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RoboCop at the Lane!

15 November 2013|Tottenham Hotspur

'RoboCop' was at White Hart Lane on Sunday – in the shape of actor, Joel Kinnaman.

The Swedish star takes the famous role of RoboCop - or Police Officer, Alex Murphy - in the remake of the 1980s classic, due to hit cinemas in February.

Joel - who took the lead role in TV hit ‘The Killing' - attended the Newcastle match with partner and fellow actor Olivia Munn (Magic Mike, The Newsroom) and told us about his love of football, the Premier League and about RoboCop.

Welcome to Spurs, Joel. You've told us you are a big fan of the Premier League, so how does it feel to be here at White Hart Lane?
Joel: “It’s a great experience. I’ve never been to a Premier League game before, so I’m very happy about it. I’m a big football fan. I have my team in Sweden, I go to all the games, so I’m used to being in a stadium. My team in Sweden is Hammarby."

We had a Swedish international a few years back, Erik Edman, who will always be remembered for scoring a great goal against Liverpool at Anfield. Do you remember him?
“Yes, I do and hat was an incredible goal. Edman had a mean left foot.”

You’ve just finished filming RoboCop. How did that go?
Joel: “It was a long shoot, five months in Toronto. We had a great Brazilian director called Jose Padilha. He did the Elite Squad movies. It’s got a great cast with Gary Oldman, Samuel L Jackson, Michael Keating. I saw the movie recently and we’re all really proud of it. We can’t wait to show it to everyone.”

It must have been quite a role to take on because RoboCop is such an iconic film from the 1980s.
Joel: “I love the original. I saw it maybe 20, 25 times. I didn’t see the original in movie theatres, the first time  I saw it was on a friend’s bootleg VHS! I’ve seen it so many times, a great movie.”

Do you get time to watch ‘soccer’ out in the States now?
Joel: “It’s a lot of early mornings. I spend a lot of time in LA and that’s an eight-hour time difference to London and nine to Stockholm. For the early games, you have to get up at 8am and that’s pretty rough! So I tend to miss a lot. I don’t stay as in tune as I used to!

We’ve an official supporters club in LA - LA Spurs - who met at 2.30am this morning in the Kings Head Pub in LA!
Joel: “I’ve heard of those gatherings but it’s not for me! I couldn’t do that!”

Perphaps you could go from a film premiere straight to the pub to watch Spurs!
“We’ll see, maybe one time I’ll do it!”

Lovely to see you at Spurs, Joel, and good luck with the film.
“Thanks. It’s a pleasure to be here.”