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Social Spurs - passage from India

Tue 03 December 2013, 12:15|Tottenham Hotspur

Ahead of Sunday's Premier League match against Manchester United, we met up with some members of the India Spurs Official Supporters Club who had travelled to London all the way from Delhi and Mumbai.

One of those fans was Akshay Sud - pictured above wearing his Spurs shirt and hat.

A loyal Spurs supporter, he told us he'd hardly slept the night before the fixture for fear of missing his alarm clock to set-off to the Lane.

Here are Akshay's thoughts on his first trip to N17...

"For years I've sat across the television, dreaming of a day when I would be amongst the thousands shouting my lungs out in support of my beloved Spurs.

"A day when I could soak in the atmosphere on match day at White Hart Lane and feel the electricity as the ball moves across the lush green surface. Unify my voice with fellow fans as we encourage those on the pitch to push on and strive for greatness.

"A few years ago, sitting half way across the world, this was merely a far-fetched fantasy, but that's the funny thing with life - if you keep believing, eventually things just fall perfectly into place.

"Today, that dream comes true.

"I always wanted to say this...'I'm off to White Hart Lane to see the mighty Spurs in action'!

"Before I walked into the stadium someone asked me how I was feeling. He asked if I was excited or maybe a bit nervous? I just smiled at him and replied 'I’ve dreamed of this day for years and I might not know all these emotions I’m going through right now, but one thing I know for certain is that I never want this feeling to go away'.

"I made my way into the stadium and the next set of images I saw and the subsequent emotions that followed will forever be remembered as one of the best moments of my life. I walked up the stairs and got my first look at a jam-packed White Hart Lane with the lush green pitch in the middle. I was in awe. Mesmerised by all that I just saw. I was really there inside a packed White Hart Lane.

"I looked to Suraj Sharma next to me and said 'I’m finally here! Pinch me all you want I’m not waking up – this dream has come true'. If that moment wasn't emotional enough, suddenly I hear thousands of fans singing “Come on You Spurs... Come on You Spurs” and I knew that I was home. This was where I belonged. White Hart Lane.

"We started this incredible journey with India Spurs, Official Supporters Club of Tottenham Hotspur, almost two years ago and getting this incredible opportunity symbolises all our hard work and dedication of the fans in India.

"I sincerely hope in the near future more and more fans from all over the world can be as lucky as I was and experience the pure joy of being amongst the thousands of Spurs fans inside the Lane."