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Santini in Sweden

Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Football Club is located in North London. The club is also known as Spurs. Tottenham's home ground is White Hart Lane. The club motto is Audere est Facere (To dare is to do).

Jacques Santini faced the Swedish press ahead of tonight's friendly against FC Copenhagen in Gothenburg - here's what was said...

What feeling do you have about the team, how it is working, what players you might need?
Jacques Santini: It is very early. For me, every player is a new player. Tottenham has a new director, Frank Arnesen, my assistant coaches although I know Dominique Cuperly, but everything is new to me. My first task is to see many, many formations and in two or three weeks I will know more. We have matches against Hull and Sheffield United when we return to England and all along we are preparing for the first game of the season which is very important because it is against Liverpool.

Why did you choose Tottenham?
JS: My dream and my ambition was one day to coach in England and the proposition from Mr Levy was good for me because Tottenham is a big club in England and also many countries. When we played Falkenbergs on Tuesday, a small game, we had superb support, even though it was a small game.

The fans at Tottenham demand success but they have been starved of it for many years. How does that affect you?
JS: The first thing I have to do is create a good team for this season. You know the team is not complete now because we have four or five international players still on holiday. I hope with Mr Levy and Frank Arnesen to have three or four new players and two or three players may depart. In two or three weeks when we have the team for this season we can say we hope to finish say tenth, or sixth or higher, I hope. But now it is very early to say where we will finish because we are not the complete team.

What players do you want?
JS: We will finish in Sweden, then we have three matches in a week and I will analyse those matches with the coaches, speak with Mr Levy and Frank Arnesen and ask about players in this or that position.

What do you think of the players response so far?
JS: It is the same answer really. It is still very early because we are in preparation. We played the youngsters against Falkenbergs FF because we have a number of games and now for the match against FC Copenhagen we will play the best players. I know Carr, King, Bunjevcevic - when I was with Lyon we played Red Star - Gardner, Kanoute, Robinson, Keane but my first task is to get a good impression of the other players.

Martin Jol, Frank Arnesen, Chris Hughton, yourself - there are a lot of nationalities involved. Could that be a problem when it comes to coaching?
JS: Mr Levy and Mr Arnesen have confidence in me. I am the Head Coach and I am responsible for the direction of the technical sessions, the tactics and the team. I know Dominique Cuperly but now I have got to know Martin Jol and Chris Hughton. Every day, after training, we have a meeting to put everything together. But the responsibility is with me. The coaches give me a lot of information every day. There are still many, many things to arrange and the priority is to be ready for the first game.

Why are French coaches so popular in the Premier League?
JS: I don't know. There are French coaches, Spanish, British and now Portuguese at Chelsea. The coach is good if they win the game, if they prepare the team in the best condition. But if the coach loses the game it doesn't matter what nationality his is, he is not a good coach. In France now the coaches say we are 'men of results'.

Will Arsenal against Tottenham be a special match?
JS: Of course, for me, for my assistant coaches, for the fans but to have a good season, it is not just about two matches. It is important to win many, many matches and if I can win the two matches against Arsenal all the better for me, the club and the fans.

There is always talk about the 'Tottenham way' of playing football. Is that something you will try to stick to?
JS: At the moment it is difficult to say we will play this style or that style. My thought is to make a good team, to give pleasure to the fans and of course to win games. We all know we have new coaches, new players and for one or two months, the priority is to prepare for the best season we can.