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Sound Off: Smoking at WHL 2

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).

From Steve Coupland, London: Smoking kills. There is no justification for allowing it in public places. It is intrusive and should not be tolerated. We should not compromise on this issue and a total ban throughout the stadium should be enforced. Sport should be about health and as a sportsman I do not see why my health should be compromised by passively smoking another’s filth. Further I am also concerned that the smell of cannibis is often floating around football stadia. Ban smoking and this is no longer an issue in football grounds.

From Scott Burke, Potters Bar: To be honest is it actually such a big deal? I’m a non-smoker but I don’t actually think that it is. I don’t particularly like sitting next to someone who is smoking but most people are actually considerate and will not try to blow smoke in your face. If you want to know what is the most annoying thing about watching football at Spurs it is the idiots that think that they know everything about football and that they are better players than the actually players. I’ve watched a game before with supporters behind me (well they call themselves supporters ) shouting abuse at the players if they are having a bad game or even if they just don’t like them. Why don’t we get behind our players? If they are having a bad game they are more likely to get out of it if they hear support from the crowd rather than abuse. So why don’t we stop moaning about everything and get behind the team because that is what who we are all there to see.

From Clare Starling, Aylesbury: I think smoking should be allowed in the ground, even though I am a non-smoker. But please can smokers respect other people's feelings. Recently my nephew came with us to the game and was being annoyed by the smoke of a man on the row in front. We asked him to stop and was quite abusive. He pointed out that a man near him was smoking so why shouldn't he. My response was that the other man wasn't getting in our way and if he was I would ask him as well. Tolerance and respect all round please.

From Steve Austin: Please ban smoking at the ground, it is an anti-social habit which affects all our health. We don't pay good money to inhale other people’s smoke so smoething positive should be done asap.

From Steve Abela, Knebworth: Regarding the partial or full ban on smoking, I am a long time Spurs supporter, attending matches since 1967 with my father, and have been a season ticket holder (for all but two years) since 1978. In the last two seasons, I have moved my season ticket in an attempt to breathe more air and less nicotene, but in truth, it is pointless, because it only takes one or two smokers to spoil the atmosphere. I cannot overstate how frustrating it is to have to suffer people smoking around me, and to put it into perspective, I would not currently take my son to a game until this whole subject is sorted out. Even if you had a smoking terrace, would you want to sit any where near it? It would be as farcical as the old cinema, smokers on the left, non-smokers on the right. I could go on, but you've heard it all before. In the 30-plus years of attending games at White Hart Lane, I have witnessed amazing developments. We have an incredible stadium, we appear to have stamped out racism, it is safe to take my wife and children, etc etc. But, the one thing we haven't even 'partially' addressed is the rights of non-smokers to enjoy a game without the constant aggravation of people smoking around us. In fact, it has got worse, because prior to all-seating stadia, we had the ability to move away if we could not breathe, and equally, I believe that fewer people were actually able to smoke when we were squeezed into the standing areas. I applaud the fact that you are appearing to address this now, but we need to go a long way beyond ‘we would ask that supporters refrain from smoking inside the stadium, particularly if it is evident that this is causing discomfort to those around you’. Thank you.

From Donna Washington, Portchester, Hants: It's a simple answer, ban smoking. I am sure they could survive two hours without a cigarette. After all, I have to wait at least 89 minutes sometimes for a goal!