to be considerate.

Max Stringer: Smoking should be allowed in the seated area of the stadium, which is in the open air, but ban it in the concourse. Most people seem to be considerate to others when smoking in seats anyway.

Matt Keen: Smoking - I know what lets blame all the ills and evils of the western world on smokers. Can you imagine what happens next -Spurs lose 2-1 to Arsenal at WHL, nothing to do with the players or the manager but obviously because the ground was full of evil smokers!! As long as smokers are respectful of the people they are sitting next to then I cant see a problem.

Also, should a ban be in place at WHL regarding smoking, you alienate the smokers in the ground. Would the powers that be care though or is it a case of like it or lump it? Another issue is that of enforcing the ban. I mean nearly every game at WHL I attend I see away supporters sitting in with Spurs fans. This I am led to believe is banned but I see precious little being done about it. Stewards very rarely want to know until home side fans have to confront the away supporters, then finally stewards get involved.

If it was a big scary looking bloke sitting with a fag on the go would the steward tell him to put out his cigarette? Sorry stewards but looking at your track record I think you will let him smoke.

Niki Blair: I am a smoker and also a matchday steward at WHL. Someone earlier mentioned safety (following the Bradford fire), however, if we say that people can't smoke in the seating areas, the gangways will be blocked by people having a fag and trying not to miss the game, this in itself is a dangerous safety hazard. Stewards also have an important job to do by stopping racial and verbal abuse, swearing, hand signals, drinking and various other football offences. Adding smoking to the list would only add to our problems, as we would get everyone's views on why should they not be able to smoke in the open air etc etc, wasting valuable time, when we could be dealing with more important matters! I say let smoking stay, we pay enough tax on them, we should be able to smoke where we want!

Robert Carr: There is no doubt that smoking should be banned in the stadium. I am surrounded by chain smokers and have sometimes left the ground feeling physically sick. Given that passive smoking is a proven health hazard and we cannot move away from smokers, the club may find itself in breach of health and safety law if this continues.

There is no excuse for prolonging this health risk for its customers.

Steve Hector: I think providing smokers show consideration to others smoking should be allowed. Perhaps if a non-smoker sitting nearby complains to the steward the smoker can be asked to stop.

Roger Silver: As a non smoker, I would like to see the seated areas go non smoking, the problem as I see it is not smoking but the people who smoke. I cannot choose who my family sit next to at a game so it comes down to who is considerate and who is not, plus what if the wind is in the wrong direction and I have smoke blown into my face. No ones fault, only one answer, ban smoking in the seated area but allow it in designated areas below the stands.

Ed Moncreiffe: People do not smoke because they wish to annoy other people or 'ruin an atmosphere', they smoke because they are addicted. Many people such as myself would find it hard to sit in the stadium for over 2 hours, in the usual frantic state of mind, without smoking a cigarette. But I have never met or heard of any one at White Hart Lane smoking so as to annoy someone nearby. Smokers are not monsters, so if a person sitting next to you smoking annoys you, simply tell them so and the matter can be rectified!

Nick Sermon: There should be a smoking ban in all seated areas at least - it does affect non-smokers' enjoyment of the game and they can't exactly get away from it. If there has to be a smoking area at all let it be the areas behind the stands which are public walkways. This way smokers only have a maximum of 45 minutes to endure without one.

Jason Merritt: I'm a smoker but enjoy smoking during the game - I try to be considerate and keep it away from people but why can't you have separate blocks for smoking/non-smoking? But if you must ban smoking in the stands please do not ban it in the refreshment area otherwise I guess myself (and many other smokers) will be watching from home.

Glenn Atkins: Its disgusting, the smokers show no consideration when the light up, as the seats are so compact there is no avoiding the smoke. It’s even worse when they smoke cigars, please ban it from the ground or at least from the seating areas.