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Scott Parker - fans' Q&A special!

Tue 11 July 2017, 14:45|Tottenham Hotspur

Such a popular figure as a player here, Scott Parker is back at the Club in a new chapter of his footballing career as our Under-18 coach. As part of his welcome back interview with Spurs TV, we asked our fans for their questions for Scott via Twitter. Here are his answers...

@WindyCOYS: Scott, welcome back & very best of luck with your new job! My question is: what would be a successful season for you in your new role?
Scott: “I suppose getting my feet under the table and adapting from player to coach. Can I guide the youngsters? Can I give them something of my knowledge and experience of when I played and pass that on to them? I hope so. A big success would be for one of the young lads to go into Mauricio’s team, that would be a massive success, but we all know how football works and it will be tough. At this moment, I’m just looking forward to getting amongst the lads and trying to pass on some of my experience.”

Darren Walsh‏: At what stage of your career did you start thinking about going into coaching? Who influenced you most?
Scott: “I probably starting thinking about it when I was here as a player and one of the main drivers was John McDermott (Head of Coaching and Player Development), John pushed it for me and told me to get into it. There was also Jim Hicks (Head of Coaching) at the PFA, who drove me as well. From that moment, I decided that when I retired it was something I wanted to get in to. So it’s quite a way back, four, five years from when I started out to where I am now and the qualifications I’ve had to get to put me in this position.”

Dev‏: What are your thoughts on our academy development now and Mauricio Pochettino's personality and approach towards it?
Scott: “To be honest, it’s easy to say for me and the right thing to say but you could arguably say that Tottenham’s Academy and what they’ve produced over the years has been one of the best, the manager is one of the best and is using young players as well, so it all fits hand in hand. I’m under good guidance with John (McDermott) and the Academy here, I’m sure I’ll develop and certainly this is the Academy to be at.

“It’s all about opportunity and you have a manager here at this moment in time who, one, is the best and two, isn’t scared to bring the youngsters through. I’ve been here a week and he’s been out there twice looking at the kids and when you see someone of Mauricio’s stature come and watch you train as an 18-year-old kid, that shows you how important it is and how much he’s looking at them.”

Below: Scott with Under-18 assistant coach Matty Wells


Joe: How does the atmosphere at the Club feel now compared to your playing days at the Club?
Scott: “It has obviously moved on a lot, Tottenham, football…the Premier League is now massive and things are moving on. The training ground has developed. In terms of the atmosphere, I’ve not been part of the first team but when I’ve been around Mauricio he’s very open, willing to let people learn and see what he’s doing. It was always a friendly club and a club close to my heart and that’s not changed in the short space of time since I’ve come back.”

N17W5: Does Scott think all players should have shirts tucked in and black boots, especially in the Academy?
Scott: “I’m getting too old! I’m sure the way things are moving with everything else that wouldn’t be the best rule to bring in. We had to do some rules the other day with the young lads and I don’t think they would have been too impressed if I’d brought that one in. I wouldn’t mind it though!”